The Coolest Budget-Friendly Products Everyone Should Own

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Are you in the market for a garden chair shaped like a leaf? How about a piggy bank with a butcher’s chart on it? Well, no matter what, you’ve come to the right place. Sometimes we’re on the hunt for that one special item that will make us smile. That one thing so unique, you have to have it.

We’re here to provide you with a full list of budget-friendly decor, gadgets, and overall cool items. And they’re all from


We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and Brainjolt may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

This Modern Desk Aquarium

Who wouldn’t want an aquatic-friendly work gadget for their home office? This desk aquarium from Overstock also doubles as a pencil holder, clock, LED desk lamp, and USB charging station.

A Jumbo Slot Machine

This jumbo slot machine from Overstock doubles as a bank. It is such a sweet novelty item or gift for a family member.

WiFi Enabled LED Bulbs

Coming from someone who has these lights, I will tell you they are a MUST. They can transform any room, and they’re wifi enabled which means that you can turn them on and off from your phone. And they’re affordable on

This Green Leaf Swivel Chair

You’ll most definitely feel a sense of calmness and relaxation in this leaf chair. It would make a great addition to any home with its bright color and distinct shape, and can be found on Overstock.

This Extra Heavy-Duty Stapler

A heavy-duty stapler is a great household item for any home office and would be a great asset to anyone working from home. Plus, it is super cheap on

A Ceramic Piggy Bank

Who doesn’t stash all of their money in a piggy bank these days? This funny guy from Overstock would make for a great decor piece.

Stainless Steel Rolling Pin

Pizza night just got 10x better with this stainless steel rolling pin from Overstock. Bakers lookout, because this is the hottest tool around.

This Hilariously Funny Fanny Pack

I actually giggle a little every time I see this fanny pack. It’s just too good not to laugh at and would make for a great accessory to any summer outfit this year. Find it on

This Good Boy Gets Quite The Laugh

Who doesn’t love dogs? How about paintings of dogs? This good boy portrait  from Overstock would make for a great addition to any home… or bathroom.

These Army Men Taco Holders

Whenever I see army men like these, I always think of childhood movies… and tacos, OBVIOUSLY. Taco night just got a little cuter with these bad boys from

These Customized Cat Coasters

Purrrrfect for any cat lover! These coasters from Overstock will add some nice detail to your dinner party.

A Poop Putter For Golfing

This hilarious putter does the opposite of stink… You can find this and many other fun items at

This Shark Costume

Remember that year everyone dressed up as the “left shark” for Halloween? Well, you can re-live that great moment in history with this shark costume from Overstock. 

An Adorable Pug Pillow

Who wouldn’t want a cute throw pillow pug? Your guests will probably be fooled when they see this good boy from Overstock.

This Parka For Your Dog

Even dogs get cold sometimes. What a better way to warm up your pup than with a cute parka? And they’ll look good in it too! You can snag this coat and other cute dog accessories at

This Cute Fuzzy Furniture Piece

It’s hard to believe this fuzzy sheep from Overstock is actually furniture. He can fit right in with your living room decor.

This Amazing Showerhead

When I heard of this product I gasped. Who wouldn’t want a head massage while taking a warm shower? This showerhead from Overstock is the ultimate feeling of relaxation if you ask me.

A Wall Clock Shaped Like a Pan

What a fun way to dress up your kitchen – and it’s practical, too! I can totally see this funny clock from Overstock in an Italian grandma’s breakfast nook.

This Flashy Money Rug

This $100 Bill rug is most definitely a conversation starter and will add color to any space. You can find this and other cool decor items at

This GIANT game of Dominoes

I remember being surprised when I first saw a giant version of the game “Jenga” but this giant game of dominoes from Overstock is even better. This life-size game would be great for the summertime.

A Glow In The Dark Canopy

This was my childhood DREAM bed. For anyone else who wanted to go glamping in their bedroom, you can snag this glow in the dark canopy on

A Mini LED Projector for Movie-Watching

You can turn every night into a magical movie night. This theater-size projector from Overstock can transform any white wall into the cinematic movie-watching screen of your dreams.

This Relaxing Salt Lamp

A Himalayan salt lamp makes for a perfect bedroom accessory. It is said to make you calmer with its overall presence – and it has a dimmer switch! You can find this and more cool home decor items at

This Foot Massager

What’s more luxury than a foot massager? This personal massager from Overstock is equipped with vibrating technology.

This Sounds Machine

If you like falling asleep to the sound of rainfalls or stormy nights, then this is for you. It has 16 sounds of ambient nature for you to enjoy while you drift off into peaceful sleep, and can be found on

This LED Flameless Candel Set

Candles are the ultimate mood-setter. They can transform any space within seconds. And what’s even better about these is that they’re LED powered so you never have to worry about the flame going out, and they’re super affordable on

A Baby-Soft Fool Peel

Once you try these things, you’ll never go back. They get rid of dry and cracked foot skin, leaving your feet soft and smelling great. Snag them on

These Ultra-Soft Bedsheetsl

You can feel like you’re sleeping in a luxury hotel with these comfortable bed sheets. They have a bunch more just like them on

Glow In The Dark Wall Stickers

If you’ve ever wanted to have an entire galaxy on your walls, then this is for you! These super easy peel-and-stick stars from Overstock glow in the dark with any dimmed lights.

A Hammock You Can Take With You Anywhere

This cool gadget can be hooked to any tree, pole, or supportive surface. It even rolls back up into a tiny pouch for easy storage. I’ve taken mine all over the country, and have enjoyed hammocking in many different ways, all thanks to Overstock.