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Every once in a while, filmmakers will strike gold with a movie that just seems to grab everyone's attention, and that has certainly been the case with Martin Scorsese's gangster epic, The Irishman.

Since its long-awaited release last month, the world can't seem to stop talking about it. The star-studded crime flick has truly won over both fans and critics and following its recent drop on Netflix, some pretty strong opinions have been swirling around the internet.

And now it seems The Irishman has got something even bigger to brag about. Keep scrolling to see why everyone is falling over themselves...

So, you'll probably of heard of The Irishman by now.

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Even if you haven't had a chance to watch the gangster spectacle yet, there's been no way of escaping all the buzz surrounding it.

Did you read the book?

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The Irishman is actually based on a work of non-fiction called, "I Heard You Paint Houses." Written by Charles Brandt an ex homicidal prosecutor, investigator, and defense attorney back in 2004. The narrative focuses on the life and times of Frank Sheeran. Brandt became fascinated by Frank and his supposed connections to the Bufalino crime family. After it's release, it seemed as though the general public became pretty fascinated too. Brandt's book went on to become a crime bestseller.

Scorsese directed the picture.

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With Martin Scorsese's excellent track record in making quality gangster movies *cough* GoodFellas (1990), *cough* Mean Streets (1973), *cough* Gangs of New York (2002)... the list goes on.

Robert De Niro plays the lead.

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In what is astonishingly De Niro's ninth feature-length picture directed by Scorsese, it's clear that this pair have found the perfect rhythm. De Niro has been starring in Scorsese's movies since 1973.

Of course, having Al Pacino star never hurt anyone...

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Another legend to take on the project was gangster movie royalty, Al Pacino.

Don't forget about Joe Pesci...

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Scorsese wasn't letting any gangster movie legends pass by when he was casting for The Irishman.

Remember Pesci from Goodfellas?

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Joe Pesci is an actor that's certainly at home in a fedora. Pesci played mobster Tommy Devito in GoodFellas

Is it better than GoodFellas?

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Now, I know some of you will be wondering this...what with Scorsese, De Niro and Pesci all attached to The Irishman it makes sense to compare the picture to its predecessor. Frankly, I think they're both masterpieces. Somehow they managed to do it again.

The Irishman hit theaters on limited release on November 1st, 2019.

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But those who weren’t quite keen enough to catch it on the big screen were in luck, as the movie dropped on Netflix this week.

Scorsese wasn't sure about distributing through Netflix.

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It's a sign of the times that a movie that packs a punch as much as The Irishman had a limited release in order for it to premiere on the streaming service Netflix. On the decision to go through Netflix, Scorsese said: "I think it’s a risk and no one wanted to do it for 5 or 6 years."

How else are people going to watch it?

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It seems that distributing big-budget movies through streaming services is a future we are quickly moving closer towards.  As Scorsese put it, "everyone can make films today, but no one can see them."

Some people have been desperate to watch The Irishman.

I mean, obviously not enough to go and watch it during its limited release but like, enough to tweet about it.

Netflix is releasing a special documentary along with the movie.

As if they weren't giving us so much already! Along with the release of The Irishman, Netflix is releasing a documentary about the making of the picture.

Netflix India seemed particularly excited about the release.

They even had a countdown, those guys were sure pumped to watch The Irishman. 

"I just want to watch an Al Pacino movie, OKAY?"

It seems someone had bombarded Netflix India's twitter account with a request for an Al Pacino movie. I'm glad they finally got what they wanted.

The movie has been well and truly raved about.

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Both critics and fans have been falling over themselves to lavish Scorsese's gangster epic with praise.

But now its got something even bigger to brag about...

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If all the rave reviews weren't enough, the movie is adding another impressive string to its bow.

The movie has now been named the best film of 2019 by the National Board of Review.

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The crime flick follows in the footsteps of box office icons such as Green Book, The Post, and Mad Max: Fury Road - all previous winners of the prestigious accolade.

It looks like there's even more of a reason to watch.

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"We are thrilled to award The Irishman as our best film - Martin Scorsese's masterful mob epic is a rich, moving, beautifully textured movie that represents the best in what cinema can be," explained NBR president Annie Schulhof.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the trailer below.

We hereby release you into the ether to go and watch The Irishman on Netflix. Or, alternatively, continue scrolling to read about what Robert De Niro said about Trump being a gangster...