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Weighted blankets are a simple yet effective way to relieve stress, anxiety and other sensory issues. They are soft, warm and comfortable - but their weighted design can also create a stress-reducing pressure that will leave you feeling calm and content.

We know that there are currently lots of weighted blankets on the market and that it can be hard to choose the right one for you. So to aid you in your search, we have compiled together four of the best weighted blankets currently available.

These weighted blankets each come with their own perks, and we love them for different reasons. So why not take a look and find your perfect blanket today.

We hope you find these products as amazing as we do. Just an FYI: we do participate in affiliate programs and may receive a portion of the revenue from your purchase.

Best Designed Blanket: Waowoo Adult Weighted Blanket

Waowoo Adult Weighted Blanket

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Designed to weigh approximately 10% of your total body weight, this Waowoo Adult Weighted Blanket promises to deliver a peaceful and undisturbed sleep. Using special technology and premium glass beads, the blanket provides a similar experience to being hugged, assuring that you are comfortable and calm during the night. Completely machine-washable, the blanket is also easy to manage and take care of.

Best Blanket for Relaxing: Relax Eden Adult Weighted Blanket

Relax Eden Adult Weighted Blanket

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This particular weighted blanket by Relax Eden works two-fold to calm both your muscles and mind. Designed with seven layers of soft cotton and polyester construction, this hypoallergenic blanket assures a comfortability that is unparalleled by other weighted blankets on the market. Promising year-round comfort, this blanket is also easy to wash and care for. ​

Best Multi-Purpose Blanket: Pure Enrichment Heated Weighted Blanket

Pure Enrichment Heated Weighted Blanket

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Combining the stress-reducing pressure of a weighted blanket with the comfort of an electric blanket, this Pure Enrichment Heated Weighted Blanket is one of the most versatile and innovative blankets currently on the market. Using premium glass beads to aid in its relaxing pressure, this blanket also comes with four different heat settings, for extra warmth and comfort. Made from soft, high-quality material, this blanket assures warm and weighted bliss for anyone who uses it.

Best Pressure Blanket: Bedsure Queen Weighted blanket

Bedsure Queen Weighted Blanket

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Weighing in at fifteen pounds, this Bedsure Queen Weighted Blanket is one of the heaviest blankets we have encountered. Using an innovative TPE insert, this weighted blanket does not utilize noisy glass beads to create its relaxing pressure. Promising overall comfort and the sensation of a firm embrace. The soft fleece design also assures to keep you warm and comfortable throughout the night. So if this sounds like the perfect weighted blanket for you, why not take a look and treat yourself today.