Unless you live in New York City, you probably aren't hailing yellow taxis regularly. Uber and Lyft have taken over the rideshare industry big time. And because they employ people who have their own vehicles, people who rely on the ratings of their patrons, often drivers trick out their cars and offer hilarious and useful things for their passengers. From snacks to phone chargers to curated Spotify playlists, these drivers know exactly what they are doing.

Some traditional taxi drivers are just too charismatic to not let their personalities shine in their cars, too. This gallery is full of the funniest, most bizarre, and most memorable cab drivers out there. You never really know what you are going to get when you enter an Uber, a Lyft, or a taxi. It's a total crapshoot. These people just happened to be in the right place at the right time. Exactly the right time.

Taxi driver calendar

What do you even do when your cab driver is a celebrity who's featured in the NYC Taxi Drivers calendar? You must snap a picture, of course.


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This is uncanny. This guy hired himself as an Uber driver. This is like those Discovery commercials where the customer service representative is played by the same actor as the customer.

"Learning to Drive"

Your taxi driver reading Learning to Drive while driving has to be a bit, right? He has to be trolling you. Right?!

No farts

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This is a very understandable request. No one should hotbox a car with their farts. It's the most inconsiderate thing you can do.

Cute note

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Well, this is adorable. I have to think this gets the guy some pretty good tips. As it should.

Spooky selfie

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Um, this is terrifying, and the driver looks like she's really in agony. I hope her husband didn't like, call the cops.

Best tip

Man, if I knew taxi drivers appreciated large salamis as tips, I would buy one for all the taxi drivers I have.

Tips and trips!

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This is adorable! I want to help fund this guy's world travels. Seems like a noble cause.

Very excited

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What a gem of an Uber driver. This is such a mom thing to do. Hilarious.

First aid kit

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Oh man, this Uber driver has really thought of everything. I always need floss and a pen when I don't have them on me!

Hungry driver

OK, I don't think I'd find this funny if I was in this situation, and this is highly unprofessional, but it's also hilarious.

Vote and ride

This is a brilliant idea! It almost makes me want to become an Uber driver myself just so I can register people.


Um, holy cow. This is not a "cat." This is a freakin' leopard. I don't think I'd get in that car.

Festive car

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I'd love to get in a car on a holiday and see it decked out! Why don't we regularly decorate the insides of our cars for the holidays? I'm going to start.

Happy notes

This is adorable. I would love to get nice notes from my passengers. This is really smile-inducing.


It is kind of terrible that Uber drivers have to pander to their passengers in order to get higher ratings and keep their jobs. I appreciate all the extra Uber drivers out there so much.

Back row

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This is hilarious. This driver made sure the people way back in the last row didn't feel left out or neglected.

Big fish

That picture is weathered, which means he must have caught that fish a while ago and shows it to every one of his passengers. I respect his game.

Business card

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What's your favorite item on this truly bonkers business card? Mine is probably "Chastity Belts Unlocked."


Is this funny? or weird? I'd probably think it was hilarious, but only if I wasn't riding in the car alone.

Free smiles

Well, this put a smile on my face, so it totally does its job! Apparently, other people think so, too, since there are only two free smiles left!

Car plants

No joke, this guy is growing chili peppers in his car's cup holders. This is really funny. I wonder if he offers them as snacks to his passengers.


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Of course. Hey, you never know who's going to get in your car when you're a Lyft driver in LA! Might as well shoot your shot!

Driver carries

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Whew, what a list! But like, can I get one of those Spice Girls cassettes?

Above and beyond

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Now this is amazing. This guy deserves a medal. What a hero!

Preset playlists

Just from the thumbnails, I can tell that this dude totally nailed his playlists. Hilarious.

Georgia peach

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What! This is amazing. You always hear that people are so friendly and warm in the South. This is all the evidence I need.

Free rides

This is probably the noblest (and coolest) cab in all of Thailand. What a mensch, you know?

NES in the backseat

This is awesome. I know so many people who would totally freak out if they entered this Uber and saw this.


Yo, this Uber driver has got your back. With snacks. Share this with someone to put a smile on their face!