The Definitive Ranking of the Top 25 Best Romantic Comedies of All Time

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In the mood for a good romantic comedy but aren’t sure what to choose? Well look no further, because we’ve compiled a list of the 25 best rom-coms ever made. This is definitely one to bookmark, because you’re going to want to make it through each and every film on this list.

Trust us. You won’t be disappointed.

But you might ugly-cry a few times.

Why it’s great: This raunchy rom-com features one of the most hilariously tragic breakups in movie history, and the gorgeous Hawaiian resort setting doesn’t hurt. When you should watch it: When you’re trying to get over a messy breakup — and you’re in the mood for some epic puppet musical numbers.

Why it’s great: Adam Sandler stars in arguably his most endearing role, and his chemistry with Drew Barrymore is totally rad. When you should watch it: When you’re in the mood for the horrible fashion and epic power ballads of the ’80s but don’t feel like reliving your own awkward youth.

Why it’s great: Marilyn Monroe in one of her most iconic roles, Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon in drag … what else do you need? When you should watch it: When you’re in the mood for a classic Marilyn flick that doesn’t skimp on the glamour or the side-splitting laughs.

Why it’s great: Renée Zellweger’s iconic line “You had me at hello” is seriously swoon-worthy. Plus, Cuba Gooding Jr. is shirtless for most of the movie. When you should watch it: When you’re in the mood to transport back to a simpler time when both Zellweger and Tom Cruise were still relevant. 

Why it’s great: This Best Picture Oscar–winning film is as romantic as it is sexy, with enough laughs to keep it from getting too schmaltzy. When you should watch it: When you’re in the mood for Shakespeare but don’t actually want to read Shakespeare.

Why it’s great: Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall are the type of powerhouse comedic duo that just doesn’t exist anymore. Everyone needs to see this classic ’80s flick at least once in their lifetime. When you should watch it: When you’re in the mood for a comedy with just a bit of romance thrown in.

Why it’s great: Julia Roberts proves why she’s the queen of rom-coms, and the quaint London setting adds major charm. When you should watch it: When you’re in the mood for a sweet and silly comedy that won’t force you to think (because who wants to do that?).

Why it’s great: Jennifer Garner is 30, flirty, and thriving in this super-fun flick. Plus, the ’80s references add major nostalgia. When you should watch it: When you need to get your Mark Ruffalo fix (which is always) or when you’re in need of an instant mood boost after a bad day.

Why it’s great: Two words: BARBRA STREISAND. A super young and completely charming Babs, that is. She and a hilariously fussy Ryan O’Neal find themselves in some seriously zany situations. When you should watch it: When you’re in the mood for a wacky comedy with plenty of slapstick moments and an adorable couple at the center.

Why it’s great: One word: CHER. That’s right, it’s another film starring a female icon. This is the one where she says the famous line “Snap out of it!” after Nicolas Cage declares his love for her. When you should watch it: When you want to reminisce about the time when Nicolas Cage movies were actually good and not hilariously awful.

Why it’s great: Adorably whimsical and oh-so-French, this film enchants even those who claim to hate watching movies with subtitles. And it makes most women instantly want bangs. When you should watch it: When you’re in the mood for a foreign film that isn’t too heavy or depressing.

Why it’s great: The first film that paired Julia Roberts and Richard Gere, here Roberts stars as a hooker with a heart of gold. The scene in which she lets a rude sales associate know what a “big mistake” she made turning her away became an instant classic. When you should watch it: When you’re looking for an updated (but at this point pretty outdated) take on the myth of Pygmalion.

Why it’s great: It’s a romance, fantasy, and comedy all rolled into one. Plus, it has André the Giant. Need we say more? When you should watch it: When you want to watch one of your favorites from childhood that’s still just as entertaining as an adult.

Why it’s great: Cary Grant is a complete dreamboat, and it’s hailed as one of Katharine Hepburn’s best performances. Even if you think you’re not into old movies, give this one a shot — and just try to stop yourself from laughing throughout the whole thing. When you should watch it: When you want to prove to your friends that you liked rom-coms before they were cool.

Why it’s great: With Fred Astaire and Audrey Hepburn gallivanting around Paris in the ’50s, this may be one of the most visually stunning movies ever made. When you should watch it: When you want to see Audrey dance crazily in a French jazz club.

Why it’s great: The pottery scene alone is enough to make it a must-see, but Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore’s chemistry is out of this world. When you should watch it: When you’re looking for a bit of a tearjerker with humorous moments sprinkled it for balance.

Why it’s great: Another perfect example of why Julia Roberts rocks in rom-coms, this movie features a rather unconventional ending for the genre. We won’t say anymore in case you haven’t seen it yet. When you should watch it: When you’re in the mood for a wedding flick that won’t make you gag.

Why it’s great: Renée Zellweger’s hilarious portrayal of the beloved Bridget is ridiculously relatable — it’s refreshing to see a heroine who has flaws and is actually human. When you should watch it: When you want to watch a British flick with Colin Firth that wasn’t adapted from a Jane Austen novel.

Why it’s great: While Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan are pretty much a match made in rom-com heaven, the gorgeous New York City setting shows off all the best parts of the city, painting a picture of a brownstone-filled wonderland. When you should watch it: When you want to see what life was like when the internet was still shiny and new (and AOL was still a thing).

Why it’s great: Another enchanting vintage flick, Roman Holiday won Audrey Hepburn her one and only Best Actress Oscar. Watching this film truly feels like being on a “holiday.” When you should watch it: When you have the urge to see Hepburn driving a Vespa around the streets of Rome.

Why it’s great: Hey look, it’s Tom and Meg again! Sleepless in Seattle is basically the predecessor to You’ve Got Mail, but with a radio call-in show instead of bookstores. Also, it’s impossible to feel bad after watching this movie. When you should watch it: When you’re looking for a rom-com during the holidays and you need a reminder of what Meg Ryan looked like with long hair.

Why it’s great: After watching this film as a kid, many women had fantasies of getting forced to perform a dance routine with a guy from the wrong side of the tracks that their parents didn’t approve of. Patrick Swayze + Jennifer Grey = perfection. When you should watch it: Anytime you want to relive those fantasies. Or anytime you need to learn some new dance moves.

Why it’s great: Insanely romantic, sometimes tragic (Alan Rickman, how could you?!), and always charming, this film hits you right in the feels. When you should watch it: Around the holidays when you want to feel cozy and festive while crying a lot.

Why it’s great: If you don’t know what makes Breakfast at Tiffany’s great, then you haven’t seen it. We won’t spoil it for you. Just go watch it. When you should watch it: You’re looking not just for a rom-com, but also a beautifully crafted film that brings Truman Capote’s brilliant book to life.

Why it’s great: A beautiful combination of hilarious dialogue, palpable on-screen chemistry and amazing performances, When Harry Met Sally… is a rom-com that even people who hate rom-coms end up loving. Plus, there’s that restaurant scene… When you should watch it: Any time of year, any time of day. This movie is always a perfect choice.