20 People Share the Most Annoying Thing Their Partner Does and We’re Over Here Like ‘Yep’

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Whether you’re in a relationship or not, you probably have people in your life that you love. And those people, even though you would die for them, have the capacity to annoy the crap out of you.

When you live with a person for so long, eventually their teeny tiny little bothersome habits become big, noticeable, repeated points of irritation that just never go away. But like, you love the person, so you deal with it. Here, 20 people share the thing that their partner does that they just cannot stand (even though they still love them). Chances are, you’ll be able to relate to a few of these.

She sets the alarm for an hour before she needs to be up and hits snooze 6 times. It drives me insane. –Orphanpuncher0 An hour is a little bit crazy, but we all probably know someone who does this.

My husband sniffs loudly and frequently. If I lose him in Costco I can usually find him by sound. –TheBrontosaurus What a weird habit! But probably useful for someone who often wanders off and gets lost.

He swallows liquids really loud (ha!) No, but seriously, it’s like water falling down a chasm it’s so loud! I don’t understand it! –Have_you_read_it Sensitivity to the sounds of people chewing and swallowing is a real thing! It’s called misophonia. Look it up.

He doesn’t know where things belong. He has to ask for guidance when unloading the dishwasher or putting away groceries. I’m always so confused by this. He seems to know where to look when he needs to get something but never knows where to put things away. –Cashewchicken23 Funny how that works, isn’t it?

She chews like Lilly from How I met your mother. It’s unfuckingbelievable how loud eating chips, pizza, apples, celery can be with her. She makes eating ice cream sound like rocks. I’ve asked the dentist why it’s so loud. GivenToFly88 Eating ice cream sounds like rocks? Is it rock candy ice cream? Otherwise, there is some cause for concern…

We have conversations like this: Her: Did you buy new tires? Me: No. We agreed to wait until next week. Her: When did we discuss that? Me: Remember? Yesterday, when I asked when the insurance was due. –ovalseven

Every time I get up from the couch to go to the bathroom or get something from the kitchen he yells “GOODBYE” PrincessSpliff OK, this one is just cute. I see no problem here.

He flushes the toilet about 2/3 through peeing so there is still a little pee left in the toilet after it’s done flushing. arcant12 This is sociopathic.

She. Plans. Everything. If I make an off the cuff mention of maybe going on a vacation or buying something or whatever, within an hour there will be a spreadsheet and a slide deck outlining all the reasons why we should do it, how much it will cost, travel itineraries, and so forth. At first, I thought it was adorable, but then it wouldn’t stop. Now I’m careful to mention any future plans around her, lest we spend the next few weeks talking about it. She’s awesome though, so you have to take the good with the bad. Besides, it’s not like I’m perfect either. –varnell_hill Dude quit complaining about how on top of stuff your GF is. She probably does this because you don’t follow through on anything.

He can never find anything because he refuses to move his eyeballs to the left or right when trying to do so. If it’s not in his most central vision he “can’t find it anywhere”. I always find it in the place he’s looked. It’s pretty much a family joke now. –the_halls_of_fame Hm. This one sounds mighty familiar. (I am the person who is bad at looking for things.)

I love my husband but often when we’re both sitting and reading to relax, he’ll find something amusing or interesting in his book/article and read it to me. So I have to stop what I’m doing and listen to him, and he never narrows it down to a line or two, it’s always paragraphs. Gah! MrsWhirly This is also adorable. Get you a man who reads to you! But maybe only when you want him to.

My boyfriend sleeps with the tv on, not necessarily playing something but on the Netflix choice screen or the roku clock. I find myself waiting until he passes out to turn the tv off so I can get some sleep in the dark –eyesour I can understand falling asleep to a show if you need noise, but a screensaver? No thanks. Just bite the bullet and get a night light!

He wears my socks when all of his are dirty. His feet are double the size of mine and they stretch my socks out. Ughhhhh –spezdispencer OK, this one is actually egregious. I think this guy might be psychotic.

When anything goes missing at home, there is a 22% chance she put it in the fridge. I know what you are thinking, 22% isn’t that high. And you are correct good sir/ma’am, but it is extremely high when you notice that I used the word anything. and I mean ANYTHING has a 22% chance of ending up in the fridge. I have no idea how her mind works, but I love her. –MePirate This one made me laugh so hard because I am this girl. I mean, not this exact girl, but let’s just say I totally get it.

She loves to warm her hands up by putting them on my skin, usually my belly. They’re always so damn cold and annoys me to no end. But she’s cute so I let it slide. –graceandwildflowers I am also 100 percent this girl. What is a warm partner for if not to soothe your cold extremities?

He says “heighth” instead of “height” –ambiguousmurmur This is unforgivable.

He falls asleep every time we watch a movie. BUT he’ll never let me pick the movie I actually want to watch so we end up watching what he wants to then he ends up falling asleep anyway –miijoan I definitely have a few of these people in my life.

She puts the toilet paper on wrong, even though I’ve shown her the picture from the patent. –AmanwhoMakadisUp True story: I used to not care which way the toilet paper roll fell on the holder. But my partner felt strongly about it and schooled me on the “right” way. And now I always put it on the “right” way because that is love, people.

She can’t put things down gently. Fairly regularly wine glasses and other delicate things are smashed simply through a lack of care in placing them. I often see it coming but it’s always too late to do anything. It’s like a jet coming in too fast at an air show; yelling out does nothing. –padpickens

Somehow every morning I am pushed to the very edge of the bed. We sleep on a king size bed, she’s 115lbs and I am 235lbs. Ant strength this one has, but it’s okay because being little spoon is all worth it. –strengthinlumber I have to admit I do this to my partner too. But we have a queen bed and I refuse to get a king because I think we’d be too far apart! I like cuddling!