The Internet CANNOT Decide What Colors These Shoes Are

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It’s more than unsettling when our own eyes deceive us, but that’s exactly what’s happening now. A new photo of a shoe has people debating whether it’s gray and teal or pink and white.

What colors do you see? Is it a magic shoe? Or a lighting trick?

Will the shoe solve all our problems? If you rub it, does a genie come out? If the genie comes out, do you get three wishes? Can one of those wishes be to make this magic shoe the President of the United States?

We have a lot of questions.

Is it blue and black? Or white and gold? Does it even matter anymore because the entire world is imploding?

What colors do you see? Is this enough of a distraction from the Harvey Weinstein story?

They see the gray and teal shoe with their own eyes, and they believe that it’s real. But is it really gray and teal, like this terrifying Vanity Fair story about the psychological unraveling of our president, or is it fake news?

But is the shoe pink and white? Or is it deceptive, just like the website information about updated conditions in Puerto Rico that FEMA is being accused of changing?

But we definitely have another “Dress” situation on our hands. Hopefully, we can all come to a consensus about the shoe before Trump’s cabinet members have to physically tackle him to the ground to stop him from launching a nuclear war.