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This is it, folks. We are in the home stretch. There are two episodes left in what is arguably one of the most epic television shows in history. Dany and the gang are at King's Landing. Cersei just decapitated one of Dany's besties. And stuff is about to go down. Who is going to die in the battle for Westeros? When will Cleganebowl happen and what will the outcome be? Who will end up on the Iron Throne after all is said and done?

Needless to say, fans everywhere are speculating wildly about almost every aspect of the show. Some of the theories people have been posting on Reddit and elsewhere seem entirely viable and likely to happen in the next two episodes. Others are really wacky and out there and probably won't go down, but they are super fun to read and consider anyway. These are some of our favorite fan theories for the last two episodes of HBO's Game of Thrones.

More Dragons

You, like me, were probably shocked when Dany's second dragon went down in the last episode. But never fear because there was a hint in the opening credits that more dragons are on their way. People think that Drogon went off in season five to lay a bunch of eggs and hatch some new dragons that will return in the fifth episode to bolster Dany's army. Cersei's really going to wish she got those elephants.

Tyrion's "Mistake"

When Tyrion approaches the gates of King’s Landing to appeal to Cersei’s love for her children, he tells her to surrender for her child. Euron was standing right behind Cersei, and he just found out about “his" child moments before this scene. From Euron’s point of view, Tyrion should have no knowledge that Cersei is pregnant - Tyrion was up in the North when he slept with Cersei for the first time.

It might not have been intentional on Tyrion’s part, but I think that Euron might realize that Cersei’s baby isn’t his, turn on Cersei, and potentially kill her. If Tyrion realized what he was doing, he hid it well. If not, it may unintentionally have huge payoffs for Dany, and likely be his most “clever" move yet. –grantvoyager

The Prophecy

The battle for Kings landing will a reach point where both Dany & Cersei will be willing to kill all innocent civilians in their quest for the throne... Jon, the prince that was promised, will plunge his sword into Dany's breast in order to stop her from doing this and when he does he will produce Lightbringer. He alone will then rise against Cersei and end the war over the seven kingdoms. He will unify the seven kingdoms from its biggest threat of evil, the influence of the iron throne and restore peace in the world.Deezuls

How Arya did it

I think Arya was disguised as a white walker with the face of the female one she killed. You can see her in front I took a screenshot... They wear the exact same clothes! Look at the fur on her left shoulder.EcstasyTrance

Dany and Jon

This season the writers are clearly building up to a Jon / Daenerys breakup... My theory is she’s going to die saving her nephew and she is the “flaming sword" from the prophecy.

The thought of Daenerys supplying the firepower and saving everyone is completely in character for her story, Tyrion even mentions how dangerous it is she goes into battle as queen...The writers are making us forget that she actually dominates almost every situation she’s in, making her a great warrior...

I think Daenerys entire plot was to be Aegon Targaryen's firepower during the war, she will risk her life and army in battle and will die for her name, being deemed a hero... –GooeySooey

We're just getting started...

The Night Queen

My theory is that Arya may be turning into a White Walker ... maybe even a Night Queen (and this has been confirmed by the books to exist in its lore, there was a Night queen who was killed long ago and she was even more powerful than the Night King...)

As the battle between Dany and Cersei reaches its conclusion, she will complete her transformation and make a bid for the throne (maybe even killing Bran in the process, as was the Night King’s goal). I believe Jamie will kill Cersei, that’s a completion of his character arc, but I then think Arya will kill Jamie.

This will complete Mellisandre’s prophecy of the eyes she will close...And it will also leave her open to take the throne, completing Bran’s vision of the throne room covered in snow and ice from Series 4.

This means Jon will have to kill Arya, an extremely traumatic event that certainly falls in line with the “bittersweet" ending we’ve been promised.


Jaime and Brienne

It's long been speculated that Jaime may die in Brienne's arms, but I think it will be the other way around. While I do think both survive the battle Sunday, we have Chekhov's Bronn and his crossbow headed for them...

I think he'll have his sights set on Jaime and Brienne will see him at the last second and save Jaime, taking the bolt to the heart and dying in his arms.

Jaime will be enraged at this and kill Bronn, and upon seeing the crossbow, will know that Cersei sent him. The next time they meet, Jaime fulfills the Valonqar prophecy and kills the Mad Queen. I hope I'm wrong because I love Brienne, but it sure seems like this is what the show is setting up.lifeofwill

Arya vs. Dany

I don't think Arya is heading south to kill Cersei. I think she's heading south to kill Dany. I think she will be killed in the attempt, probably by a dragon, enraging Jon to the point of killing Dany. There's a couple of reasons I think this is the case:

...At this point, Arya and Sansa both believe that not Cersei, but Dany is the biggest threat to the Starks. Dany is tearing Jon away from the family and dividing his loyalty.

...Arya doesn't need to kill Cersei because presumably, Dany will do that for her. Meanwhile, Dany will lose more of her forces in the fight against Cersei (as she already has.)...

But if that's the case why wouldn't she just kill Dany while she's in the North? Because her entire army is still there and (at the time) two dragons. Best not risk your home when you're capable of doing the deed anywhere...MedalofHodor


A couple weeks ago, Maisie Williams advised everyone to rewatch season 1, claiming the final season ties a lot into it. After rewatching it, my wife and I picked up on a couple key things we think will tie into how the series will end...

I think it's becoming increasingly more likely that Gendry is indeed the first son Cersei "lost." As to what happened, that's speculation but my wife and I theorize that Jaime took him away and told Cersei he died.

We're also theorizing that Daenerys will die at some point... Jon has mentioned before that he doesn't want the Throne. We think Bran will use his abilities to look back and find out that Gendry is the legitimate son of Robert and Cersei, therefore the rightful heir to the throne and he will end up on it by season's end.cashflow605


Following Arya's defeat of the NK, I think she's as good as dead in an upcoming episode. She's probably feeling proud (rightfully so) and invincible, which I think that will be her undoing. She'll be cocky or careless in trying to mark Cersei off her list, and I think she'll meet her end at the hands of the Mountain. This will infuriate the Hound, finally giving us the Cleganebowl we've all hoped for at the expense of losing our (at least my) favorite She-Wolf.onlyonethatworked Crazy, right? The theories continue below...

"An old friend"

A while back, I wrote a theory about Jaime as Azor Ahai and the return of his sword hand ablaze. Last night, I feel my theory gained more traction with a single line from Bran.

At the end of the episode, Bran says he’s waiting for "an old friend." What weird language to talk about Jaime, right? A friend? Today, I read a post that clarifies that when Bran was speaking, he was doing so as The Three-Eyed Raven. Who is an old friend from the perspective of T3ER? Azor Ahai, of course.

Prepare for disappointment, Jon fanboys. It’s coming.byrd82

The Night King

The Night King is dead, Bran is not the Night King. Can A Song of Ice and Fire exist without ice?

...Everyone assumes that Bran was shown the creation of the Night King to provide a small piece of backstory to the great threat. What if this is a misdirect and Bran is shown how the Night King was created to learn how to create a new one?

In his vision, the NK was restrained, gagged and transformed against his will. So it makes sense that the result would be a vengeful being. Would a character transformed willingly to address another threat still carry that motivation?

Perhaps with their armies decimated by The Long Night and knowing they can't defeat the Lion Queen, someone (cough Jon Snow) will choose to make the sacrifice of leading the army of the dead to defend the living.


"Tell them"

Jon says to Bran, "Tell them" and the scene cuts away.

...At that point, the entire Stark team goes their separate ways. Sansa tells Tyrion about Jon, Arya heads down to King's Landing and Jon heads south...

My take is that team Stark came up with a plan for Jon to take the throne. Jon was likely resistant at first but gave in because Dany was so persistent that he not tell anyone. I think he has his suspicions of her. I think we'll get a flashback to that moment at some point.JohnnyEdge93

The Lannisters

I’ve been theorizing for a while that Jaime would kill Cersei... Here’s how I’m imagining it now:

The battle rages outside, as Jaime makes his way to Cersei’s chambers. She’s already told her guards to allow him when he shows; she’s expecting him. A dramatic dialogue ensues, and they both seem to put aside their differences, remembering the love they’ve shared their entire lives.

Just as things get heated, Jaime takes one final long look at Cersei before he stabs her through the heart. She bleeds out, and as the light leaves her eyes Jaime gets a nosebleed. Cut to a close up of her red, poison lipstick. Cut to Jaime choking, turning purple, and dying next to his sister.

They came into this world together, they will leave it together.


Tyrion's intellect

There's been a lot of criticism that Tyrion in S7 was suddenly no longer the master tactician and all-around know-it-all he had been until then. Now, we have actual confirm of his dumbing down by falling for Cersei's promise.

But you know what else we haven't seen him do for a while? Drink wine by the gallon...

Tyrion's sobriety is preventing him from having any good ideas. Jon & Dany need to get him drunk & laid and he'll figure the whole Night King thing out in two seconds.BenFranklinsCat

That might be a silly one, but wait 'til you read the next theory...

The end of everything

Theory for how the show ends:

  • Cersei reveals how she orchestrated/manipulated the whole thing (the dagger, Littlefinger, Night King)

  • Cersei defeats Jon Snow and Dany in the battle (Euron probably gets killed by Dany-Drogon)

  • The Hound defeats the Mountain (with Arya's help) but dies as well

  • Arya tries to kill Cersei but fails at the end

  • Jamie has the final choice: whether to rule with Cersei or kill her (queen slayer, kills the mad queen); chooses the latter

  • Sansa rules the north, Tyrion rules the south (marriage that brings peace to the realm)

  • Sansa and Tyrion have a child who brings the two kingdoms together


Podrick's song

It seems obvious to me that Jenny's Song (the song Pod sang) was foreshadowing Dany's life. She's losing everyone around her, and eventually is going to win the throne, but at the cost of everyone around her.

She's already lost 2 dragons, Missandei, and Jorah. She's going to obliterate basically all of King's Landing, while probably losing Jon and Tyrion in the process, whether it be by death or by her losing their backing because of her actions.

She's going to be left to rule over the ashes with nobody to dance with except for the ghosts of those she had known..... as the song says.ABSOlutelyBW

Dragon armor

I don’t know if dragon armor is the answer. But it would be awesome if they had Gendry melt all that extra dragon glass and make scaled armor for Drogon. Could you imagine? A literal Black Dread.khays3424

All the armies

After watching tonight's episode, something hit me afterward: how in the f**k are they going to defeat Cersei and her 20,000 men from the gold company?

First off, Lord Glover has men that didn't answer the call. I think he will because he'll ultimately pick Jon/Danny over Cersei.

And I also think Yara Greyjoy will sail whatever part of the Iron Fleet she has to Meereen and pick up Daario and the Second Sons. They will attack Kings Landing from the sea/that little tunnel Tyrion built himself and the remaining forces in the North will attack from the ground.

And lastly, although the Queens and Princesses of Dorn are dead, whoever leads Dorn now will want revenge and bend the knee to Dany.


The Hound vs. The Mountain

I think Cleganebowl will start the same way the fight between the Hound and the Mountain in Season 1 did. When Ser Loras defeats the Mountain at the tourney, Gregor attacks him only to be blocked by Sandor. I think the Mountain will go to attack somebody (likely Arya or Jaime?) but get blocked by the Hound, setting off Cleganebowl. Also, there will be airhorns. murse_joe These are getting crazier and crazier...

The Mountain

It's known that Bran can go into the mind of Hodor, and control him, exactly like he can with animals. This was because Hodor was extremely mentally disabled and didn't have the mind of a normal human.

With all of the talk about Bran having little to no role so far this season despite being hyped up as a main character, what if Bran was able to go into the mind of the zombified, brain-dead Mountain and get him to turn on his own forces, or better yet, Cersei or Qyburn?BostonClippers

The Night King...alive?

This person doesn't give much of a reason, other than, "It would be cool, right? Right? Eh? Eh?" But what more reason do we need, really?

Not only is he alive...

 ...That’s how I think Season 8, Episode 6 ends. The Night King won.

BUTTT!!!! What hasn’t been released to the public, and what I think the show writers are trying to do to us, is hide a secret Episode 7. An episode released a full week after the world (our world, not Westeros) is in ruins from a dismal, dreary ending... The episode where men rise and take back their world (perhaps with the help of a certain time-traveling warg??)

I know—I have absolutely no evidence to base this theory on. But let’s be real. Seven Kingdoms. The Seven Gods. The Faith of the Seven. Seven total books (per GRRM). How do you not end the most monumental, groundbreaking series that has ever been put in text or television in a final season with anything less than or more than seven episodes?

And let’s face it...this would be the MOST iconic ending to any story ever told. It has to be.dundermuckduck

Little Sam

...I found myself realizing that perhaps Little Sam has a bigger part in this whole story than I realized. I'm still trying to piece together a sound "overarching" theory, but I did stumble across something interesting...

...When I was reading about Gilly, I came to understand that her name originates from the real-life plant known as gilliflower/gillyflower. Gilliflower is mentioned in Shakespeare's "A Winter's Tale", in which they are "cross-fertilized by humans, rather than by Nature: I have heard it said/There is an art which in their piedness shares/With great creating Nature ... I'll not put/The dibble in earth to set one slip of them". (From Wikipedia).

In genetics, the word "pied" is used to describe something (like a cockatiel bird, or a houseplant) that shows/has mixed colors... I'm almost certain that this is a subtle clue that might strengthen a suggestion that Gilly and Little Sam have White Walker blood in their veins. It also made me wonder whether the NK came to Bran/3ER at Winterfell not to kill him, but to take ownership of his property - namely Little Sam...TurntCrawdad


...With the way Season 8 is going, the writers seem to want to give every main character at least one cool moment; Bran still needs his. We previously saw him warg into Hodor - a large, quasi-mindless simpleton. Who else fits that description? The Mountain.

All ending Cersei takes is for Bran to warg into The Mountain and kill her. This fits with the bodyguard narrative, allowing for an ultimate betrayal from the one Cersei trusted the most for the last few seasons.

His murder style also fits with the prophecy from Season 5, that states "The Valonqar shall wrap his hands about your pale white throat and choke the life from you..."Swanny625

You think that's too much? How about the next one?

Tyrion kills Dany

Dany ends up going full mad queen driven to it by the loss of her oldest protector, her closest friend, and her child. She orders the full out burning of Kings Landing to punish Cersei and take the throne. Tyrion ends up having to kill her to save the city just like his brother did.DoctorHolliday

The Mountain

The Mountain will kill the Hound, leaving Arya to either a) finish the mountain off or b) tearfully say goodbye to the Hound as he dies or c) both.duckeggy


Could Joanna Lannister have been raped by the Mad King resulting in Tyrion's birth? Remember when Tywin said to Tyrion, "Men’s laws give you the right to bear my name and display my colors since I cannot prove that you are not mine." For one, it would explain how he was able to free the dragons.

I think Tyrion learned this in his conversation with Bran in episode 2 that we didn't get to see. That would explain his change of heart by the end of the episode saying, "I think we might live." –Fakespeedbump

Iron Throne

I really think it's possible that Cersi might leave the throne room unattended knowing Danys goal is to get the throne. Dany arrives at the throne room and sees the throne. It's only fitting that she will want to sit on it the moment she sees it then BOOM wildfire up the arse.Vegetaisawitcher

Jon Snow's end

...Jon Snow (Aegon Targaryen) is the rightful heir to the throne of the Seven Kingdoms. Even if he doesn't like it. So my theory is that they will win the War and then someone will reveal who he is and proclaim him the King.

But he doesn't want it. So he does what the older brother of his grandfather did. Aemon Targaryen was the rightful heir to the throne. And he joined the Night's Watch. Jon would do the same. He will reorganize the Wall as the 1.000nd Commander. He will renounce the throne.

He would be with Ghost again. And as Tormund said, maybe they will meet again.geoponos

I really like that one. The next one is bonkers, though!

Sansa on the Iron Throne

I believe that neither Jon (Aegon) nor Daenerys will take the throne. After they defeat Cersei, Varys will kill Dany and try and make Jon be king. However, Jon will reject the throne and move back north to beyond the wall and live w/ Ghost. Jon's absence will allow Sansa to claim the throne.


Jon will die in the battle against Cersei, allowing Dany to take the throne (and survive Varys' betrayal).emhull99

Dany the dragon

Daenerys Targaryen is an actual dragon. The truth in plain view the entire time. Clues, outright declarations, and how it will all go down...joebarnette


In one of the new photos released from this weeks episode we see Jon and Varys talking on the beach of Dragonstone. I believe that Varys will reveal that he knows the truth about Jon, and try to encourage him to take the iron throne. Jon being the loyal man he is, however, will turn him in to Daenerys where she’ll have him burned by Drogon.EG2K_00

Jon screamed

Jon screamed at the undead dragon to distract it so Arya can run past and kill the Night King. The undead dragon was protecting the entrance to the Godswood.

Watch it again, you can actually hear him scream "GOOOOO - GO - GO."

10 seconds later the scene you can see the hair of a White Walker flying up when Arya sprints past the group of White Walkers.

Jon once again was ready to sacrifice himself to kill the Night King.



I think he is going to blame Daenerys for letting Missandei get killed, and end up turning against her.

The reason I think this is because the character who plays Grey Worm said in an interview that fans may not like him by the end of the series.

The Unsullied are supposed to be these unafraid, un-feeling warriors who take command and don't think twice about death or fear or anything. Grey Worm changed when he met Missandei. He says he was never scared until he met her.

So we have this character who has gone his whole life as an emotionally devoid warrior losing the only thing that he has EVER cared about, in the most brutal way possible nonetheless. He is not going to handle it well. And I think that means bad news for Daenerys.amatambi

The next one is crazy...

Cersei's army of wights

Qyburn built the Mountain, an undead zombie-like monster which is almost too crazy to be true, just like the White Walkers. In S7E7...Jon and company bring forth an undead walker from the North to prove a point to Cersei, that they exist...

Once unleashed and put on display, the walker loses a hand at which Qyburn not only is shocked at what he sees, he reviews the severed hand quite thoroughly as if looking to see what he can learn from it...staringfrog29

Full circle

What if Jon's story somehow comes full circle... Jon impregnates and marries Dany. Jon dies in battle like his father, Rheagar. Dany dies in childbirth.

Obviously, the timing wouldn't work, because it takes 9 months for a kid to full bake (Stannis might tell you otherwise)Mokasss

Salt and smoke

I strongly believe that the streaking "dragon" in the opening credits is actually the comet from season one returning to crash into the narrow sea creating Azor Ahai out of salt and smoke.Gregularexperience

Sansa's death

Every Stark that has broken their word or with honor dies violently.

Ned: Sacrifices his honor in an attempt to live. Now headless.

Robb: Breaks his marriage vows, now has a wolf-head + dead wife and kid.

Cat: Prays for Jon to get better, in exchange will stop hating him and facilitate his becoming a Stark — throat is wide open.

Sansa promised to keep Jon's secret — tells everyone. If the motif holds, Sansa is due for a pretty violent death.Gnargiela

Jaime on the throne

Jon dies. Daenerys dies. Cersei dies. Gendry dies. Jaimie sits on the iron throne, just as it was foreshadowed by Ned when he saw Jaimie sitting on the iron throne after he killed the mad kingsuaverob85 You think that's insane? Mad? Wait for the next one...

Ser Davos

Let's start with my who gonna die today prediction.


In season 7 there is small talk, and Mellisandre prophecy that she's going to die, just like you Varys. I think Tyrion will tell Dany about Varys who wants to betray her.

2. Ser Davos (love you the onion man)

As he said, he's not a knight, yet he survives many battles. He once almost died in KL. I think he's gonna die in the 5th episode - that will make Jon go super crazy with all that plot armor, he will kill half of Golden Company.


Cersei's not pregnant

I swear to all the Gods, the old and the new, if I hear one more person believe that Cersi is pregnant I will punch a dwarf in the face.

She is lying! She is manipulative. The promise of a child is her attempt to keep people with her. If Euron didn't think Cersei had his child, he would have left or, more likely, murdered her!kastial67


I don't believe that Littlefinger is still alive, but for shits and giggles, let's say he is. When discussing what's next after the battle of Winterfell, they mentioned "The New Prince of Dorne." Didn't give a name. What if Littlefinger is the new Prince of Dorne? What kind of wrenches would that throw in the mix?sfugatti

Ned's fate

Dany is soon going to find out that Varys and Tyrion have spread the word about Aegon Targaryen. She waits to let Jon fight for her and win the battle against Cersei.

Once the battle is won, she takes the throne, and orders execution of Varys, Tyrion, and Jon for treason. My guess is that she would have Daario do the beheading of all three.

Just when he is about to bring down his sword on Jon's neck, Arya is going to shoot an arrow straight into Dany's heart from the crowd killing her (in Tyrion's words - "it only takes one arrow").

Having lost his loved one, and with absolutely no interest in sitting on the throne, he has nothing else to do but go beyond the wall and live with Tormund and Ghost.Naveen0717

Scared Euron

We’ve had a few suggestions as to why he looks so shocked, from more dragons, Dany turning into a dragon(?) to a kraken (I like this one). Now I’m not for a minute thinking this will actually happen but it ties in with the lore, he’s seeing the wing men of Carcosa!! Why and how they would travel so far I don’t know, but it’s all fun right?!![deleted] Now the theories are really getting wild...

All the characters

Jaime won't kill Cersei. They will die because of the wildfire and dragon fire blowing up the red keep...

Euron is killed by Jaime.

Hound and Arya fight the mountain and mountain dies and hound dies and Arya stays with him. Then she leaves to go west of Westeros.

Varys is executed for treason.

Bronn gets his castle hinting at Lan the clever book reference.

Jon after all the war and heartbreak decides to go to castle black and hang out with ghost and Tormund. He wants to go where he was the happiest. Ygritte in the cave, Dany and him flying in the snow.

Bran gives some explanation about Night King and prophecy regarding the lord of light and God of death. wildfire. Jon kills Dany to save the innocents. 

Then he refuses to be king Bran is elected King by the lords and ladies that are left.

Sansa is ward of the north.

Gendry is the trueborn son of King Robert and Cersei. Sits as lord of Storms End.

Sam is in the new small council and Tyrion and maybe Bronn and Davos.

I have a feeling that Cersei and Jamie may be mad king's children. It would explain the attraction to each other. Mad King was in love with Tywin's wife, Joanna.kingslayerwifey


What if Kings Landing is full of wildfire so when Cersei sees that she is losing the war so BOOOOM KINGS LANDING.jimmy


What if Game of Thrones is another one of Westworld's theme parks? I read a theory or a few about this, I know is nonsense and I don't even like the idea but "what if?"Dumitas

The coffee cup

The coffee cup in S08E04 was a tactical move to distract everyone from how bad the writing is this season.UglySalvatore

Theories on theories

I've developed a well reasoned and thoughtful theory that adheres to the scientific method. My theory is so good, that if you don't believe it then you are categorically wrong.

My theory is that your theory detracts from your ability to enjoy the best television show ever made. Worst thing that ever happened was having 2 years to sit around and theorize.reedlucky2

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