Last week, teacher Paris Monroe uploaded a few photos of herself in her classroom to Instagram.

via: Twitter

As you can see, she is an attractive, curvy woman dressed in clothes that flatter her figure and still cover a lot of skin up.

Well, that's what some people think, and yet others think it's completely inappropriate attire for a teacher to be wearing at school.

via: Twitter

They took to Twitter to debate the issue, where #teacherbae started trending because apparently people have too much time on their hands.

Most felt it was because of her curves that she was being called out, not for the clothes themselves.

Monroe told Daily Dot, "I just wish they would respect me and focus on the positive and what truly matters — which is educating the children of the future generations and providing and caring for them."

Because lost in all of this is the fact she won Teacher of the Month.

So clearly her clothes don't distract her from doing her work.


And even the headline from the tweet that sparked debate is completely disrespectful to who she is — not "Ms. Thicky Fine Teacher Bae" but "Teacher of the Month" Paris Monroe. It speaks to a much larger issue. It seems like adults need the education.