The 20 Most Disrespectful Things Guests Have Done in People's Homes | 22 Words

In many cultures, guests are sacred.

When you invite someone into your home, you give them the best your house has to offer in the hopes that they will feel welcome and comfortable. But what happens when a guest disrespects you in return?

Here are 20 people on the most disrespectful thing a guest has done in their home.

1. Stashed cash

Probably the worst thing a guest can do is steal money from your home. Redditor A-MinorBish has experienced this before. As he explains,
[...] my parents let a family member stay in my room for a while and they found my stash of money I was saving. To this day, he lies to my face and sticks to his story that I lost it.

2. Smoking mother!

Smoking in a nonsmoking household is literally one of the most disrespectful things you can ever do, and when someone does it, they're probably going out of their way to piss you off. Case in point, Redditor Sodomeister's awful experience:
My mother in law decided it was fine for her to smoke in our house after being explicitly told by my wife that it was not okay. I smoked at the time and even I did not smoke in the house.

3. Riflin' and triflin' the drawers

This right here is some pure disrespect. As Redditor Walw2097 states:
Relative stayed at our house over the holidays, and went into our room and drawers. When my wife came home, she asked my wife why does she have so much makeup if she doesn't use them, and proceeded to ask if she could have some of the items she found for keeps.

4. Monstrous deuces

We have no words for this story. None. PhantomDrvr writes:
Back in my bachelor days my buddy and I decided to hit the nightlife in some bars in Austin. I was never a big drinker and had a few beers over the course of the evening. He was drinking vodka all night like it was water. Needless to say he was in no condition to drive across town to his place so I told him he could just crash at mine. Sunday morning and I'm getting ready for church. Knock on the door and ask if he's OK. Told him he could sleep in while I'm gone if he wants to but he just says he's got to get going and quickly leaves. Get back from church a few hours later and the entire apartment smells like shit. Sniff out the source in the guest bed. Evidently the fucker had woken up during the middle of the night and evacuated a beagle-sized turd into my sheets, rolled them up and then continued sleeping the rest of the night in the same bed he had befouled. The real WTF -other than sleeping all night next to a rolled up sheet with your own monstrous deuce in it - is that he could have just stayed after I left, cleaned up and I would have probably never known. Fuck you, Warren.

5. Literally never EVER invite these people over

Redditor Rosquita explains:
We said not to eat in the guest bedroom, and when we went in there after they had left we found ice cream all over the sheets. Also, the same people left flecks of feces in the bathroom sink and feces soiled toilet paper on the bathroom floor on two separate occasions.

6. When guests invite themselves over

Here's a general rule of thumb – if a person is rude enough to invite themselves over, they're also rude enough to squeeze of every last bit of everything you have. Exhibit A, IssaLama's guests:
I pick up friends from the airport only to find out that they've invited themselves to stay at my place to "save money" they also "save money" by consuming my food and alcohol and trying to get me to "split the bill 5050" when ive had a corona and empanada and they had florida lobster, stone crabs, and those giant fish bowl margs. No more. You don't have a place, theres a 20$ a night hostel down the road.

7. Impromptu gardener

Sure it's nice when people want to help with your garden when they come over. The problem starts when they decide to make your garden into what they want rather than what you want, as BISON_FINGER_CHEESE explains:
Future mother in law started pulling out flowers and vines she didn't like and to top it off, not clean up the mess she made.

8. People who throw away things

Aren't they the worst? They come into your house and start rearranging it like they live there. Redditor junior0104 has a particularly horrifying tale:
She’s actually here right now, and just put my mom’s homemade maple syrup in the trash. She threw out my night mouth guard once.
Do you know how much mouth guards cost?!!!

9. When two weeks become three months

Anyone who has an apartment has had this situation happen a time or two. You invite a friend to stay over, and then they just won't leave. As if that's not bad enough, Redditor swedishyahoser has a story about a friend that becomes a bad roommate.
A couple of years ago a friend of a friend was going to be homeless. Decided to let him stay at my place for what was supposed to be 2 weeks but turned into 3 months. He would throw trash in the floor. Like, directly on the floor and leave it. Walk all over my rugs sith muddy shoes on. Smelled like shit all the time. He would clip his toenails in the middle of the floor and just leave it. Worst experience I've ever had. Due to that I've never let anybody stay at my home ever again.

10. More guests than planned

This is one of the worst things that can happen to a host – you plan for two or three guests and then 20 show up. Enduredsilence explains
Mom invited a family friend over for lunch. Mom said the friend was coming with their husband and 2 kids. They came with 2 freekin families we did not know. The quiet moment when mom's eyes move in silent subtle horror.

11. Your home sucks

One of the worst things a guest can do is criticize your home. Redditor rewm has a story explaining why:
We had a friend over who spent the entire evening telling us how ugly our home was. Like, we drove up and he said "what a shithole" and then made rude comments about our furniture and decor once he was inside. Our house is really nice in a nice part of town, decorated tastefully and simply. I was livid by the end of the night.
And yes, he did kick him out.

12. Sex in your sheets

This has to be one of those horror situations. ObligatoryNameee says that one of their guests –
Had sex in my bed, I know because after they left, a cock ring was in the sheets. Never threw something out so quickly..

13. Sex in your sheets, pt2

Here's an even worse story courtesy of Sourkraut182:
My sister did something similar. My wife and I went out of town for the weekend and my sister needed a place to stay while a local downtown basket ball tournament she was entered in. Well when we got back a couple days later, something didn't smell right in the house. Followed it all the way to the living room where we had a futon. It was folded down when we had left it was folded up. She had invited her fwb over and had sex while she was on her period and never cleaned up after. The smell was so bad because it was the middle of the summer and no AC was left on. She still has never acknowledged it to this day.

14. Pissy pomeranian

Here's the thing – if you're going to bring a dog to a friend's house, you need to make sure you keep your eyes on it at all times. Case in point, DianaPrinceLives writes:
My husband's uncle's wife died. They were married for thirty years, total sweethearts, and he was devastated. Aunt Dot was wonderful, everyone loved her. He couldn't cope being alone so he put an ad out on and the first woman to reply, he married. She is the definition of white trash. He brought her to our house to stay for a long weekend to help us put in a deck in our backyard and so we could meet her. She decided to buy a puppy on the drive over, which wasn't potty trained. It was a Pomeranian and I thought it was full grown and house broken. I'm at work when they arrive. I come home to piss puddles all over my living room, with her sitting on my couch on a new laptop he bought her. She wasn't watching her puppy, just letting it roam. I was in the kitchen at first and didn't see what her puppy has done. Within five minutes, she told me how Aunt Dot's adult children were terrible and trying to take his money, that they didn't approve of her and on and on. Then I saw the dog. I have two dogs myself but she had locked them outside. Needless to say, their weekend was cut short and left early.

15. Leftovers

Is there anything as sacred as leftovers? This is a serious question – everyone knows you don't touch someone else's food. Mjcornett explains:
The[y] ate my leftovers that I had been saving and put the empty boxes back in the fridge. I went all day thinking I still had food, went to eat, and almost cried.

16. She's a very poopy girl...

This right here is the reason you don't invite people over from the pub. Redditor Isthisfunnyenough says,
This girl stayed over at my house after the pub. I went to bed with my fella, woke up, girl was gone. Walked into the bathroom later that day, place stank of shit. Eventually pulled back the shower curtain, there was a jug I use for washing my kid’s hair. She’d shit sort of half in the jug, half in the bath? I mean it was an odd enough thing in the first place, but there’s a toilet in that bathroom, which you have to walk past to get to the bath! I got a message on Facebook that evening saying ‘I’m pooped, thanks for letting me stay’. I confronted her and she claimed she had no idea about it. Obviously she’s never been invited over since.

17. Your husband's hot

There's multiple layers of uncomfortable to the story Atadbitsassy relates:
I had a "friend" I hadnt seen in YEARS that lives in another state decide to "surprise" me and fly down when I was 2 weeks post partum (after a c section to boot)... strike one. Then she spent the entire weekend hitting on my husband. He's a super laid back guy and even he was wildly uncomfortable. We haven't spoken since.

18. Refrigerated kitty

Redditor WyldBlu has a story about what happens when you let a burgeoning psychopath into your houser.
Had a "friend" staying with us for awhile. She was trying to get back on her feet. I had just adopted a new kitten, about 10 weeks old. One day, I am standing in the kitchen, talking with said 'friend' when I hear my new kitty meowing, loudly, but sounds kind of muffled. I proceed to start looking around for her. She sounded distressed. Said "friend" just stands there, with a kind of crooked smile. So, I asked her where the kitten was. She said she had no idea. The meows are getting less and less, and I am walking all over the place, waiting for the next meow to lead me to her. She.Was.In.The.Freezer. WTF? I pretty much screamed at the psycho, upon retrieving my shivering, confused and miserable kitten, "WTF did you do???" She smiled and said, "I thought you knew, cats love to be cold!" I told her, well, that's just great, and since she claimed to love and understand cats so much, she will appreciate how cold she would be tonight...on the street....out of my house. I told her she had about 10 min to get her shit and get out or not only would she be getting an ass kicking, I would be calling the police regarding her cruelty to animals. She left. Kitty survived to be 18 yrs old.

19. Dead garden

You know how you have those people you trust to take care of your house when you're gone? Johnmcdracula's onetime house-sitter isn't one of them. They say:
I went out of town for 3 weeks and asked a friend to house sit. In exchange I would pay her. All I needed was mail collected and garden watered every day (takes about 25 mins), and pick the beans and cucumbers (maybe 15 mins). She hung out in my house all day every day playing video games. She watered the garden once, for a couple of hours, the day before I was to come back. Everything was dead. Beans and cucumbers dead on the vines and my pumpkins and squash all got powdery mildew. I actually cried. I had cleared that garden space the previous year from 20 years of blackberry bramble and fixed the soil.

20. The blame game

Have you ever had a guest that just straight up resents you? Kbit2 explains:
My sister brought her boyfriend over to my house and proceeded to tell him how I ruined her life because I was born 2 years after her and "stole" all her attention and that is why she is depressed to this day (at the time she was 30). Get right the fuck out of my house with that nonsense. She'd been saying it for years but that was the last straw. My health problems (which she credits with stealing her attention) didn't affect me that much and they happened to me.