OK, full disclosure: I am not single. However, I was single for a very long time, and at this point, I have been in a relationship so long that I am no longer trying to impress anybody and I practically act like I am single. For example, there are things that you can do when you're single. You don't have to shave your legs unless it is a special occasion. You buy chocolate on sale the day after Valentine's Day. You can sleep right smack dab in the middle of the bed. These are all things you can do if you are single or if you are me and have been in a relationship for more than five years. Sure, my partner may roll me over to my side in the middle of the night, but by then I am asleep, so I couldn't care less.

The #SignsYouAreSingle hashtag blew up on Twitter recently. The participants aren't shaming single people. For many, being single is a great thing! No matter why you are single, whether it is by choice or not, chances are you will relate to a good number of these tweets.

If you're single, shout it from the rooftops!

This will either show the world that you are happy to be single or it will advertise that you are ready to mingle! No matter the reason you're single, you might see yourself in some of these signs...

Cat access

Luckily for them, your cat's name is the base for all your passwords, so they're pretty easy to remember.

V-Day chocolate

Whether you are in a relationship or not, this is the best part of Valentine's Day. It is no secret.

Passenger seat desk

I wish! There's a sensor on my passenger seat so if there's too much weight on it, it beeps until the seatbelt is clicked. That's how I end up strapping in my groceries.

Middle of the bed

I will admit that it took me a good few months into my relationship to be comfortable with sharing the bed with another person. It's a hard thing to get used to!

Finding things

Ah yes, finding things in the exact place where you left them. This is a privilege afforded only to single people.


"Like, what show on Netflix did you finish?" "Oh, um, all of them. All of the shows on Netflix." "I guess, there's Huluβ€”" "Nope finished that too."

Toilet paper hang

This was definitely a moment in my relationship. I learned for my partner. Previously, I didn't care how the toilet paper hung.


It's not so much jealousy. It's more like you know that you have lost that friend. That they have succumbed to the all-encompassing relationship and that you will never see them again.


But for real, who has enough dishes as a single person to allow this to happen? It sounds great in theory, but then you're eating cereal with a fork wondering where you went wrong.

Carpool lane

The thrill of being able to legally ride in the carpool lane is almost unmatched by any other feeling in the world. It is a real delight.

The last slice

I firmly believe that no matter what situation you are in, you should not be afraid to take the last slice, the last cookie, etc. Be polite, ask if anyone minds, and then chow down, baby.

Cooking for one

"Imaginative, delicious and healthy recipes that make cooking for one...fun." Wow. I feel slighted by this tagline. What does "...fun" mean? It seems like it means it definitely won't be fun.


Siri can be a really good listener. She never interrupts unless you ask her to, and she's really a fountain of information.

Valentines from mom

This is just really sweet! My mom texted me "Happy Valentine's Day!" so that counts, right?


This is...so sad. And they never respond when you text them back either. It's always like "Press S to stop texts" like a real party pooper.


Ah yes, the frozen personal pizza. A staple of the single life. When you're in a relationship, you need two frozen pizzas for dinner at least.

Amazon Prime Video

Even the brands got in on the hashtag. Once you finish Netflix and Hulu, Amazon Prime will be there for you.


Tinder better only be on the phones of single people. If you're in a relationship and your partner still has dating apps on their phone, end it.

Eating over the sink

We all do this at one point or another. Hey, it's cleaner than getting crumbs everywhere.

Toilet seat

If you have never sat down on the toilet only to realize that the seat was not down, consider yourself lucky. That's one of the most unnerving experiences.

Tandem bike

This is just tragic. Don't fall for the trick that is the tandem bike. Nothing good can come from trying to ride a tandem bike.

What's for dinner?

I will submit that this is a conversation that I now have every single night of my life. However, when I was single sometimes I just wouldn't have the conversation with myself 'til like, 9:30 and end up eating pretzels and celery for dinner.

Hashtag games

Wow, this one is very #meta. When you are single, you have the time to be clever on the internet.


This really is the struggle of being single. It's easy to be totally ambivalent about your single status. I get it. I really do.


Oh, honey, I stopped shaving ages ago. The only thing I worry about now is getting in an accident or something and being taken to the hospital only for a hot, George Clooney-like doctor to notice the hair all over my body. And that's pretty unlikely.

"Anyone special"

When you are single, chances are your mother is the one who will care about that the most. This is where words like "Stop" and "Seriously, stop talking" come in handy.

Wine glass cover

This is a whole trifecta of stereotypically single behavior for women but here's a little secret: You can have all these things and a relationship too if you want it!

Remote side of the bed

This is good in theory, but then you wake up with the remote stuck to your leg and your face on your phone. Take up the whole bed yourself!

No apologies

Heck yeah, I love this! Share this with one of your single friends!