The Internet Is Losing Its Mind Over This Mariah Carey ‘Invisible Chair’ Optical Illusion

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We all know Mariah Carey is the undisputed Queen of Christmas. That one’s not even up for debate. However, new evidence has surfaced that may prove the singer is actually the Queen of Everything, including physics.

It’s a throne that not just anyone can fill. But Mariah isn’t just anyone. And her throne… well, you’ll have to see it for yourself. (Or not see it, as it were.)

And she’s going to do whatever it takes to get that recognition. You’d think she’d have gotten it already, what with creating the no. 1 Christmas song of all time, but no. She had to do something more.

She stopped mid-concert to sign autographs for her fans. ‘Cause that’s just how Mariah rolls. But that’s not all she did.

At first glance, you probably thought Mariah was sitting on a chair as she signed those autographs, right? Well, she wasn’t.

No chair. She’s sitting. On nothing. There’s no chair there.

As you can see, the chair would have supported Queen Mariah. But she has no need for such primitive technology. As you can imagine, the internet had all kinds of reactions to Mariah’s ability to conjure a comfortable seat from the ether.

You can hunt all you want, but there is no chair. The chair is not there. A chair? Nowhere! We’re not writing a Dr. Seuss book, here. We’re just reporting the facts.

It’s not the craziest theory we’ve ever heard. She certainly could afford it. Especially after the multimillion-dollar windfall she received for suing her ex-fiancé.

Which adds up. She can already sing better than 99.9 percent of all humans, so it only makes sense that she’d also be better at squatting than the rest of us.

Apparently, tight dress + high heels = magic abilities. But we’re not totally convinced.

And then immediately give it up. Who do you think you are, Mariah Carey?