The Dangerous Reason You Should Never Use Your Phone in Bed

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We’re a culture of totally phone obsessed people. That’s not new news.

And though many of us have heard the multiple downsides of dependence on our gadgets, this one dangerous side effect may surprise you.

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We know it isn’t good, but we all do it. While it can raise your stress levels before bed, negatively affect your circadian rhythms from exposure to blue light, and can keep us awake longer, we just can’t help ourselves.    

But that body position poses a real threat. Can you guess what it is?

And it’s probably even happened to you.

Phones are made of slippery smooth glass and usually, when lying down, we’re holding them RIGHT over our faces. Chances are when you’re mindlessly scrolling before bed, you’re also pretty sleepy and out of it. This is the perfect scenario for a phone meets face disaster.  

Sure, it’s a little painful, but it’s mostly just makes us feel kind of stupid. As you’ll see, people address this problem all sorts of ways.

That’s one way to read it. Another is that you could just put your phone away for two seconds!

Yikes. There’s now actual furniture designed to help you find a way to stare at your phone without dropping it on your face. Should we take this as a sign?

We’d be so rich.

You know you’ve done it. You’re just too embarrassed to mention it.

This image is meant to show us how deeply reliant and addicted to our devices we are, not as a set of plans for how to connect yourself to the matrix. More people continued to weigh in on the phone/face situation.

Seriously, if we keep dropping these things on our heads, we’re all going to look like this. When will it end?

Is it reaching terminal velocity or something? What does your face look like?

Because they’re slippery, yet you don’t want to buy one of those little nubs that goes on the back because it will force you to confront the fact that you have a hopeless phone addiction.


And if you’re FaceTiming someone, don’t be surprised if they’re cracking up on the other end of the call. So, has this ever happened to you? We want to hear about it.