The Most Beautiful Train Journey in America Only Costs $97 | 22 Words

When we go on vacation, most of us use airplanes to get from A to B. While they do the job, they can often make for stressful, expensive, and tiring travel - not to mention the struggle of trying to cram everything you need in your suitcase without going over the baggage limit.

All in all, the traveling part of going on vacation isn't often enjoyable unless, of course, you're sat in ultra first-class... in that case, you're probably having a really good time.

But what if traveling was the best part of your vacation? Well, Amtrak's Coast Starlight train trip is doing just that for passengers.

Dubbed as the "most beautiful train journey in America," The Coast Starlight provides breathtaking views as it coasts along a stunning route starting in Seattle and ending in Los Angeles.

Not only is there more to this train journey than meets the eye, but you also don't have to break the bank to experience it.

Keep reading to get a taste for this jealousy-inducing train trip.

Travelling can be a stressful experience.

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Rushing to the airport, meticulously weighing your suitcase to ensure that it's under the limit, and standing in line after line to then be crammed into a tiny seat doesn't make for the most desirable of experiences.

Not to mention the fact that planes are a breeding ground for germs.

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The child coughing in the seat behind you? Yeah, you'll probably catch it too.

But many of us endure it because it gets us from A to B.

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Everyone loves a good vacation, so you have to grin and bear the travel required to get there.

Unless, of course, you're traveling in first-class...

In that case, the above points probably don't apply to you.

Either way, the stress of the journey is usually worth it.

Whether you're visiting family, having a jam-packed vacation in Disneyland, or heading off for a spot of relaxation, nothing beats the feeling of knowing you're going on vacation.

But what if the journey didn't have to be stressful at all?

Sounds like the dream, right?

Amtrak's Coast Starlight train trip may just be the answer to all of our prayers. 

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Dubbed as "America's most beautiful train journey," The Coast Starlight is making traveling the best part of passengers' vacations.

The train has been running since the 1970s.

And has since gained a gleaming reputation amongst vacationers for being the most scenic journey they've ever been on.

The train journey begins in Seattle and ends in Los Angeles.

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The one-of-a-kind trip takes passengers through Washington, Oregon, and California, allowing them to see breathtaking views and stunning countryside.

From city views to nearly 350 miles of California coastline, the journey is truly envy-inducing.

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The Coast Starlight hits many major tourist attractions along the west coast. We need a ticket right now.

The entire route takes over thirty-five hours and travels through a whopping thirty destinations.

Vacationers can enjoy views of several magnificent locations, including Olympia-Lacey, Portland, Sacramento, the San Francisco Bay area, and Santa Barbara. Most notably, on the trip, passengers will catch a glimpse of the Cascade Range, Mount Shasta, the Santa Barbara Channel, several national parks and forests, and, of course, the stunning Pacific coastline.

Passengers can take in the full breadth of the scenery in the observation car.

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The cart is decked out in floor to ceiling windows and swivel chairs so riders can't miss a thing. There's also the option to listen to a virtual tour-guide talking you through the sites. Imagine kicking back, relaxing, and taking in the magnificent views... now that sounds pretty nice.

But there's more to this train than meets the eye...

The Coast Starlight doesn't just boast stunning scenery - the facilities onboard are mind-blowing too.

To start off with, food-wise, it looks exquisite.

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The train has a dining car, serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner to passengers.

But, those wishing to indulge themselves more can take a trip to the parlor car...

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The cart includes more dining options, a full-service bar, wine and cheese boards, games, books, and large observation windows. Oh, and on the second floor of the car, there's also a movie theatre which screens family movies each evening.

You don't have to break the bank to embark on the unique trip either.

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Tickets start at just $97, which will get you a coach seat for the full journey.

Although those wanting a more comfortable stay can purchase a business-class ticket.

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Passengers can opt for the $325 "Superliner Roomette" ticket, which comes complete with a bed for overnight travels and your own, personal sightseeing window in your cabin, with shower and bathroom facilities nearby. Oh, and meals are also included in the ticket price. Business-class tickets also come with amenities like onboard wine and cheese tastings.

There's even the option to have a full-blown bedroom.

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The "Superliner Bedroom Suite" is essentially 2 bedrooms combined, and is decked out with 4 beds, 2 in bed-room showers and toilets, armchairs, reading lights, and of course, large windows to enjoy the breathtaking views.

Everyone over sixty-two also gets a discount.

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Over sixty-two's can enjoy a fifteen percent discount off their fare. Oh, and small dogs and cats are also allowed, so your pet doesn't need to be left behind.

According to previous travelers, the Coast Starlight lives up to its reputation as America's most beautiful train journey.

"My jaw dropped as the landscape outside changed from green valleys to rolling mountains and hills, to lush forests, cows on fields and snow-covered trees, to little neighborhoods and beautiful shorelines," wrote an extremely impressed passenger. We may have to book this right now. The Coast Starlight isn't the only thing worth ticking off your bucket list as we've ranked the best places to visit across the globe in 2019. Keep scrolling to get some major vacation inspo.