Oh, and by "Teigen's assistant," we actually mean "Teigen's mom." | 22 Words

You can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs, and you can't make banana bread if you don't have any bananas.

...Unless you're Chrissy Teigen, and you have over 7 million Twitter followers who want to help you achieve your banana bread dreams. Yesterday, the Internet's favorite model set out to bake some banana bread, but quickly realized she didn't have all the necessary ingredients. She put out a plea for help, and the Internet responded in a big, big way.

Guys, it got bananas.

Yesterday morning, Chrissy Teigen decided to make some banana bread. There was just one problem.

She didn't have any bananas. As you might imagine, this put her in quite the predicament. At this point, most of us would have given up the banana bread dream. But Chrissy Teigen isn't most people. Rather than being defeated by her lack of what is literally the most important part of banana bread, Teigen took matters into her own hands and asked her millions of Twitter followers for help. In exchange for the fruit, she was offering a cookbook, makeup palette, and a pair of John Legend's underwear.

Teigen made it very clear: She was looking for serious banana donators only.

She was not here for jokes. She was here for bananas.

A BUNCH of people started responding with their own banana offerings.

(Get it? A bunch?) There are more than 1,000 comments on Teigen's original banana request. Even one of the Property Brothers (Drew) commented, saying that he likes chocolate chip cookies. Why did he say that? Who knows? But Nestle Toll House responded to him within the thread. Guys, this Twitter thread got buck wild. And we've only just begun the saga.

Offers came from both near and far.

Sure, Teigen had said she wanted LA bananas only, but everyone wanted to help out. Plus, free makeup. Free cookbook. Free underwear. That's the beauty of the Internet. Sometimes it comes together to accomplish the most beautiful things. Like helping a celebrity bake banana bread.

Even Ruby Rose responded to Teigen's request.

Oddly enough, her offer of three yellow bananas, a dog, and a banana costume didn't quite meet Teigen's needs. This story is already pretty bananas. But it only gets crazier...

Finally, someone from the LA area responded with exactly what Teigen was looking for.

Well, almost exactly what Teigen was looking for. The responder, Meg Zukin, only had five bananas, but that was apparently close enough.

Teigen responded that Meg's bananas would do just fine — as long as Meg tried a small piece of them in front of her assistant.

Safety first! The plan was set. Teigen's assistant headed out to meet the banana benefactor.

Oh, and by "Teigen's assistant," we actually mean "Teigen's mom."

The exchange was made. Another win for the Internet!

Teigen posted this picture as soon as her mom brought the bananas back to the house:

The mystery of the bananas was solved, but we have so many more questions. But we don't have time to waste talking about bellhop dogs. Let's get to the banana bread.

Teigen finally started baking, when tragedy struck:

That's right. As it turns out, five bananas were, in fact, not enough. She still needed one more. The Internet had saved her once, but would it come to her rescue a second time?

Of course it would! This man named Jake brought an additional two bananas.

He also received the promised cookbook, makeup, and underwear. Finally, Teigen had everything she needed.

At long last, Teigen made the banana bread.

And there was much rejoicing. You have to admit: That banana bread totally looks like it was worth all the effort it took to bring it into existence.

With just a single loaf of banana bread, Chrissy Teigen brought the Internet together.

It almost brings a tear to your eye, doesn't it? We wonder what she'll be baking next week...