The Most Satisfying KonMari Before and Afters

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If you’ve spent any time at all on the Internet since the new year, you’ve probably heard about Marie Kondo. She’s the author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and the host of Netflix’s new show, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.

She’s also pretty much the closest thing I have ever seen to a literal angel. Kondo developed a decluttering method known as “KonMari.” Basically, KonMari encourages you to think carefully about the objects in your home and determine whether they “spark joy.” If they do, then you’re supposed to fold them neatly and store them efficiently. If not, you thank them for their contributions to your life and then get rid of them (yes, saying “thank you” is really a part of the whole process).

Tons of people have “KonMari’d” their homes and posted the results to the Internet. Looking at their images is super motivating and inspirational. Here are some of the best KonMari transformations out there!

It all started with a book.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up was first published in 2011, though it didn’t come to the states until 2014. Once it was here, it quickly became a bestseller.

Now, there’s a Netflix show!

It’s called Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, and it is absolutely delightful and fantastic. In the show, Kondo visits people in their homes and helps them put the KonMari method into practice. There are currently eight episodes of the show, but if you need more KonMari transformations in your life, look no further!

Here’s the “before” shot of one KonMari fan’s pantry.

  via Instagram  

Looks like a pretty typical pantry, right? Well, just wait until you see the transformation.


  via Instagram  

Everything is labeled and neatly arranged so you can see exactly what food you have! This picture is giving me all kind of pantry goals. And I don’t even have a pantry in my apartment.

You can even KonMari your phone!

My phone’s home screen is super chaotic. Doing something like this makes things so much more pleasant to look at! I might give this a try.

Look at these bowls!

I didn’t know that looking at a stack of bowls could be so satisfying, but here we are. Everything about this image is pretty wonderful. Even the colors go well together!

Here’s a closet transformation:

Something I’ve noticed while watching Tidying Up is that most people already have a bunch of storage bins in their homes; they’re just not using them correctly. KonMari helps with that!

And here’s another closet!

I never would have thought to display photos in the closet, but now that I’ve seen it in action, why not? What a fun way to dress up an otherwise everyday location in your home!

And here’s yet another closet!

Since clothing is step one of the KonMari method, there’s no shortage of people’s closet transformations. Look at all the floor space this person gained after KonMari-ing!

Here’s a “before” shot of a kitchen:

Honestly, I don’t think this looks too bad. (Maybe that’s a sign I should be KonMari-ing my own kitchen.)

But the “after” is definitely better!

The empty counter space makes the whole room feel light and airy! It’s like a breath of fresh air.

Here’s the other side of that same kitchen:

OK, this side makes it more obvious that some work needs to be done. There’s no usable counter space here!

But now there is!

Look at all that room for activities! Seeing this really does make me want to tear my kitchen apart, and put it back together.

One more from this kitchen. Here’s the cupboard:

I’ve certainly seen much worse when it comes to kitchen cupboards. But that doesn’t mean it can’t get better!

And it did!

Storing plates in a rack like this makes so much sense. No more trying to extricate a dish from a precarious pile!

Ready for another closet?

The only way I can tell this is actually the same closet is by the furry coat that’s in both pictures. What a transformation!

Even all those plastic bags can look nice when they’re folded neatly!

As far as I can tell, the main takeaway from Tidying Up (and from the book) is that everything can be folded. If you’re not folding something, you’re probably not storing it correctly.

How about all those papers cluttering up your office?

I have no idea how it happens, but I feel like my desk gets swallowed up by piles of papers on a pretty regular basis. I guess it’s time to invest in some hanging file folders!

Here’s a KonMari’d trunk!

I bet you didn’t even think about organizing your car’s trunk, did you? But you are now, right?

Clean out your bathroom cabinets!

The other day, I finally got rid of all the shampoos, conditioners, and lotions from various hotels. It felt great! (These are great things to donate to your local homeless shelter, by the way!)

Let’s talk about nail polish, too.

How often do you really use every color in your collection? This person was able to get their collection down to nine polishes. Think you could do that?

Here’s a different type of KonMari-ing!

I didn’t even realize you could paint grout! This is also going on my to-do list.

Another happy closet!

Doesn’t this closet look so pleasant? The color coordination is totally on-point.

If you have kids, your kitchen might look something like this:

Again with the totally cluttered counters! Does anyone else start freaking out a little when they see counters that are completely covered with stuff?

Now that’s much better!

I have scrolled back and forth between this picture and the one before it so many times. It’s just so satisfying!

Here’s a cluttered desk:

A bunch of haphazard piles. Boxes that probably don’t even get used. Yep, this looks pretty similar to my own office.

But not anymore!

I think working at this desk would probably make me approximately 112 times more productive.

Now for some bookshelves!

It’s easy for bookshelves to become a kind of catchall space. But looking at this certainly doesn’t spark joy, does it?

This “after” picture does, though!

Look at that! So much more room for baskets, decor, or more books!

And here’s the KonMari method at work in the bedroom:

So that’s what the carpet looks like! Share this with someone who loves to organize!