Cake Fails That Will Make You Spit Your Drink All Over Your Phone

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There’s never not a good time for cake. Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, doctor’s appointments — a cake is always a good option.

But while any cake is good, a funny cake is even better. Without further ado, here are 20 of the funniest cakes the Internet has ever seen.

Now, who brought the ice cream?

The best-laid plans, ya know? Although, I do have to wonder whether these plans really were “best-laid.” Were they planning for the cake to just say “BIRTH”?

I like to imagine the cake decorator understood exactly what was being requested of them and decided to just do this anyway. Seems like the most appropriate way to ring in your thirtieth year.

This cake decorator, on the other hand, was probably very confused. Steve’s a good name, though. If I had to be surprised with a new name, I might also choose Steve.

This Thanksgiving, don’t forget to share with everyone how thankful you are that you live in a world in which someone could try to make a turkey out of frosting and fail this bad.

To be fair, Chip has really seen some stuff throughout his life. I mean, he was literally transformed from a young boy into a broken teacup. If you ask me, the look of horror seen here is much more accurate than anything in the movie.

So close, and yet so far. Actually, scratch that. This is just “so far.”

This cake actually showed some real promise before someone decided to write the word “Congratulations” on it. There’s probably some kind of lesson there.

An upside-down cross? Uh oh, that does not bode well for this supposed “child of God”…

What– what am I supposed to be looking at here? It’s a 30th birthday cake, seemingly inspired by… the weird, shapeless form your life starts to take at this age? (If that’s what this cake designer was going for, this cake is incredible.)

Apparently this was supposed to be a mermaid’s tale, but instead? It looks like a giant worm monster being birthed by a cloud (which, to be fair, is also rad).

Gonna be honest here — I still think this is a more successful reboot of Beauty and the Beast than the live-action movie.

Ooh, brutal. And apparently this cake-maker had just finished frosting their pumpkin cheesecake. Pour one out for our fallen cake comrade.

When my dad had his heart attack, he was technically dead for almost four minutes. He came back speaking of creatures, great and tall, casting about the flames; devouring souls and screaming — always screaming — of the sins being committed back on earth. It caused him to totally reevaluate his life, and he certainly became a better man since that experience. But once, we asked him to draw a picture of the creatures he saw in his brief time on the other side. And he said, “I cannot draw them. I can only bake them. Fetch me the blue frosting, my son, and do not delay. The unholy war is soon to begin.”

I think my least favorite episode of SpongeBob is any one where he looks like this.

This is someone’s wedding cake — made by the groom’s mother — and while you can’t get mad at her (it’s a very kind gesture to make a wedding cake), you know this was the worst part of the best day of this couple’s life.

Hey, uh, bakers? Consider paying Shutterstock or whoever when you’re using stock art. No kid deserves a watermark on their birthday cake.

This is a just-baked cake, and yet it looks like a cake that was baked four weeks ago that the dog started eating when he hopped up on the counter but then very quickly got sick of.

This cake is art. There is no explanation for it. It can only be felt. Please consider subscribing to the baker’s Patreon.

Oh, I dream about this panda when I’m feeling overwhelmingly guilty about something bad I’ve done to a person I care about!

I think it’s very cool that Cinderella and Beavis from Beavis and Butthead were able to put their differences aside for the sake of their child, who is on this cake.

Not to cast any shade on people named “Nich,” but– well, you know what? Yes shade on anyone named “Nich,” because it’s okay to cast shade on people that don’t exist.

There’s a non-zero chance this guy made a crummy cake, spilled a glob of chocolate frosting on it, and didn’t realize he’d done anything until he cut himself a piece.

ME: “Mom, can we have Call of Duty cake?” MOM: “We have Call of Duty cake at home.” CALL OF DUTY CAKE AT HOME:

It looks like someone is crushing Tinkerbell from the top and bottom simultaneously, and I do! Not! Like it!

Either the baker screwed up the “bye bye John” message, or John made this cake and wanted to sign his name and did that brain-fart writer’s thing and wrote a word twice. Why does does that happen?

The message — “Good luck finding better coworkers” — is cute and funny for a farewell cake. But you know what? This guy’s new coworkers are definitely going to be able to spell coworkers, so if you think about it, he’s already done it.

This cake artist really captured how deeply-set his eyes are, and how he is terrifying to look at.

I mean, if I was going to recreate a scene from a movie in cake, I’d probably pick something like the big fight against the robot from the end of The Incredibles. These guys went with the opening scene from Friday the 13th Part II. To each his own, I suppose.

If you squint, you’ll see that, sure, this is a Garfield cake. But also? It’s a Garfield cake that will haunt you for the rest of your days.

Hulk smash! Hulk… smile? Listen, I’m sympathetic to non-artistic people who are thrust into sudden artistic situations, but at the very least, follow the canon! If the Hulk was smiling, he’d inherently no longer be angry, and therefore start turning back into Bruce Banner! This cake is a fallacy!

Ohh, see, the folks making this cake accidentally made a cake not of Dora, but of a failed Dora clone. Happens to the even best bakers sometimes.

Without the picture on the left, I might think this was an okay cake. But we do have the picture on this left, so this cake makes me physically ill.

I know this looks scary, but don’t worry about ol’ choco-porcupine here! My dad said that a beast who looks like this is our only hope against the blue demons that will soon emerge from the hellscape to eat the eyes of the accursed.

Again, it would’ve been funny to write “you’re dead to us” on a cake for your coworker’s last day. But your dad to us? Now he feels responsible for you, and is going to give up that cool new job to make sure you kids grow up all right. He’s a good man, your dad. Sad, yearning, sure, but ultimately, a good man.

That pig hates what he has become, and to be frank, I do not blame him.

If I were leavin’ on that jet-plane, I would for sure know when I’d be back again. Right away! Because I wouldn’t get on in the first place!

Yikes. This bodybuilder cake looks a lot like a fetus. Or does this fetus cake look a lot like a bodybuilder? The point is, someone messed up here.

If I were the baby on the receiving end of this cake, I think I would immediately try to leave the welcome party and go back to wherever I came from.

On the bright side, a cookie cake apology is probably the smartest way to apologize for a night of belligerence. On the other hand, maybe we didn’t need the whole diorama?

I would like to meet the person responsible for this masterpiece and shake their hand. That’s a level of “I literally couldn’t care less” that I would love to achieve someday.

First, you want sprinkles, next thing you know you want a job that pays a living wage, then you think you’re entitled to an economy that wasn’t decimated by the generations before you. Geez. Millennials, amiright?

Sure, this is a harsh message to receive. But at least there’s cake to soften the blow.

What? This is obviously just a cake in the shape of a castle with four very non-phallic-shaped towers. Get your mind out of the gutter.

Sure, this is silly. That being said, if my school had given me the option of wearing a cat on my head instead of a cap, I absolutely would have taken them up on that.

There’s no beating around the bush with this one. You got older. You get a cake for doing so. Let’s all move on.

Yep. Definitely can’t unsee that. Emma’s first birthday party is about to get pretty weird.

Wait a second. You had sex and you got cake? Seems like a win-win, here.

Remember when I said cake was the perfect snack for a doctor’s appointment? I guess this is what I meant.

The newest iPhone has so many amazing new features. Apparently, it can even send you cake!

If you ever donate your kidney, you should insist on getting a cake exactly like this one. It’s only fair.

Everybody always makes such a big deal about wedding cakes, by why aren’t there more divorce cakes in the world? I sense a business opportunity.

Either this was a “Happy Father’s Day!” cake, or someone is trying to send you a very specific message and chose cake as their method of communication. I wouldn’t worry about it until after you’ve finished your dessert, though.

Now that we have technology that allows us to put pretty much anything on a cake, it’d be irresponsible of humanity as a whole if someone didn’t use it to do something like this.

This cake was made for a Google employee who was leaving to join the Bing team. Does Bing have cakes, Travis?! Probably not. So much for “feeling lucky.”

Something tells me the person who ended up with that monstrosity on the right had no problem with “Letting It Go.” …Straight into the garbage can. (Aw, who am I kidding? Cake is cake.)

You guessed it: They ordered a cake for “Mark with a C.” Personally, I’m a huge fan of his new honorific.

That’s a harsh message, but once again: At least there’s cake.

They ordered a Ninjago cake. Instead, they got a Ninj–AHHHHHH! GO AWAY! cake.

This apology is probably a bit more deserved, on the other hand. Your friend will get blacked out, try to kill you, and almost get you arrested. But you best friend will make you a cake to apologize for it.

Is it possible to make a cake so horrifying that no one will want to eat it? Yes. I present: Exhibit A.

Uh-oh. We’ve gone meta, folks.

This, as you’ve undoubtedly already surmised, is a basketball cake. It looks exactly like a basketball court and like nothing else.

There are two things you should know about Frank: It’s his birthday, and he likes Star Wars. Here’s a cake celebrating both.

Honestly, this person did the best they could with what they were given. If you ever accidentally bake a cake that has teeth, you should probably do the same.

Any ideas what led to this monstrosity? I’ll tell you: They asked for an Army cake. Arm-y. What a world!

Hooray! Sprinkles! Just try not to think about the fact that they’re meant to represent vomit.

These cakes are undoubtedly the result of some kind of “Who’s on First?”-inspired by a phone conversation. “Put ‘Happy Birthday’ on both.” “‘Happy Birthday on Both.’ Got it.”

Technically, an eviction notice does have to be presented in writing. Something tells me this doesn’t exactly qualify, though.

There’s an exclamation mark there, but make no mistake: These people are not even a little bit excited. You can tell by the white-and-black color scheme.

There’s a reason they don’t call him the Cookie Friend. He’s a monster, as is evidenced by this cake.

This was supposed to be a panda. It’s not a panda.

I just hope that the person this cake is for hasn’t learned how to read yet. They most likely love frosting either way, though.

And you thought you’d already seen the worst Elsa cake in this list! Nope! This one is so, so much worse.

I’m honestly not even 100 percent sure that this is actually a cake. And I’m only about 88 percent sure that I would eat it anyway.

Poor Barney. I guess being imaginary will do that to a dinosaur.

Contrary to what you may be thinking, this is an actual cake and not a piece of raw pork. It also hasn’t been eaten yet. I know. Crazy.

I have to assume those are baby feet and…baby teeth?

Congratulations! I gnu you could dew it!

An apple a day keeps the doctor away! Mostly because those doctors are seriously horrified by said apples.

Don’t you just love autumn? It feels so cozy to sip a pumpkin spice latte while the dinosaur footprints fall gently to the ground all around you.  

Do you really want to trust a cake from someone who finds it acceptable to spit in other people’s food? Tread carefully here, friend.

Everything’s bigger in Texas. Including the mistakes, apparently.

Oh, Mickey. What have they done to you?!

I don’t see what the problem is here. “#1” is on it!

Happy Birthday…to the GROUND! At least the asphalt is having a good day, right?

Spelling the word “anniversary” wrong is one thing. But drizzling what looks like blood around the entire cake is on a whole ‘nother level. (Not saying you shouldn’t still be proud of yourself, though!)

Congration! (That’s a new way to say “congratulations” that I’m trying to make catch on.)

I’ve been saying it this whole time: You don’t need a reason to get cake. Celebrate nothing! With cake!

Aw, this is very sweet! Last time I weeded my garden, nobody got me a cake!

Move over, Dolores. We’re celebrating Green and Yellow ONLY!

I like that they decided to add those fancy swoopy shapes underneath the text. It’s almost like they knew they hadn’t completely nailed the design, but figured they could make up for it with the swoops.

Comma Laura is actually my favorite character from Sesame Street. She’s way nicer than Apostrophe Anne.

“Have you noticed how purple this year has been?” “Yeah! It’s great! Let’s get a cake!”

This same technique works for any language. [Cake joke in Klingon]

That ain’t Tink. That’s Tank.

Some families make a lamb cake every Easter. This family seems to have gone the “Zombie Jesus” route instead.

Well, Internet, you’ve done it. You’ve found the one cake that I will not — cannot — bring myself to eat.

I’m told this was meant to be Thomas the Tank Engine. I…don’t see it.

In this version of The Little Mermaid, Ursula doesn’t just steal Ariel’s voice. She steals pretty much everything. Share this with someone who could benefit from seeing these hilarious cakes!