Cats are stealthy ninja pets who can make themselves all but disappear by hiding in the teeny tiniest corners of your life. If they get spooked by something or if they just don't like you very much, they can be impossible to find.

When writer and comedian Grace Spelman moved to a new apartment in New York back in October, her cat, adorably named Pierogi, started hiding in any nook or cranny she could find. Grace began taking pictures of all the hidden Pierogi tableaus and sharing them with her fans on Twitter. Searching for Pierogi in Spelman's photos has become one of the greatest games on the Internet.

Can you spot Pierogi in all these tricky photos? We swear she's there!

First, for reference, we'd like to introduce you to Pierogi:

She's cute, she's fierce, and she's extraordinarily adept at lounging on her owner like a human being. Pierogi loves tuna from a can, long walks on the beach, and hiding in every corner of her owner's apartment. OK, down to business. We'll show you a picture and let you search for this little one. Then, in the next photo, we'll reveal where she was hiding. Let's find Pierogi!

Find Pierogi #1

We're starting off with a tricky one, but we guarantee that once you find her, you'll giggle your little head off. Need a hint? Don't let Pierogi hit ya on the way out!

Find Pierogi #1 Answer

via: Twitter

Boop! There's Pierogi, peeking out from behind the doorway. It's as if she heard her name and she popped out to ask, "Hey there? You talkin' about me? Whatcha saying?"

Find Pierogi #2

Remember, Spelman was in the process of moving when she took these pictures, so the mess is understandable. If you still a need a hint to find Pierogi, remember: In the winter, this Pierogi-hiding object will come in handy.

Find Pierogi #2 Answer

via: Twitter

That's right! There's a Pierogi behind the radiator. OK, that was a solid warm-up, but now we're going to really turn the heat on! (Which is something you do not want to do when there's a cat in your radiator.)

Find Pierogi #3

This is a toughie because there are so many visible rooms in this one. Pierogi could be anywhere! If you need a hint, it's way back there.

Find Pierogi #3 Answer

via: Twitter

There's Pierogi, lying like a dramatic Victorian woman on top of the fridge. That's what she gets like when she's all out of catnip. Oh, the ennui of Pierogi's existence.

Find Pierogi #4

This picture's kind of dark, but we swear Pierogi is in there! Here's a hint: Look at the areas of light.

Find Pierogi #4 Answer

via: Twitter

There she is! Not only is Pierogi a verified cat ninja, but she's also clearly an acrobat. That's some serious height for a small cat like Pierogi to achieve!

Find Pierogi #5

This is quite a mess of boxes. AKA it's Pierogi heaven. You might want a hint, but sorry, for this one we have to leave you completely in the dark.

Find Pierogi #5 Answer

via: Twitter

Did you find Pierogi this time? You may have noticed that even though we said we couldn't give you a hint, saying that we had to leave you "completely in the dark" was actually a hint. Pierogi was hiding right by the boxes labeled "Complete Bath."

Find Pierogi #6

The first thing we noticed in this photo is Spelman's impressive collection of books. About the millionth thing we found was Pierogi. This is an especially challenging one. Here's a hint: You might need to up the brightness on your computer to find her.

Find Pierogi #6 Answer

via: Twitter

You may have had to strain your eyes, but Pierogi is there. We understand why she's hiding. There are so many books in that pile that it just reminds us how many books we won't get to read in our short lifetimes and makes us sad.

Find Pierogi #7

Here's our final Pierogi challenge. This is definitely the hardest Pierogi challenge on the list. Can you spot her?

Find Pierogi #7 Answer

via: Twitter

It was definitely tough to find Pierogi in this picture, but when in doubt, look inside the box. Pierogi loves boxes. And we don't blame her! They're dark, cozy, and quiet, and we're all just looking for a little peace these days. We're all Pierogi!