The Funniest Reactions to Trump’s State of the Union Speech

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Donald Trump gave his first State of the Union speech tonight, and boy, was it a doozy. Lots of spastic hand movements, bizarre pointing, and verbal Trumpisms, but that’s not all! He said stuff too! Some real, some fake (thanks, NPR fact checkers) and some just straight up wonky.

Here are the best reactions to tonight’s State of the Union…

Patton Oswalt, bringing the heat. To be fair, this is no joke. There are a LOT of white people standing and clapping in this room.

Right. “The man”…… and uh, “that company.” Yep, that one. No, yeah, that other one. Whatever, it was a company, okay?

Woof. This one stings. It would be funnier if it weren’t depressingly true.

Now, don’t get too excited here. This isn’t Jill Biden’s real account — it’s a parody account. That said, this tweet made me do a spit take with my La Croix.

Loooootttttta old white dudes up in here. I feel like if you polled them, at least 90% would have had gout at least once.  

MSNBC just over here doin’ the Lord’s work. But oh, the funny tweets didn’t stop there…

I wouldn’t be surprised, tbh.

For real.

Louis Virtel is the king of sarcasm for a reason.

Anyone else humming The Killers now?

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