Your Favorite American Restaurant Chains, Ranked From Worst to Best | 22 Words

There's no comfort like knowing that you can find some of your favorite restaurants in multiple states all over America. Trying new food while traveling can be somewhat intimidating, so it's always nice to see a familiar neon sign in the distance. From fast food to classic sitdown family restaurants, it feels good knowing that there is some consistency in chain restaurants.

Whether you're on a long, cross country road trip, or just visiting family, you can always count on a few restaurants to carry you through your travels. Choosing which chain is the best is a tough choice, but someone's got to do it. There are some clear answers and some that are up for debate, but at the end of the day, there's got to be a winner.

You might be surprised at which ones made the list and which ones were in the top 10, but overall, we know a good chain when we see one.

It's all about having options.

It's a good feeling knowing that no matter where you go, there are tons of food options that are sure to surprise and entice your taste buds.

It's all about the details.

Sure a burger is a burger, but each restaurant has its own flare that sets it apart from the others. The details of the food really do matter.

Time to rank them for what they are worth.

I know comparison is the worst, but for restaurant chains, it's all about quality, so let's get to ranking.

50. Johnny Rockets

Johnny Rockets has that 50's diner flare that is hard to find nowadays, and their milkshakes are to die for.

49. California Pizza Kitchen

Surprise! You can actually get this pizza in other states, not just California.

48. Hardee's

Roast beef for days, if you're into that sort of thing.

47. Boston Market

They've got a little bit of everything here, but it's all warm and delicious and not just in Boston.

46. Ruby Tuesday

Where every day is Tuesday, and you never spend more than a few bucks for a margarita.

45. Jack in the Box

Those curly fries really hit differently. Plus, it's rare to find a place that has a decent burger and decent tacos. Jack in the Box does both pretty decently. But not top 10 quality.

44. Golden Corral

It's a buffet on a budget. Lots of options and it won't break the bank but it might hurt your stomach.

43. Carl's Jr.

A distant cousin to Hardee's and just as reliable, Carl's Jr. makes some seriously delicious fries.

42. White Castle

There's a reason that there's a movie based around this fast food. Well, it might not be because of the quality but it is kind of iconic.

41. Waffle House

Truth is, you'll never know what's going to happen when you step into a Waffle House, but it's always worth the risk.

40. Little Caesars

It's hard to find something for so cheap that's as delicious. Plus, who doesn't love pizza?!

39. Tim Hortons

Popular in Canada, for good reason, you can always get a hot cup of coffee and a delicious donut almost anywhere at anytime.

38. LongHorn Steakhouse

Classic date night restaurant if you love a good steak.

37. A&W Restaurant

Root beer floats. Need we say more?

36. Papa John's

Better ingredients and better pizza? It must be Papa John's.

35. Cinnabon

Every time you're at an airport or at a mall, you are likely to find a Cinnabon. Or the Cinnabon is likely to find you because the sweet, warm, cinnamon smell will fill the air around you. It's almost intoxicating.

34. P.F. Chang's

Amazing potstickers and fried rice, P.F. Chang's is sure to satisfy your Asian cuisine cravings.

33. Fuddruckers

It's also got that classic 50's diner feel with delicious milkshakes and some bomb burgers, and it's just really fun to say out loud.

32. T.G.I. Friday's

Their cocktail menu is on point. Don't judge, it's a great place to get some drinks!

31. Denny's

Open 24/7, Denny's might be the most reliable chain restaurant. Plus, you can have pancakes at 3 am which is always a good idea.

30. Jimmy John's

Their delivery? Freaky fast. Their subs? Freakin' delicious.

29. Auntie Anne's

Another staple restaurant you'll find at the mall and/or airport, Auntie Anne's pretzels will never disappoint.

28. Krispy Kreme

When they are hot and fresh, it's almost impossible to match their deliciousness.

27. Applebee's

Home of the dollar margaritas and that's all that really matters.

26. Steak N' Shake

Iconic for burgers and shakes. They make some quality food.

25. Cold Stone Creamery

In my opinion, some of the best dang ice cream out there.

24. Dunkin' Donuts

Their iced coffee got me through college, so I am forever thankful.

23. In-N-Out Burger

Only the beloved west coast is home to In-N-Out and it is a treasured restaurant. Their small but mighty menu will always fill you up, and won't break the bank.

22. Sonic Drive-In

They have tater tots that Napoleon Dynamite himself would die for and they supposedly have over one million drink combinations.

21. Chipotle

Yes, I know guac is extra, but it's worth it every time.

20. Popeye's Chicken and Biscuit

They sure know how to season their chicken and their biscuits will give you life.

19. Outback Steakhouse

Steak, steak, and more steak. For all those meat-lovers.

18. Cracker Barrel

This is some good old fashion southern comfort food.

17. Chilis

Another restaurant that shouldn't be underestimated for their cocktail menu.

16. Buffalo Wild Wings

Endless wings, so many flavors, all the TVs to watch a thousand sporting events. You don't want to miss this place.

15. Arby's

If you've been there, you know the goodness. Their curly fries are one of a kind.

14. Starbucks

It's everywhere, all the time. No escaping it. But are we mad? Absolutely not.

13. Red Lobster

All your seafood cravings in one place.

12. Burger King

The oh so classic Whopper, plus they are adding vegan burgers to their menu which we stan for.

11. Olive Garden

Endless breadsticks and salad, and their pasta bowls are the size of your head. It's like when you're there, you feel like family.

10. Cheesecake Factory

Endless cheesecake options. How could you not love it? Okay, we made it to the top 10, folks! Competition is getting intense.

9. Taco Bell

They invented the fourth meal. You cannot avoid this place, Taco Bells are everywhere.

8. KFC

For all of your fried chicken needs, KFC will give you exactly what you want.


You could call this a pancake heaven.

6. Red Robin.

Their freckled lemonade...can you say, yum!

5. Dairy Queen

They are more than just their blizzards, so much more.

4. Subway

The classic sub sandwich. You can't go wrong with a footlong sub!

3. Five Guys

It doesn't take five guys to tell you that these burgers are the bomb. Their cajun fries will change your life.

2. Wendy's

That 4 for $4 deal really is a hit. Plus a Frosty on a hot summer day really cools you off in a way that can't be compared.

Ready for number 1?

We finally made it to number 1! To me, it's no surprise, but keep scrolling to find out!

1. Chic-fil-A

The champion of all chain restaurants. Their service is completely unmatched, and their food is always top notch. It is their pleasure to serve you, and they feel like angels in the drive-thru.

There you have it!

Did your favorites make the top? Were you surprised by what people voted for? Keep reading for all the restaurants set to close this year...