The 40 Most Hilarious Moments From 'The Good Place' | 22 Words

If you had told the world just a few years ago that a quirky comedy about moral philosophy starring Kristen Bell would become one of the most popular sitcoms on TV, we all would have laughed. But here we are, with The Good Place finding its way into our hearts with its bizarre brand of comedy, its utterly loveable characters, and its signature charm. As we look forward to the fourth and final season, it might be time to remind ourselves why The Good Place is so forking good.

So let's head on over to the very best place on TV and revisit the actual best moments from the show. It's hard to choose, but we've narrowed it down to the best of the best. We think. We asked Chidi and he wasn't sure.

Are you ready to get forking hilarious?

There's going to be a lot of Janet on this list.

Just warning you. Like every time she says "I'm not a girl".

Or that time she pretended to be Bad Janet.

She's just so pure.

Truly, where has Janet been all my life?

Apparently being SO good at imitating humans.

There's just something so magical about a friend who knows everything.

You're right Janet, that IS what I'd want.

Plus when you add Jason to the mix it just gets better.

It's hard to pick a favorite moment from their relationship, but this declaration of love is a good candidate.

Janet is just so accommodating.

Even though she can't eat, doesn't sleep, and 100% does not have normal human anatomy.

I mean sure, sometimes she's not at her best.

Remember that one time she got rebooted?

But even the unending cactuses were kind of endearing.

Sure Janet, that's a glass of water.

But Janet's not the only one who's got some top-notch moments.

Let's talk about our boy Jason for a minute.

It was truly one of the greatest moments of the show when we figured out his true identity.

I was – as the kids say – "shook."

He's got some juicy one-liners.

Like that time he tried to impress Janet with his art knowledge.

He's got a real way with words.

Especially when he's in love.

Even though he's not the smartest one in the bunch...

He does make some keen observations every now and then.

Also he can make a mean Molotov cocktail.

Which is not a skill I expected to need in the afterlife.

Plus he shines brightest when he does nothing and says nothing.

That's not true, he shines brightest when he talks about his budhole.

And how could we forget Eleanor?

Whose life on earth was some kind of weird inspiration for us all.

Seriously, the flashbacks cannot be beat.

She's just too funny for anyone to truly dislike her.

She knows just how to deliver bad news.

Honestly? That's how I want to be greeted in heaven.

She's keenly aware of her self-worth.

And she definitely IS a snack.

She's not afraid to ask the hard questions.

Well Michael? Do you?

Plus she's absolutely hilarious when she thinks she understands philosophy.

Get it.

Even the very first scene has some knock out lines.

Right! Dead.

And what could beat her obsession with shrimp?

Oh, just drunk, dead Eleanor's obsession with shrimp.

But some of the best Eleanor moments come from her relationship with Tahani.

Like when she keeps realizing that she is definitely attracted to Tahani (but she also kind of hates her).

Speaking of Tahani, remember when she got drunk and interrupted Eleanor's "best person" speech?

What lovely memories.

Or that time she forcibly had a reunion with her sister.

Tahani demands love and forgiveness.

Her British side has given us some amazing moments.

Like this piece of wisdom about crying.

But she's not the only one who has some amazing crying moments.

Chidi coming to tears over choosing a muffin has to be in the top 40.

Plus, put Chidi and Tahani together and you've got magic.

Hell IS a knock off bag and tap water.

There's a lot of humor to be milked out of how weird it is to be human. You're right Michael, that's NOT what food holes are for.

Which is why Michael's keen observations about human activities (like kissing) are the absolute best.

Some of Michael's greatest lines are from season one, as he pretends to be on the side of the humans.

Over the top self-hatred? Definitely hilarious.

Also everything that involved that horrifying clown wall.

That house design was a treasure trove of hilarity.

Without a doubt the best small jokes in season one are examples of points earned and lost.

Like "telling a woman to smile" as -55

But over time Michael does start to understand human stuff a little bit better.

Like the time he totally channels Eleanor.

And honestly he just wants those little human moments.

Like this stand-out line from his retirement party (clearly a high point of season 1).

At first we weren't sure about season two.

But then there was the montage of every time they realized it was the Bad Place and we were totally sold.

Plus Michael finally being honest is gold.

Poor Chidi.

AND we get even more of the Bad Place crew.

Who WOULD believe a woman amirite?

But if we had to pick our absolute favorite moment, it would probably be the wild post-bender scene in the first episode.

Giraffes, giant shrimp, and everyone in horrifying outfits? Sign us up.

And if you felt that we didn't get the perfect moments...

We just have one thing to say: pobody's nerfect! Now... we're gonna make some people mad, but it has to be said.  The Good Place is a better show than The Office. Yes, I know. You love The Office. You've seen every season 20 times and the episode where Jim and Pam get married at Niagara Falls 40 times. You love to ironically say "That's what she said!" and you've even taken a date to a Chili's just to see if they say "God is in this Chili's tonight." You've made yourself a Dundie award out of a spray-painted Ken doll and an empty box of crackers. I get it. The Office is a good show! It's just that The Good Place is better. And I'll tell you why...