The Longest Lunar Eclipse of the Century Will Be In 2 Weeks

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In just 2 weeks’ time, space enthusiasts will have the opportunity to witness the longest lunar eclipse of the century…


This year’s lunar eclipse is set to be a big one…

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During a lunar eclipse, the sun, earth, and moon align as the moon travels into the earth’s shadow, blocking any light from reaching it.


The partial lunar eclipse comes just 6 months after the Super Flower Blood Moon earlier this year…

And will take place at the same time as the Beaver Moon.

It is named this because hunters would catch beavers at this time of year to use their fur for the cold days that lay ahead.


And now, the countdown has oficially begun, as November 19th is when the lunar eclipse is set to take place…

As perĀ NASA, we can expect the eclipse to last a whopping 3 hours and twenty-eight minutes, peaking just after 4 AM ET (8 AM GMT).

The eclipse will cause the moon to appear slightly red as the earth covers ninety-seven percent of its surface from the light of the sun.


North and South America are reportedly the most likely areas to see the eclipse best…

As is Australia and New Zealand, who can expect to catch a glimpse of part of it.

The best part is, you won’t need any tools to spot it, all you have to do is venture outside and look up towards the sky.


Simply head outside on the 19th between 2.19 AM and 5.47 AM ET (6.19 AM and 9.47 AM GMT).

And you’ll bear witness to the longest lunar eclipse of the century!

But don’t worry too much if you miss it, as there’ll be another on May 16th, 2022.