The internet's always looking for new stuff to freak out about.

One preferred subcategory is the unintentional optical illusion. These tend to catch on like wildfire online, especially if they don't seem manufactured.

We all remember the "what color is the dress" controversy.

This served to illustrate how fragile and individualized our perceptions really are. Especially our visual perceptions.

This next example isn't as controversial.

It's more of a classic visual puzzle, albeit one provided my Mother Nature and not some artist for Highlights. But that just adds to its appeal.

via: Imgur

Can you spot the little master of disguise on this bed?
Hint: It's not in the bed's pattern. Nice try though. Keep going if you can't find it.

via: Imgur

The pic, originally posted to Imgur, fully freaked its users out. Let's take a closer look...

If you still can't see him, keep scrolling.

But keep one thing in mind. This is cheating if you don't at the very least have a guess.

OK, ready to give up?


Or, more optimistically...are you ready to have your guess confirmed or eliminated?

via: Imgur

Now can you see him mean muggin'? It's a fluffy little black dog!

via: Imgur

We lightened up the image just in case you still couldn't spot him. Sneaky little bugger...

Of course, he's not alone.

There are lots of animals who have become skilled in the ancient arts of disguise and subterfuge. Like this amateur supervillain.

And it's not just dogs.

Cats can get into the action too. But you're on your own with this one.

And this one.

Wait, I'm sorry. Is that a cat or a dog??

Clearly, I have much to learn.

Both about the disguise abilities of animals. And about myself.

The quest for knowledge continues.

Thank God for cats and dogs. They're always keeping us humble with their incredible camouflage abilities.