The Biggest New Years Resolution Mistakes, and How Not to Make Them

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It’s a new year and many of us are embarking on the ‘New Me’ bandwagon. The collective willpower during this time of year is impressive, and the amount of people in the gym is also motivating.

But a lot of times those resolutions are broken within weeks, days, or even hours. Then the vicious cycle of being on again and off again starts and the next thing you know, you’re back to old habits before you even hit the ground running. This happens so often that statistically only 8% of the US population has kept up with their new year resolutions by February.

Year after year we try to set goals and we break them, sounds insane right? Yes, especially since the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Which is why we’ve come up with the biggest New Year resolution mistakes and how you can avoid them. January is the best time to make big changes, this is how you’ll stick to them.

Setting Unrealistic Goals

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We need to set ourselves up for success, and not for failure. Breaking down your main goal into smaller goals that we can accomplish easier will help you complete your resolution with less frustration.

Not Being Patient

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We all want quick results and when we’re not expecting things to move quickly, we set ourselves up for failure. A perfect example of this would be the constant weight loss goals. These don’t happen overnight and those that do lose weight fast don’t keep it off. Whatever your goal is, expect it to be a journey, not a sprint.

Being Too Hard on Yourself

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If you don’t achieve one of your smaller goals don’t give up. It can still be done. Failure is something that allows us to learn from our mistakes and keep going. Everyone has ups and downs, it’s how you work to get back on track that counts.

Doing Too Much At Once

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It’s exciting to start the new year with positive changes. But sometimes working on too many changes at the same time can get overwhelming. Starting with one behavioral change can make it easier to move on to the next.

Hanging With the Wrong Crowd

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Surround yourself with people that are trying to achieve the same goals as you. It also helps to have like-minded people around to keep you motivated.

Not Treating Yourself

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You know those smalls goals you’ve created to achieve your main goal, reward yourself for achieving those. Realize what you’ve accomplished and it will keep you motivated to keep going.

Not Tracking Progress

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Whatever your goals are, if you’re not keeping track of your progress how can you see if you’re truly gaining where you should? Whether your resolution is to eat healthier, lose weight, or save money, writing down what you’re doing can help you determine what’s working and what’s not so you can tweak and develop as you go.

Not Asking For Help

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It’s totally OK to ask for help. There are many online resources that can help you as well as fitness trainers or financial coaches. Someone with experience in what you want to achieve can help relieve any doubts you may have.

Overthinking Your Plan

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The less you think and talk, the more you’ll do. It’s the time to stop thinking you can’t do something because of ‘xyz’ and just start doing.

Not Setting Deadlines

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Creating a schedule with end dates will give you a sense of urgency to accomplish your small goals and not procrastinate along the way. It’s an extra step to keep yourself accountable for what you’re intending to achieve.

Being Inconsistent 

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If you fall off for a bit, don’t worry, just pick right up from where you were.

Not Using a Buddy System

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Accountability is major when you’re trying to reach your goals. You can check each other when you’re not staying in line.

Not Staying Focused

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This also falls under doing too much at once. When you’re thinking about trying to get to multiple goals, you’ll actually not achieve any of them. Focus on one goal at a time that will help you achieve the big picture in the end.

Giving Up

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At some point there may be a minor slip up. The important thing is to learn from your mistake and keep going to achieve your goal. Don’t give up!

To Be Successful At Reaching Your Goals, You Have to Put in The Effort!

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If you want to get out of debt, lose weight, or buy a house, you definitely can. That being said, the goals will not achieve themselves without work on your part. These are ways that can also help you achieve those goals.

Visualize Your Success

As long as you know that there is a time and place for it, daydreaming is a healthy practice. Creating real life visuals of how things will be once you achieve your goals is highly motivating.

Learn to Say No

A lot of times we get distracted by outside influences when we’re on our way to achieving our goals. Learning to say no without guilt is something we should achieve before we take on the big picture.

Create a Vision Board

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A vision board can be highly inspirational. Using magazine pictures, inspirational quotes, collecting photos and putting them together in a place you can see every day can be very helpful in reminding you of what you want to achieve.

Sing in The Shower

This sounds wacky for achieving goals but anything that can elevate your mood and keep you positive will increase your well-being. And when you’re feeling good, you get more done.

Use a Sticker Chart

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Gold stars are not just for school-aged children. Every time you achieve a goal, give yourself a gold star or any fun sticker. This small detail can give you a big sense of accomplishment.

Edit Your Social Media Feed

And by edit, I mean mute or delete the negativity from your timeline. Keep things positive wherever you are and that includes the time you spend on your electronic devices.

Do a Mini-Declutter

Clean out your wardrobe of things you haven’t used in a while and that you no longer need. Clearing space at home is reinvigorating. It’s actually a favorite of mine.

Have a Good Laugh

Laughter is so good for your mood. And when you’re feeling great, your mood to accomplish things is so much better.

Unplug for An Hour

Switch your phone to airplane mode, turn off the TV and just sit in silence to recharge. The constant checking of emails and scrolling mindlessly through social media won’t help get to your goals, but a clear mind will.

Take Yourself on A Date

Go out and spend some time alone and do things you love. Visit a gallery, watch a movie or head to a bookstore.

Take a Quick Nap

A 20-minute recharge may be all you need to catch up on sleep and get ready to take on your resolutions.

Fix the Things At Home You’ve Been Avoiding

It could be something small like fixing a squeaky door. But a small accomplishment can make you feel great.

Put Time Into A Hobby

Find an opportunity to work on a hobby. Letting yourself relax into something you love to do can keep you focused.

Give Your Mind and Body a Treat

Rest and relaxation are always needed, so why not treat yourself to a spa day?

Put On a Playlist And Dance

There is no better way to get in a good mood and it’s also good exercise.