The Internet Can’t Agree on What Newborn Babies Really Look Like

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Let’s clear one thing up — newborns are kinda gross, okay? Not YOUR precious little bundle of joy (of course), but all of the other ones.

Sure, they’re just tiny humans (that happen to look just look like little aliens or Yoda), but they can also look like lots of other less cuddly things too, according to Twitter.

But that’s not enough. Much like a mole rat, we need to go deeper.

But I’ll give you that one — they kind of do look like turtles. Especially when they’re all bundled in their blankets and their neck disappears.

Including the fearsome Alaskan Bull Worm of Bikini Bottom fame.

AGH! My eyes! He’s not wrong, but wow is that unpleasant to look at. Moving on. Quickly.

Or at least these last couple of fellas do. I don’t know what newborns you’re looking at, but they might not be human if they look like that.

Drooling, babbling uncontrollably, and unable to hold their own head up… …are we describing a newborn or a drunk dude?

Again, I don’t know what babies you’re looking at, but I would be more than confused if my child came out looking like Steve Buscemi.

If the Winston Churchill reference is for anyone over 30, then the Majin Boo reference is for anyone under 30.

Specifically, a pruned toe. Gross (but kind of accurate).

After a few weeks they look normal, but the first few days they look like squishy little alien blobs. Cute alien blobs, though.

If you haven’t seen the fourth Harry Potter film, then don’t worry about it and just move on.

Newborns look exactly like little potatoes with googly eyes.