David Deutchman, aka the "ICU Grandpa," spends two days every week at an Atlanta hospital holding babies. On Tuesdays he's in the pediatric ICU and on Thursdays he can be found in the neonatal ICU, giving precious babies love and affection while their parents and nursing staff are otherwise occupied. Basically, he is the best Grandpa ever. #GrandpaGoals

A photo of him holding a NICU baby is going viral and people are loving the feel good great story.

An infant, in the best of circumstances, can be completely overwhelming

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If you've had a baby then you know. Those first days, weeks, and months are a blur of emotions, exhaustion, stress, new experiences, and exhaustion (it merits being mentioned twice). And that's all for a perfectly healthy baby.

Add in any kind of medical complication that requires your baby to remain in the hospital, and you've got stress that most of us can't conceive of.

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Any parent with a baby or child in the hospital wants to do it all. But realistically, they can't be there 24/7, and leaving their precious little one behind is heart-wrenching.

That heart-heavy feeling is what baby Logan's mom was dealing with when she walked into the NICU to find this scene.

Can you imagine the flood of emotions she felt to find that her tiny, precious baby was being so lovingly cared for in her absence? Deutchman's volunteer work has been impacting people that powerfully for 12 years.

Retirement goals. Humanity goals.

This story is so profoundly happy-making.

Of course he was an amazing dad.

It takes a special person to have this kind of impact. Thank goodness for people like David Deutchman! His story has spread quickly around the world and people everywhere are feeling the love.

I can't imagine how relieved and grateful PICU and NICU parents must feel.

The work done by doctors and nurses in hospital children's units is breathtaking in its difficulty and scope. They're heroes of the first order.

The staff, and the parents, can't do it all alone.

Parents have commitments at home (and need to take care of themselves as well). Nurses have several patients they're responsible for and a constant influx of pressing tasks that must be tended to STAT. The simple job of holding the babies, important as it surely is, can't be done by staff alone.

The people who volunteer their time are the best people we have.

Stories like these remind us what it's all about. This is the best of us. The mire of daily life and politics and the ugliness we see every day can be overwhelming. But remember, there are people volunteering to hold babies. Maybe we're going to be OK.

The universal response to the ICU Grandpa has been an outpouring of love, tears, and blessings.

This story tugs at the heartstrings and reminds us of our humanity. We can all agree that holding a NICU baby is a good thing, even if it seems like we can't agree on much else.

Wouldn't it be great if this story inspires others to volunteer?

If you're wondering where to start, just call your local hospital and ask. The world needs more love. How amazing would it be if more of us spent our free time giving it?

For more of the background story about how Deutchman started out, CNN has a good article:

Hopefully the publicity that Deutchman is getting will lead to more volunteers where they're needed most.

More of this please!


The news right now is not generally full of good stories. I could use about a trillion more ICU Grandpas please.