The Internet Is Going Crazy for These Farewell Cakes That Employees Got on Their Last Day on the Job

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Leaving a job is never easy – but at least you get free cake! Although these employees are probably wishing they hadn’t…

A valid question!

Making it deliberately hard to leave.

Mmmm … delicious.

Nothing like a bit of healthy competition?

This one might be a bit lost on us…

Gone but never forgotten!

Not sure how this is gonna work?

Not that they’re salty or anything.

Perfect for all occasions.

A perfect collage.

Hey, it comes from a kind place …


Life moves pretty fast.

Perfect for the recently laid-off pal.

Ah, the language of love.

Poor old Bruce!

From husband to wife after packing it in.

What a relief!

This level of detail is incredible!

Time for one last roast before leaving?

No point sugar-coating it.

Not sure we could stomach this one.

Another that’s a little lost on us …

Although this might be a little harsh!

Nice shaping on the cheeks!

The smiley face really makes it.

Making it easy to go!

Don’t know where, don’t know when…

But at the cost of your coworkers love?

Leaving on a high.

Marking off the minutes.

We didn’t even like you anyway!

At least you know you’re valued.

She’s perfect for every situation!

Thinking outside of the box.

Nice juxtaposition between message and appearance.

Is there still a chance?

This one might be the best.

Loving this design.

We kind of love this cake!

Who could eat this?

But it gets the point across.

They (might) deserve it …

Well done!

That’s one way to tell them…

Although this cake does look kind of delicious.

Complete with a freebie beer.

But pretty effective!

What a brilliant combo!

This one even got dropped on the floor.

Hey, sometimes it needs to be said!

We guess they’re really going to miss them …

So cute – until you read the message!

Poor old dogs!

Don’t mix your message!

Is it just us or do they look a little… raw?


We’ll take it as a compliment?

The double dumping.

The perfect response.

And good riddance! For more cake fails, scroll on for some of the best – including one that’s a total health hazard.