The Best Products From Reliable Brands on Amazon

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One of the coolest things about Amazon is that you can buy from some major name brands that have seriously good reputations and still get all the benefits of Amazon (whether it’s your free shipping with Prime or a lower price). Wondering what kinds of reputable brands you can get on Amazon? Wonder no more! This list is chock full of the best products from reliable brands that you can get on Amazon. Whether you’re looking for home goods, clothes, or electronics, you can find some items that have a great reputation and you don’t even have to get off your computer. If you’ve ever felt hesitation about buying online, now is the time to move past the fear and into the glorious world of Amazon, because with these brands you know that you’re going to be getting quality. Let’s see what we can find for you on the greatest shopping site ever.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program and we may have additional affiliate relationships with some of the products featured here – as such, our company may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

Long Sleeve Yoga Tops With An Open Back For Breathability

This soft long sleeve tee pairs great on top of a fitted crop top for extra comfort. Plus look at that gorgeous open back with the twist at the bottom! It’s impossible to resist hitting buy. One shopper wrote: “I. Love. This. Top! The open-back design is so cute and simple but is perfect for those days when I am wearing my cuter sports bras or lacy bralettes.”

This Electric Toothbrush Can Be Charged On-the-Go

This electric toothbrush is perfect for anyone with a busy lifestyle. You can charge your toothbrush wherever you are thanks to the stylish, portable case, so you’ll always have healthy teeth and gums, even when you’re on the go. The reviews can’t get enough of it. One shopper wrote: “I love it – it’s sleek and unobtrusive sitting on its stand. Love the brush head size!!”

This Mineral SPF 50 Sunscreen is Also Water Resistant

Having a good sunscreen for daily protection is a must for anyone who wants to keep their skin healthy. This sunscreen is an all-in-one skincare cream, protecting your skin from the sun while also hydrating it with vitamin-c, leaving your skin moisturized without feeling oily. One reviewer wrote: “I’ve been getting a lot of compliments lately on my skin, and the only thing I’ve changed is using this sunscreen. I am just so glad to have found a quality sunscreen that does not make my face break out and like an oil slick.”

Get Creative With These Paper Decorations

If you’re looking for fun, these paper decorations are perfect. Not only do you get a fall themed turkey and pumpkin, it also comes with a whole host of paper leaves that you can use in art projects throughout the year. Colorful, durable and reusable, what more could you want!

You Need Kimchi Mayo In Your Life

I’m a condiment obsessive, and this Kimchi Mayo has me feeling super excited. It takes two of the greatest things ever and combines them: what’s not to love? The reviews say: “This is literally the tastiest sauce known to mankind. When I die, I hope to drown in a pool of this sauce so that my last moments are tasty. But seriously, I love this sauce so much and I highly recommend purchasing it.”

Transform Clogged Pores With This Toner

Here’s another secret for healthy skin: using a solid toner. This toner combines AHA, BHA, and PHA (skin-exfoliating acids) with soothing niacinamide to help unclog pores, smooth texture, and brighten the complexion. The reviews say: “This toner leaves me glowy without being greasy, you’ll notice after only several days your skin just looks…HEALTHIER.”

Yeezy Dupes Look Like The Real Thing

Having sliders around is always handy for running errands or nipping outside: who wants to put on real shoes for that? These Yeezy dupes are are elevated with a futuristic design and slight platform just like the original versions. I’m also a major fan of the number of color options. One reviewer wrote “Might be the best Lake shoes ever! Happy buyer!”

Classic Cult-Favorite Tie Waist Dress in Loads of Shades

This tie waist dress may not have a famous label attached, but it has a lot going for it. The lantern sleeves are sophisticated, the length is great for showing off your toned legs and the tie-front waist adds interesting visual detail while also concealing that you might have had one too many tacos at lunch yesterday. The only difficult decision here is which color to pick from among more than two dozen choices. My solution? Just buy it in a few colors.

Upgrade Your Sleep Today With Soft As Silk Microfibre Sheets

New bed sheets are one of life’s truest and purest joys – and these have a high thread count for a luxe feel. There are tons of color options, too. If you’ve never treated yourself to a truly glorious set of bedding, do it now: it’s absolutely worth it. And you don’t have to believe me. One reviewer said “I’ve never had bedding this soft in my life. This is bedding is like sleeping under mink fur. I loved it so much I have another set arriving tomorrow.”

You Won’t Ruin Your Blow Out With These Hair Ties

Anyone with a lot of hair knows the pain of tying it back only for it to break free minutes late. The Invisibobble has a firm grip for the most unruly of ponytails. It’s got a good amount of stretch so that it won’t snap, but it’s not going to damage your hair in the process. Use it for a tightly formed bun, or pull it back into a loose, easy ponytail: it works for anything.

This Rainbow Dinner Set is an Entertainers Dream

Whether you’re serving a lot of tapas or not, having small sized dishes for snacks or nibbles is a great idea. This beautiful set gives you enough options to serve all of your favorite dishes at once and they’re chip-resistant, too. Plus the colors are absolutely gorgeous. Oh, and the reviews let us know “They do not break down in the dishwasher and the paint has stayed very beautiful after a year! The colors are very vibrant and the way that the color is dipped onto the plates gives a very handmade feel!”

Capture Memories With This Sports and Water Disposable Camera

Having a Kodak camera is a bit of a throwback, but this waterproof option will give you just as much joy as your disposable cameras did when you were a kid. Perfect for any outdoor expedition, this underwater disposable camera will take twenty-seven color prints up to 12 feet below water. With a convenient wrist strap, this camera means that you don’t have to worry about missing out on good photos while in a wet environment.

The Most Effortless Baby Wrap Carrier

This wrap carrier is the king of baby carriers for newborns thanks to its simple design and ergonomic weight distribution for mom and dad! Any new parent knows that holding on to that new baby can get exhausting, so why not take some of the weight off by using this baby carrier?

We Love These For Up Do Days

Priced at just $9.88, these strong, durable, and easy-to-use clips are perfect if you want to tie your hair back without the pull and tension of a hair binder. And beyond the practical they look so cool: I love the minimalist style and the metallic colors.

Add Ambiance to Any Room With These Maple Leaf Lights

Maple leaves may have a bit of a fall feel, but this set of maple leaf lights will add warmth and light to any space at any time. Safe for indoor and outdoor use, these maple leaf lights, that can be bent or adjusted into any shape, create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Display Your Zodiac Sign With This Gold Plated Necklace

This dainty personalized astrology necklace is not a wonderfully personal jewelry option but also beautiful. Secured with a standard lobster clasp, this necklace is made using a metal brass base that has been encapsulated with 8 layers of forty percent 18K Gold. It’s a great choice for a gift, or to buy yourself.

Perfect Your Style With This Calligraphy Artist Set

“So pleased I chose this product, love it! Many nibs, four inks, two nib holders, and a little reservoir to put on the nib you are using, all in a very handy wooden presentation box. Would recommend!”, a happy customer has gushed. If you’re interested in trying your hand at calligraphy, you need to make sure you have quality tools, and this set gives you everything you need to get started.

You Could Turn Your Toddler Into a Cleaning Machine

Ok ok it might be a joke… but I’m not about to discount it as I look at my wooden floors covered in pet hair and everything else. This baby onesie is covered in mop material so your little one can pick up dust and dirt while they crawl. You will have the house spotlessly clean and feel like you’re multi-tasking at the same time. We are kidding. It’s a great gag gift though.

We Hate Pop Sockets Too and That Is Why We Use These

With a safe no-residue adhesive back grip this phone grip sticks to the back of the phone and hooks over your fingers. It is so easy to use that you can hold your device without straining your fingers or even really trying. Now you can hold your phone with a single finger and keep it stable while filming for your social. The slim design also means it easily slides into your pocket unlike the pop socket.

This is Our Favorite Secret Compartment Hold All

I love a cute bag, but all too often the ones that look the best are the most useless. Not here! This bag is fully spacious, so you can put everything you’ll need in it and be set for the day. The best part about this bag is you’ll never have to pay extortionate prices for alcohol again, you can just take your own!

Send Smells Packing With Odor Eliminator Cleaning Products

Are you battling with odors in carpet, workout clothing or need to get rid of smoking smells? Well, you can stop that now with this line of zero odor-products including this laundry liquid. It is ideal for eliminating odors in sweaty gym clothing or smoke smells or even old musty blankets. A good machine wash will leave your goods with no bad scents at all! Use it on your laundry to ensure perfect cleanliness every time.

Colored Pencils For The Budding Artist in Your Life

Colored pencils have so many uses: from entertaining the kids to creating serious works of art. This set of 50 is great for either one, and even come pre-sharpened so you don’t have to deal with finding a sharpener (oh and did I mention one is built in to the box?). Plus they last for ages so this is a great investment.

This Self-Cleaning Pet Brush Everyone Loves

Sometimes you find a brush that you love and sometimes you find a brush that your pet loves, and more often than not the two are not the same. At least that was my life until I found this slicker brush. It’s gentle on your furred friend, but remarkably effective at getting rid of mats and tangles, so it’s win/win.

Heavy Duty Nail Clippers Give The Perfect Cut

If you’ve never had a nail clipper fall apart in your hands, then count yourself lucky. But if you’re like me and find that the average nail clipper just doesn’t cut it, this heavy duty option is fantastic. It’s incredibly durable and has the best grip I’ve ever found on a clipper.

Chalk Markers With Serious Color Payoff

I’m obsessed with chalk markers because I think the finish looks way better than the real thing. My go to set is this set of eight, which has beautiful bright colors and a lovely, smooth feel as it deposits color. You can use them on glass, mirrors, and ceramics too!

This Handheld Shower For Effective Pooch Grooming

Giving your dog a bath is never the easiest prospect, but it gets way easier when you don’t have to wrestle them into your bathtub. This sprayer/scrubber makes it basically a cinch. Connect it to your hose, and you can brush while spraying down Fido. Now everyone loves bath time.

Release Tension With This Extremely Effective Hot Pack

If you’ve been living with neck and shoulder tension for a bit too long. Then might I recommend treating yourself to this fantastic heating pad to help relieve some of those anxiety knots. It fits perfectly over your neck and shoulders and heats up beautifully so that your muscles melt into relaxation.

Intelligent Solutions for Storage

Under the bed is one of the least utilized spaces in the house. It’s just hanging out, waiting for someone to use it. Make the most of your space with this underbed storage bag. It’s great for seasonal clothing or extra blankets that just need somewhere to live. Plus it keeps everything dust and dirt free.

This Gadget Gives You The Perfect Black and Tan

Ok, ok, so maybe it’s a bit specific, but if you or one of your friends likes a black and tan beverage, this little layering tool cannot be beat. Use it to create layered cocktails and impress your friends. Plus it comes with an instruction book with all kinds of recipes and tricks.

No More Dropping Your Phone Whilst Navigating

Having a solid mount for your phone while you drive is basically an essential these days. Not only is it a serious safety hazard to have your phone in your hand, you’re also highly likely to be using a maps app while driving so you want it to be easily visible. This mount clips into your air vent and it is solid. Your phone will not go anywhere, so you can drive without anxiety.

Fall Into Slumber With Ease

White noise machines are great for a few different purposes. Keep one in your office if you need to have sensitive conversations and don’t want anyone to overhear. Use one while you’re working if you find other noises distracting. Or put it on when you’re falling asleep to lull you into slumber. This one is one of the best, with six different sound options and many volumes.

The Most Effective Tweezers You’ve Ever Used

It’s astounding how often I feel like I need tweezers: I use them to place false eyelashes, to manage splinters or ingrown hairs, and to do any necessary plucking. This set of two is long lasting and has a nice grip that means it won’t slip. I love that it comes with one needle nose and one slanted option, to meet all my needs.

Don’t Strain Your Eyes Reading When You Can Just Use This

You know the struggles of trying to read if your partner is already headed off to dreamland. This neck reading light solves that problem by giving you focused light that won’t bother anyone else. It comes in three colors and offers six different brightness levels, so no matter what your needs you’re good to go.

Style Your Baby Hairs With This

Do you get flyaway hairs along your hairline? Right where those tiny baby hairs tend to live? Yeah, me too. A normal sized brush or comb never seems to make much difference. I invested in this edge brush and comb which helps me to ensure that every last little bit of hair is perfectly in place.

Never Run Out of Battery Again

Any time my phone runs out of battery while I’m away from the house, I more or less have a heart attack. Ever since I got this car charger I haven’t had to worry about it. Just plug it into your car and you’re good to go: it’s sleek and subtle, and it has outlets for both USB and USB-C so you don’t have to worry about having the right cord.

This Exfoliating Brush Provides Relief From Most Skin Conditions

Everyone wants smooth skin, but finding the right way to get it is seriously challenging. Or at least it was before this exfoliating brush, which will be the death of all ingrown hairs and most irritated skin conditions. Just massage your skin (it feels amazing) and you’ll be left with soft, smooth skin.

Compression Socks Will Leave Your Feet Feeling Great

If you have plantar fasciitis or other foot and ankle pain, you know how awful it is to deal with day in and day out. For under $10, everyone could stand to have these compression socks on hand, just in case, because foot pain is the pits. The socks relieve aches and give your foot and ankle a bit of extra support. We all need that sometimes!