The Internet Is Having a Field Day Captioning This Photo of Sad Donald Trump on a Golf Course

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Sometimes you just have to let loose, which is exactly what happened to this Late Show writer when he encountered a photo of Donald Trump that was… less than flattering. What resulted was a hilarious Twitter thread where he couldn’t pick just one joke to make about the photo, so instead he opted to make them all.

He tweeted out the photo, which shows a slumped-shouldered, glassy-eyed Trump wearing a white USA hat and captioned it “This is a real picture of the President of the United States, today.”

The photo just reminded him of so many things and once his juices started flowing, he couldn’t stop. He had too many jokes for one caption. 

The slumped shoulders do look like a child just learning to draw who isn’t 100% clear of the appropriate length of necks. And they would definitely include that USA hat because otherwise how could you distinguish him from a president of not-USA?

Admittedly we don’t totally get this: is there a Donald Trump shrimp scandal we missed? *Googles furiously* How can you keep up?! Or maybe he’s just saying that this disheveled Trump would probably show up confused to a low country boil and mourn the ingredients.

Tommy Wiseau is the director of the cult-classic film The Room — a movie that is said to be one of the worst movies ever made.

Trump does have that elongated shoulder look going on here. Maybe he was just channeling the businesswomen of the ’80s?

Trump has definitely 100% seen Boss Baby and would like to give that baby even more tips on how to be a better business baby. Look, there’s nothing wrong with going to the movies by yourself (you don’t have to share popcorn, for one thing). But nobody wants to be the adult man who exudes the look “I see children’s movies alone.”

While funny, this one may be sort of true, some people suspect that Trump may be suffering from dementia due to his recent slurring of words and decreased vocabulary.

Is he… okay?

We’ll be damned if Donald Trump has never made a barista re-make his mocha frappachino until it was just the way he liked it.

…and then kept it on after the show because you thought it looked kind of good and you didn’t know how to do real make up yet.

Trump claims there is nothing going on between him and Russia but those slumped shoulders definitely could be saying “I am full of secrets.”

In his last tweet, Kibblesmith imagines the hat was part of a badly constructed plan to get away with Russian collusion.

And really wearing those shades, too.

In The Picture of Dorian Grey a painting of him ages instead of Dorian himself, so this would be the reverse situation which actually would just be… regular aging, but still. 

It does look pretty sad.

Disney reopened the Hall of Presidents this week and unveiled Trump’s figure and it looks a little tired if we’re being polite and not completely human if we’re not.

His response when a user wrote, “I agree that he looks disheveled, but you are an adult man who has a snowman, swords, and a dinosaur in your official Twitter handle. Don’t throw stones.” Come on, it’s 2017. Don’t they teach emoji in school by now?