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A comfortable pair of slippers is an important element of any cozy, around-the-house day. If you're spending the day in your PJs, or just want to keep your toes warm, a good pair of slippers is a must have.

The only problem is that not everyone has the same needs from a good pair of slippers. If you have hardwood floors you might be looking for a pair that isn't going to slide all over the place. Maybe you prefer your slipper to have an open back. Or perhaps you've got feet that are always cold and you want the warmest slippers you can find.

Lucky for you, we've found the best pairs of women's slippers and all you have to do is scroll down to find the one that meets your needs. You'll see exactly what makes each pair the best so you know which is right for you. Let's find you some slippers!

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The Best Fluffy Slipper


What's that you say? You like your slippers to be soft and and fuzzy and oh so comfy. We've found the best slippers for you. These babies have that comfy cozy aesthetic and they live up to it. You get your toes covered in a furry fluff that isn't constricting or overly warm. It's just about perfect.

The Best No-Slip Slipper


This here is what we'd call a practical slipper for people who want to be wearing their slippies on the regular. It has an anti-skid sole to keep you stable when you're on slippery floors. It has memory foam to keep your feet well-supported. And it's got the lovely faux fur to make it comfy and cute while it's doing all that good work for your feet.

The Best Clog-Style Slipper


Some slippers can be a little bit on the floppy side, without much by way of support and structure. If you need your shoes to give your feet more of a boost, then a clog style slipper is a great way to go. They have a cushioned insole that's lined with velour. Plus the sole works both indoors and outdoors. No more trying to slide on a pair of shoes to go get the mail!

The Best Full-Coverage Slipper


If you want to make sure that your feet stay warm no matter how cold it is outside, these are the best option for you. They cover the full foot and have a thick faux-fur lining that keeps all the heat in. Plus they're so wildly soft. These are a great choice.