The First Thing You See In These Images Can Determine What Type of Person You Are

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When is a picture more than just a picture? When it’s an optical illusion, and the way you perceive it can actually say a lot about your personality.

The key here is to go with your gut reaction. What is the very first thing you see when you look at these images?

Do you see the face of a young woman? If so, great. So do many other brilliant people.

I know, I know. You just looked at it, but you might notice something extra in the picture this time.

Take a look at the woman’s ponytail. Does it look like a nose? Look at the whole picture again. Does it now look like an old man sleeping? Now you can’t not see both of the images! Let’s try another one.

According to researchers, whether you see the old or the young person in that image (or in this one) says a lot about you. If you saw the young woman first, it indicates you are more optimistic, happy and a bit impulsive. If you initially saw the old man in the first picture (or the old woman in this picture,) it indicates you are more experienced and tend to think critically and see things from all angles. There’s not wrong answer — just a different kind of perception.

If you first see silhouettes of faces, you’re likely looking at this picture up close. That indicates you like to jump right in when confronted with a problem and figure things out as you go. If you first see a candlestick, you’re probably looking at this image more from afar. That indicates you like to take a step back and see the big picture, gathering info and assessing the situation before approaching it armed with as much knowledge as possible. Ready for more?

This is the famous drawing “All Is Vanity” by Charles Allan Gilbert. If you instantly noticed the skull, it tends to show that you’re a bit of a cynic or realist, and understand and always remember that beautiful things won’t last forever. If you first saw the woman looking into the vanity mirror, it might betray the fact that you are a bit naive, unaware of looming threats and consequences. Neither of them sound very cheery, so let’s move on.

If you instantly see a face in these flowers, it indicates your ability to see patterns and draw conclusions from your surroundings.
If you only saw the flowers and not the face, it indicates you’re in tune with nature, capable of getting away from it all, and appreciating your surroundings.
Much more pleasant than a skull, now isn’t it?

This one is very important, so make sure to check it out long and hard before deciding… If you saw Wolverine first, you are Marvel. If you saw Batman (Batmen), you are DC. Congratulations, you have now chosen a side in the great comic book wars. May you use this information for good and never evil.

Duck or bunny? Depending on whether you saw the duck or the bunny first, this could indicate a preference for your right (duck) or left brain (bunny).