Confession time – we're not that good at makeup.

Sure, we can do the basic foundation, eyeliner and go, but start adding a smokey eye and any other such shenanigans and it becomes a problem. That's why we love going on Reddit and looking at gorgeous makeup looks that can be easily achieved by normal women, i.e., you and me.

Here are a few of our favorites.

1. Very blown out smokey eye

Normally, smokey eyes give us the heebie-jeebies, they're so difficult, but Redditor rosebannerman has it figured out. She says the makeup is "urban decay polyester bride, however, some blue shadow inevitably ended up near my inner corner which turned it slightly blue which I quite liked :)" Cool.

2. Tropical inspired look

This look (or shall we say LEWK) gives us the shivers. The subtle but detailed application of blues and greens. The tiny hint of shimmer... We don't actually think we can pull this one off, but thankfully, it's a close up, so anyone who's artistically minded can try.

3. Purple with a hint of mint

The smokiness here cannot be denied. Feast your peepers on the sultry application of purples and silvers. This is an excellent look.

4. Ombré purple lip and gradient blue/purple eye

Purple on purple on purple. It's bold, it makes a statement, and we love it! With her hair and purple shirt, it's an all around excellent look!

5. Elf lashes

It's the perpetual struggle – finding a pair of falsies that look natural, not to mention putting them on. Redditor beautyandbounty used Elf lashes to create her subtle but amazing look.

6. All the colors of the rainbow

We're going to be completely honest here – there's no way in hell we could ever pull off this look, which somehow makes the rainbow look elegant. Can you?

7. Brows on point

What a difference the application of brow powder makes. And a few other cosmetics. Redditor ladychel17 says she used Rimmel London Professional Eyebrow Pencil in Hazel to complete this look.

8. Perfect princess

Here's a look that makes us go "aww!" Redditor Browni33 says this is "basically the only look [she] can do." Girl, if this is you at your most basic, you're off to a great start!

9. It's always fall somewhere

Which is why this gold-toned auburn look is so appropriate. Those reds, those oranges – so lush! And notice that she's not even wearing eyeliner!

10. Perfect liner

Do you ever try to put on liquid liner and one of the lines ends up thicker than the other? That's certainly not the problem here, this woman's liner is on point. Literally.

11. Blue and gold

Want to add a little drama into your everyday? Try this Redditor's blue and gold look, which manages to be both subtle and dramatic.

12. Class with a capital C

This look screams elegance, sophistication – and all the other similar words we can throw at it. Appropriate for day, night – heck, you can go from the office to the club with this look.

13. Lighting is everything

But so is a red lip. It doesn't matter what light she stands under – that lip, those waves... stunning.

14. Eye makeup on point

The subtle pinks, whites and bronzes work in perfect concert. This is an amazing and adaptable day to day look.

15. Black lips and red eyes

We have to be honest – we're not sure why this look works but it does. It's a little bit whimsical, a little bit goth and very, very fun!

16. Smokey, sultry, cool

This smokey eye is GAARGEOUS, darling, GAARGEOUS! This woman looks ready to slay a thousand men with a curl of her lip. Sign us up for this look!

17. Unexpected combo

This look makes us go WHOA, it's so cool. The oranges and blues somehow matched perfectly, as did that wicked winged liner.

18. Purple eyes...

Here's a fun, sassy look. The bright but somehow subtle eyeshadow color paired with the more muted lip somehow makes perfect sense.

19. Cool toned shadows

Here's a fun look that may be a bit difficult to try. All those purples and blues go so well with each other. Thankfully, the Redditor did a closeup pic, so you can fiddle away!

20. The perfect lip

It's over-lined, bold and blended to the gods. It's lipstick at its finest. Take note!