The Foot Peel Product That’s Both Satisfying And Scary

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There are few things as satisfying as getting rid of a truly nasty callous on your foot and feeling the complete joy of smooth and lovely feet. Unfortunately, in order to get to that soft skin you have to go through a lot of pretty dang gross stages first. Let’s be real: we all have a lot of dead skin, callouses, and simply icky bits on our little tootsies, and if you want those feet looking fresh you’ve gotta shed it all.

And that’s where the gross factor comes in, which is what the website Dose of Gross is banking on when it comes to their latest foot peel. I’m not kidding: these people are telling you that you’re going to get that nasty experience of all the skin peeling off of your feet. The weird part? I’m actually kind of into it. If you’re like me and cannot get over the joy of pulling a huge sheet of dead skin off your foot, let’s take a deep dive into this foot peel.

Are You Desperate for the Foot Peel?

It might be a little bit odd to market your product by saying it’s really disgusting, but that’s just what Dose of Gross is doing, and I’ve gotta say that it’s working. My fingers are itching to pull off some dead skin. If you’ve got the same bug that I do, you’ll be craving this foot peel too.

The Whole Process is Kind of Weird

Honestly if you’re into the gross factor, the whole process of the foot peel is going to be custom made for you. You start by sliding on weird plastic booties that are covered in a kind of lotion gunk. It feels bizarre, but also weirdly satisfying. You can slippity slide around your whole house.

But It’s All Oh So Satisfying

And once you take those weird booties off is when the fun really begins. Give it a day or two and oooh baby all that dead skin will start sloughing off. Legitimately it entertained me for multiple days straight. There’s just something about the gross/satisfying/amazing process that makes me want to do it forever.

And Gives Seriously Amazing Results

Oh and on top of all that satisfying grossness there is of course the best part of the foot peel: it works super well. So get your gross fix and some super soft feet all in one.