Life in color means different things in different places and these amazing destinations you might have to see with your own eyes to believe them. These destinations will intensify your wanderlust and make you think you're in a movie with the amount of bright colors and crazy designs.

No filter needed for these places.

La Boca

Located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, this little street is filled with colorful buildings and paintings. It's home to Boca's junior soccer team, so fans often flood the alley ways, adding even more color to this beautiful city.

Antelope Canyon

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This place looks like a desktop screensaver from your teacher's computer in elementary school. These beautiful canyons can be found in Arizona and is a big tourist attraction for travelers. It's a guided tour through the underground canyons where you get to see geology in a whole new way.


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Chefchaouen, Morocco is home to the Blue City of Chaouen, right off the coast of the Mediterranean. Everything from the floor to the walls is painted blue, making it feel like you're walking through the sky. It will definitely brighten up your day. 


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These tulip fields are found in Holland and bring people from all over the world to gaze at the wide variety of colors in these flower fields. There are over 7 million flowers to see, and their best blossom is during the months of March and April. If you've got allergies, I would definitely bring a couple tissues.

Zhangye Danxia

These rainbow mountains can be found in Gansu, China. It looks like a beautiful layered cake that seems almost too beautiful to be real. This is one I definitely need to check out myself. Our next location might give you some serious Beauty and the Beast vibes.

Colmar Commune

This looks like it was taken from a scene of my favorite childhood storybook. This colorful destination is in France, found right next to a canal which is just the perfect place for wine, sorbet and a good book.

St. Basil's Cathedral

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Moscow, Russia is a very colorful place, but St. Basil's Cathedral really raises the bar. This church is almost 500 years old and is so big, it is actually nine churches in one. Visitors come from all over to see its unique architecture and colorful paintings. Does anyone else think it kind of looks like the Magic Castle at Disneyland but more colorful?

Cinque Terre

Colorful houses and vineyards hug the coast of the Italian Rivera, creating an unbelievable view for whoever is lucky enough to call this place home. There are five individual little towns on this cliffside and all are just as dreamy as the next.

Rainbow Village

Taichung, Taiwan is the place for all things rainbow. This little village was originally painted by a solider and his art just overtook the city streets.

People travel from all over just to look at the artwork and walk the village streets to take it all in.


Located in the heart of Cape Town, South Africa, this street is filled with color, culture and cobblestone. Although many tourists visit this destination, many people call Bo-Kaap home. There is also a pretty famous market in Bo-Kaap that sells delicious spices and seasonings that many people use in their curries and Indian dishes. The next one is a secret spot located right outside of Sin City.

Seven Magic Mountains

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A fairly new exhibit located about 10 miles outside of Las Vegas, the Seven Magic Mountains add some serious color to the desert landscape, so much so that it feels like a weird mirage. This art piece was originally created to be on display for only two years, but visitors never stopped visiting and the city decided to keep it up for a bit longer. It's definitely a random, but amazing tourist destination.

Miracle Garden

Flowers, flowers and more flowers! In Dubailand, Dubai, this magical garden grows and makes you feel like you're in a movie, specifically, Alice in Wonderland. Again, allergy season must get pretty rough around here.

Las Palmitas en Pachuca

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This is the story of how art can make a beautiful difference for anyone. Las Palmitas en Pachuca is found in Hidalgo, Mexico and used to be known as one of the lowest income cities and filled with violence. In an effort to brighten up its reputation and bring its community together, an artist came in and painted the walls and streets of Las Palmitas with bright colors. Now this neighborhood is known for its beauty and art, which is the kind of story I think all of us need to hear.


Another surreal location, these mountains can be found in Cusco, Peru. Even Forbes Magazine knows that this beauty needs to be seen with your very own eyes to be believed.


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A fisherman's city found in Italy, these bright little homes are often draped with flowers on their windowsills while tiny little boats bob up and down on the water. It feels like an old painting that has been brought to life. The next place is the perfect Instagram photo op.

Umbrella Sky

This amazing art installation is found in Agueda, Portugal. It began in 2011 as part of an art festival and kept visitors cool during the hot summer months in a colorful and artistic way. The umbrellas keep coming back because so many people love them and it draws in lots of tourists.


Central Mexico is filled with the brightest of colors and the most amazing buildings. With many art and music festivals, it's not just the colorful buildings that will keep you amazed, but all the excitement that fills the streets.

Serangoon Road

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Little India, Singapore is quite the show stopper when it comes to aesthetics. Filled with temples, mosques and churches that embrace beauty and art, this city has much to see and stand in amazement at on every corner. You're definitely going to need extra batteries for your camera to capture all the beauty here.

Park Güell

The beautiful Barcelona, Spain is home to the Park Güell, where tourists flock so they can snap photos of the bright colors and beautiful statues. Known for its brightly colored tiles and unique architecture, it kind of gives me some Cheetah Girls 2 flashbacks, anyone else? Strut like you mean it.

Gamcheon Village

Busan, South Korea is where you can find this beautiful and colorful view. Gamcheon Village has steep streets, twisted alleys and murals on every corner. It is a chaotic and beautiful city and its art has made it a big tourist attraction. Set your cup of tea down because this next one is sure to make you gasp in amazement.

Notting Hill

Nobody does it better than London. The streets of Notting Hill are lined with these colorful homes that liven up any rainy London day. These streets are also home to the Notting Hill Carnival where the colors are even brighter and people from all over come to celebrate Caribbean culture.

Old Town, Cartagena

Oh, Columbia, you always know how to sweep people off of their feet. This "Walled City" is full of history and culture and a great place to roam around in Columbia while you soak in the colors and try some world famous food.

Grand Prismatic Spring

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Sometimes mother nature is the best artist. Located in the famous Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, this natural spring has some pretty unnatural colors. It is the largest hot spring in the U.S., stretching 370 feet wide and over 120 feet deep. All of the colors are natural and people come from all over to stare in amazement by its true beauty.


I had a hard time spelling this one, and I'm not even going to try and pronounce it. But that won't stop me from staring in wonder at the beautiful pictures of this place! Located in Guatemala, Chichicastenango is known for its traditional Mayan culture and art. It has many vendors in its large market area and is often flooded with people who come to try their food and learn more about their history.

Me pretending to afford a trip to visit each one of these rainbow cities. Yes, I would bring sunglasses because these colors might blind me. Share this post with your fellow travelers and add these bright destinations to your travel bucket list!