'The Invisible Man' has Viewers Disturbed and Screaming at the Screen | 22 Words

Who doesn't love a good creepy movie? There's something oddly exciting about being totally terrified. But the latest launch, The Invisible Man, has got the whole internet talking - and based on what people are saying, it sounds like a must-see.

It's always a good time for a good old horror movie.

Fans of all things spooky still can't pass up an opportunity to watch a scary flick.

There's something twisted within us that just loves a good scare.

Nothing about being completely creeped out, jumping out of your skin, or sleeping with the light on after embarking on a late-night horror movie viewing seems all that appealing. But somehow, the horror franchise has racked up quite a significant fanbase.

A well-executed horror can leave us feeling suitably terrified.

From ghosts and demons to gore and cold-blooded murder, there seems to be no end to what producers can come up with for their latest horror-related ventures, and for what we are willing to endure.

It's almost like an addiction.

No matter how frightening or gory, it seems we just can’t stop watching.

And there's a race to keep topping the scare-factor.

With decades worth of horror cinematic history, we have gotten used to the usual horror tropes thrown at us on-screen, so writers are constantly having to find frightening new avenues to explore to add a new narrative to the classic horror franchise.

But the latest scary film to gain our attention?

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Well, it's a little bit different from the typical fright fests. Since The Invisible Man hit theaters, people are going wild for the psychological thriller ...

And people of the internet are going wild for it.

Reviews are in - and it seems like a must-see.

It's got attention from horror royalty.

Jordan Peele sent his congratulations to the movie's director.

The movie is very creatively shot.

Because the invisible man of the title is actually invisible.

And everyone's saying one thing.

The movie's lead, Elisabeth Moss, is totally mindblowing.

She really carries the plot.

It takes an amazingly talented actress to play a role like this!

And there's one scene that's blowing minds.

We won't say any more ...

And there's another reason people are loving the movie...

Because it seems particularly relevant in today's social climate.

And if you're interested?

It's certainly a movie that should be seen on the big screen.

But let's just say it's not a "fun" watch.

In fact, it's pretty gruelling stuff.

It doesn't rely on cheap thrills.

In fact, it relies more on disturbing the viewer...

Although you might start doing this.

It's only natural!

Give her all the awards!

We're absolutely blown away.

It's more than just a horror movie.

It's a full on experience.

And if you're worried it's overhyped?

Don't worry - we can assure you, it's not. Fancy more horror content? Scroll on for the best options available on Netflix right now...