‘The Mandalorian’ Finally Admits Stormtroopers Are Awful Shooters

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This month, Disney fanatics finally got to sign up for the studio’s long-awaited streaming service, Disney Plus. The service boasts an impressive slate of Disney content – from gripping superhero spectacles from the Marvel Universe to classic Disney princesses, there’s no shortage of content to feast your eyes on, straight from the house of the mouse.

While fans have been lining up to stream the classics, everyone can’t help but talk about one particular series, The Mandalorian. But something fans have noticed for a while has finally been confirmed.

Keep scrolling to see the hilarious video of their admittance that Stormtroopers are in fact, the worst shooters in the galaxy…

Disney Plus has finally landed!

The Hollywood studio bulldozed into the streaming scene with its long-awaited new service, going head to head with the likes of industry giants Netflix and Amazon.

The service provides an on-demand, advert-free streaming service for just seven dollars a month, or seventy dollars a year.

The service gained a whopping 10 million sign-ups in one day during its launch.

And its success doesn’t end there… According to the Daily Mail, shares in the company ended Wednesday’s trading session up 10% to $148.72 on the New York Stock Exchange, giving it a market value of roughly double that of Netflix’s.

The service is offering subscribers unlimited downloads of some of the world’s best-loved movies and shows, such as The Lion KingToy StoryThe Simpsons, and a range of movies from the Marvel Universe.

But one stands out amongst the others: The Mandalorian.

The original sci-fi spin-off series, set in the Star Wars universe, has been drawing in significant praise from fans, who have been eagerly digging into the first few episodes available on the service.

The series is set 5 years after the events of Return of the Jedi.

Directed by Bryce Dallas Howard, best known for playing Claire Dearing in Jurassic World, The Mandalorian offers Star Wars fans a tantalizing new live-action spin-off of the beloved franchise.

The Mandolorian well and truly keeps the franchise alive – offering what many are describing as a “gritter” take on the universe.

Writing for Forbes, Dani Di Placido said: “Only two episodes in, and The Mandalorian already feels more authentic, more Star Wars, than any of Disney’s film sequels.
The Mandalorian is slightly darker than what we’re used to, yet undeniably goofy, packed with peculiar creatures, gunfights that end in disintegrations, and environments that feel like Ralph McQuarrie concept art brought to life.”

The Mandalorian has officially dethroned Stranger Things as the top streaming TV show in the U.S. There’s just no arguing with the facts.

Boasting an impressive cast including the likes of Narcos’ Pedro Pascal in the leading role, viewers watch as Dyn attempts to survive in the aftermath of the Empire’s collapse.  

The show takes a much darker approach than other Star Wars spinoffs.

Far from the authority of the New Republic, we’ll get to see the adventures of the lone gunfighter as he reaches the outer edges of the universe. Meaning we’re bound to see some new, never-seen-before locales.

He’s arguably been the star of the show, with the internet completely gushing over him since the show’s debut. Let’s be honest, he’s adorable.

We’re introduced to IG-11, a droid that’s the same model as IG-88 – one of the bounty hunters seen on Darth Vader’s Super Star Destroyer in The Empire Strikes Back. We’ve also caught a glimpse of an Ugnaught – the porcine species previously seen working as janitors on Cloud City in Empire Strikes Back – named Kuill, who appears to be an ally of the Mandalorian.

Because what would a Star Wars spin-off be without them?

They are terrible shooters. Don’t believe me? Keep scrolling to see the evidence.

Stormtroopers have the worst aim in the galaxy and the joke never seems to get old. Fans have been saying this ever since the original Skywalker series premiered on our screens.

But it seems as though it has become an impossible task for them. Even when they’re at close proximity, they seem to mess it all up and it just doesn’t sit well with fans.

One Quora user took it upon themselves to outline the potential valid reasons as to why this keeps happening and, to be honest, it all makes sense.

“A throwaway line from Captain Rex in Star Wars Rebels says that he prefers his Clone Wars era armor than that of Imperial Stormtroopers, as the helmet’s visor is misaligned, making it hard to see.”

“When needs call for it, they will use suppression tactics to coax a target to a predetermined place, such as a bugged Millennium Falcon in Ep 4. When they were taking on the rebels in the Tantive IV they didn’t miss since they had orders to arrest the princess and kill anyone else.”

“Remember that the Clone Army were created from the template of esteemed Mandalorian Warrior turned Bounty Hunter Jango Fett. The Fett clones were trained for over a decade in combat skills and military training, had the musculature of one of the finest soldiers in the galaxy, and they were trained to be excellent marksmen.”

But the way they actually address it in The Mandalorian is hilarious.

A Twitter user shared this clip of the Stormtroopers getting a little bit of shooting practice… But missing every single time.

Then have a read about the treat that is Star Wars land, which cost the company one billion dollars…