Most of us dream, but when we wake up, even if we're capable of remembering what our dream was about, we might not know what it MEANS.

Wonder no more.

We all know that our dreams, even the most random ones, have meaning behind them. And while some are unknown or open to interpretation, the most common dreams have been studied, and their significance is known.

Tweets like this might be helpful generally, but we really wanna know what our subconscious is trying to tell us!

Is there a way?


Fortunately, there's not just one way, there's several.

Because there are so many resources for dreams, you can get a lot of misinformation.

Or, at the very least, the Internet can subject you to a lot of conflicting information. So know who you want to trust, because if you're going to ask something as weird and specific as this guy did, make sure you're ready for the answer.

There exist a number of dream dictionaries that can get specific.

They can often get TOO specific, especially if you're not looking for a precise answer, but just want to know what's going on with your body!

There are eight "common" types of dreams that have established and agreed-upon meetings.


Sleep well know you're getting reliable information if you've had one of the eight dreams that follow.

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So take a look at these, eight of the most common dreams people have, and see what they say about you.

The Chase

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We dream of being chased when we're in situations that are emotionally dangerous. Dreaming of this situation is actually a helpful way of letting us know that, even if it's not immediately obvious. If a stranger is chasing you, it might be because you require clarity. Or it could be the manifestation of a situation that's a secret or you feel guilty about. Often, it's a situation that you're putting off dealing with, and the reality of it is hounding you.

Stressful Test Taking

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Expert Craig Hamilton-Parker says, dreaming of test-taking means "you're having feelings of lack of self worth again, you're having feelings that you may not be up to the job." This could be at school (an obvious parallel) or at work or even in a relationship. Developing confidence in your abilities or raising your level of achievement can put these dreams behind you.


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Many feel this is the most frequent dream that people have. Falling in a dream means you've lost control over a situation through neglect. Again, the thing you're neglecting isn't specified. It could be work, love, or professional. Strangely, it's not always a bad thing. If you feel at peace while falling, it could mean that an uncontrollable change is helping you for the better!

Running Late

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Showing up late is a dream that often occurs when you're feeling flooded with responsibilities. You could be missing a big part of your life because you're not managing your time well. To that end, this is one of the more literal dream translations out there.

Naked in Public

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This is a common dream that arises when the dreamer feels their defenses are down and they're vulnerable. However, it could also mean that you're eager to expose yourself (not literally) and any secrets you might have. Similarly, if you're actually undressing in a dream, it could be a good sign that you're healing from a trauma and ready to face the world again.


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You may have a dream about cheating, either by you or your significant other. This one can really hurt the next day, but it turns out that it's not quite as telling as the other dreams. This dream can often come about as the result of suggestion, either by watching a movie or TV show with this type of content or even hearing about it from a friend. Sometimes, it comes about as the result of general neglect and not spending enough time together, which is something to work on.

Meeting a Celebrity

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This happens a lot and can be a little disappointing when you wake up to find it wasn't true! Often you're suggestible because you just saw the celeb on TV or in a magazine. You might not realize it, but you can also have a dream about them if there's a characteristic in them that you'd like to learn more about.

Teeth Falling Out

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This weird dream is surprisingly common and, according to dream expert Ian Wallace, happens when "something makes your levels of confidence start to fall." You can fight this haunting spectre by, again, building up confidence in the tasks you're presented with. It can also happen if you're having second thoughts about your self-image, which is another thing you can work on.

Sweet dreams!

And to all a good night('s sleep!)