‘The Most Beautiful Flower Garden in the World’ Photographed Free of Visitors for the First Time in 71 Years

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With the pandemic keeping everyone at home, some of the biggest tourist attractions are closed to visitors. Including the “the most beautiful flower garden in the world,” which is closed for the first time in over 7 decades.

But one man managed to photograph what the garden looks like without any visitors and we’re truly in awe of its beauty. Keep scrolling for the breathtaking pictures and to find out where exactly in the world the garden is…

Being among nature is said to reduce stress and overall improve mental wellbeing.

We can still appreciate our green spaces.

“The most beautiful garden in the world” lies empty of visitors, despite normally attracting millions of tourists a year.

And we have to say, it’s thriving. Keep scrolling for the stunning pictures and to find out where in the world the beautiful garden is located.  

And it’s looking better than ever.  

The flowers looked more vibrant than ever.

We can only imagine how good it smells.

“Walking around there all alone, with only the sounds of birds and the incredible smell of all these flowers, is an experience by itself,” he explained.

Now that is breathtaking.

“I sometimes just sat next to the flowers and the water, enjoying nature for 30 minutes long. It was just a magical experience. Having no people in the park allowed me to photograph paths and angles in a certain way that you normally don’t get to see because of the crowds.”

Those colors are simply stunning.

“The miller was so kind to move it to the correct position for pictures.”

“Seeing the water reflecting the trees and flowers gives such a calm feeling.”

And when there are tons of people around, you can’t appreciate it in the same way.

And the attention to detail throughout even more prominent.

We can’t even begin to imagine the hard work that must go into maintaining this beautiful space.

We’ve never seen anything like that before.

The zig-zagging road is made up of blue grape hyacinths.

This color palette is breathtaking.

Because of course, the show must go on!

What more could you want?

So, the million-dollar question: where is this beautiful garden?

This is the world-famous Keukenhof in the Netherlands – dubbed as the world’s most beautiful garden. And we can certainly see why! Want more breathtaking nature? Keep scrolling to check out the strawberry blonde sunflowers that are taking the internet by storm…