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Clipping your nails is in no way as glamorous a process as painting your nails, but clippers truly are a necessity. Sub-par nail clippers will break and tear your nails or leave your ends ragged. Meanwhile, excellent nail clippers will make quick work of rougher edges, giving you salon-quality nails in a breeze. What constitutes a great nail clipper? Things like a sturdy lever, a built-in nail file, and durable construction rank at the top of our list. Some nail clippers are also angled for tough-to-reach edges, while others are specifically designed for clipping through thick or ingrown toenails.

Looking for tried-and-true nail clippers? Here are our favorite pairs available on Amazon. All are heavy-duty, designed with sharp blades that can tackle both toenails and fingernails.

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Best for All Ages: Harperton Nail Clipper Set

Set of two silver nail clippers

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This two-for-one clipper set includes both a toenail clipper and a smaller fingernail clipper. Harperton takes its blades very seriously - each one is hand-sharpened and made from stainless steel sharp enough to breeze right through the thickest of nails. There's no need for a file! Plus, the clippers are built for everyone, from teeny babies to grown men.

Most Stylish: Ultra Sharp Sturdy Fingernail and Toenail Clipper Cutters with Tin Case by HAWATOUR

black nail clippers with carrying case

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If you're looking for an option with serious style, these matte black clipper duo comes packed in a handy canary yellow case. The set checks off all the boxes: super sharp blades made from high-quality, rust-resistant stainless steel, and an ergonomic design. We love clever features, like a hole to hang the set off a key ring, plus an extra-long handle to give you a better grip.

Best for Thick Nails: Vepkuso Wide Jaw Opening Oversized Cutter with Nail File

grey nail clipper with file

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Do you have extra thick nails? These super-sharp clippers come with a super durable nail file - both will make quick work of ingrown toenails. The nail file helps you get into those hard-to-reach places. All of these tools are packed into a handy portable pocket bag and stainless steel box.

Easiest to Use: CLIPPERPRO Omega Classic Fingernail Clipper

blue finger nail clippers

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Don't let the pretty blue hue dissuade you - this set is hardcore. It features an ergonomic lightweight plastic handle that gives you better grip while cutting your finger and toe nails. The handle helps reduce joint pain - perfect for folks with arthritis. The clipper part even swivels to help get a consistent and precise cut.