The Body-Shaming Chadwick Boseman Experienced Is a Reminder To Think Twice Before Commenting On Anyone’s Body

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Before he passed away, Chadwick Boseman’s social media was filled with body-shaming comments – and it serves as an important reminder for how we talk to people online.

Some of the comments the actor received were utterly disgusting…

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While appearing in different movies, we had no idea that the late actor was battling colon cancer.

Including the legendary movie that is Black Panther.

Black Pather completely revolutionized the film industry.

Back in 2018, Black Panther became the talk of the town as it hit all major big-screens.

Marvel’s superhero movie brought cultural importance to the forefront of a storyline while still maintaining the classic “hero vs villain” trope.

With black talent spread across the entire cast and production, Black Panther became more than just a social talking point. It became an artistic celebration of black culture.

The genre typically upholds traditional superhero visuals, as seen with Superman, Spider-Man, Captain America, Iron Man, and Batman, just to name a select few…

But Black Panther saw a whole new story brought to life.

A culture that was once seen as other, brought about celebration in a way that actually brought audiences together to share their love for the genre.

In such a strong line-up of actors and actresses, we saw the fusion of old and new black actors including Michael B Jordan, Lupita Nyong’o and Letitia Wright.

The Guardian described him as a man who is helping to “[open] up people’s minds.”

Even though Boseman made an appearance in Captain America: Civil War prior to this blockbuster, no one really acknowledged the talent and drive behind his character.

He explained how most of it was “brought on himself.” “It’s not like it’s actually coming from outside. I think we all placed that pressure on ourselves with this cos we knew what the opportunity was. Everyone knew this was something that had not been done before.”

But it was more than just mental pressure, he was also struggling with his own battles as we found out last week.

The first video to raise the most concern was when the star was celebrating Major League Baseball’s “Jackie Robinson Day” with his fans, people flocked to social media platforms to express their concerns. The video has since been deleted from his actual Instagram.

Like this user.

Fans helpfully pointed out that Boseman was not a public person when it came to revealing personal details.

He was going through severe health problems, and that’s why his fans were so concerned about his appearance.

Several of the comments on Boseman’s social media were regarding his weight loss.

Though some fans reacted with concern, others mocked and body-shamed the actor.

Of course, not all of the comments were trying to be hurtful – with some people mistakenly assuming his weight change to be a personal choice or lifestyle change.

Kelly Coffey, a certified personal trainer, and health coach, told Insider that the body-shaming directed at Boseman summed up how we talk about people’s bodies on social media. “The fact that Boseman had been criticized for his weight loss speaks to how superficially most people view others when their sole basis for judgment is the images they see online,” Coffey explained.

“It’s up to us to remember that what we see doesn’t represent anything close to the whole story. It’s on us to practice being respectful of and compassionate toward all people and all bodies, always.”

And serves as a reminder that the best way to approach commenting on someone’s body who you don’t know is to simply mind your business. 

And that this depends entirely on context, including a person’s overall health and life circumstances.  

By the same token, we never know what is going on behind closed doors, as has been proven with Boseman’s private cancer battle. So, before you comment on someone’s body – stop and think.

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