50 Times People Were Hilarious Smartasses | 22 Words

It takes a certain type of person to appreciate sarcasm in its finest form, and that would be a smartass. While they might sometimes get a bad reputation for their behavior, when done right, smartassery is a thing of beauty.

From perfectly worded replies to passive-aggressive notes to finding the perfect place to park their car, these people belong in the Smartass Hall of Fame.

There's Always One

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I'm sorry. It had to be said — they're right.

Yes or Know?

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When you don't see the answer you want, you have to make the answer you need.

It's a Mystery

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What will you pick? Nobody knows! Except the smartass who organized this.

How You Doin'?

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If I could rearrange the alphabet, I would put the letters U and I together. But you know what? N and O are already there.

Doggone It

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She told her son to eat half his hot dog. He ate half his hot dog.

Frequent Flyer

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No, he certainly isn't flying anymore. It seems the anti-flyer flyer was effective.

Water World

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Who knew? Water is wet!

Bill Me

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Super clever, but I have to wonder: Was it a really big problem having people post bills on a fence? So many questions...and Bills.

Worship Satin

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It is a really nice fabric, that much we know. But cotton is just much more breathable.


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They should have been more specific.

Got Milk?

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A brilliant mooove.

A Little History

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Hey, they're not wrong. That's kind of how years work.


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And then there are those rebels that went with an "X" and a smiley face.

Ice, Ice Baby

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Technically speaking, they are correct. It doesn't get any harder than that.

What the Chuck?

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Try and say that five times fast.

It's a Date

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"I don't want to date my lunch. I don't even really like my lunch that much."

Good Try

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Come on, now. Didn't you take time to spellcheck?

Getting Cultured

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Or you could, you know, maybe throw the yogurt out? Just a suggestion.

Open Sesame

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Strike one. Strike two. Strike three.

Going Green

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I don't think that's what they had in mind, but how can you argue with that?

I Scream, You Scream

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We all scream because it's too cold and cramped in the freezer to truly enjoy the ice cream.

That's Crappy

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Maybe consult Web MD for some natural relief. Or prunes.

Roll With It

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Spell check is your friend, even if the scientist and surgent are not. And in the time you spent making the sign, you could have changed the roll.

Getting Carded

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At least they're polite about it. Nothing is better than free.

Pop Quiz

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The bad news is that you failed the quiz. The good news is that you scored some points for creativity, which unfortunately, mean absolutely nothing.

Netflix Knows

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Haven't we seen this before? I'm having deja vu.

Bottom's Up

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I'll drink to that! And anything else you have to say.

Just Desserts

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Brownies. You don't mess with brownies.

The Can Can

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The first guy struck out with dating his lunch and now this guy got friend zoned by the cans. The struggle is real.

Hog Wild

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I'm thinking doc could work on his bedside manner a little bit. Homicidal threats aren't very becoming.

Fit for Royalty

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His mom told him to "clean the bathroom like the Queen of England is visiting." What? He listened!

Of That

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Listen, Siri isn't here for any of your crap. She's a tough-talking robot and she's going to stand up for herself.

Rebel Without a Pause

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Clever, but like, as a person who loves following rules, this is giving me agita. I love rules.

The Fall

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They should have committed to the bit and had a whole tableau of a fallen ladder, person sprawled out, letters everywhere.


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Making fun of spelling errors is a great American pastime and it brings me great joy whenever I witness someone doing it.

Thanks Tom

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I hope this person always walks around with a Sharpie and a picture of Tom Hanks and does this on every garbage can they see. Whoever is responsible for this should win a Nobel Peace Prize.

It's Electric!

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In case you didn't already think that the guy driving the bright orange Tesla was a jerk... Here's his license plate.

The Art of the Deal

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Look, it's all about hustle, and person number two has hustle. They also probably have a new iPod Touch.

Smart(ass) Dog

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They say that dogs can't read but come on! This is too perfect. I think we got a little Einstein pup on our hands.


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What? It's not locked to the stair railing at all...


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This is a big decision! Which rack of water has been in there the longest? I need the coldest bottle.

Smartass Charge

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Sometimes you pay a price for being a smartass. Yes, a literal price.

Use Other Side

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That's some good advice from a mug. Thanks, mug.


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Spelling is important, people! This is how you end up with pasta strainers on your refrigerator!


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Forget Bills... We need Ushers!


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Oh, knives are supposed to be sharp? I didn't realize that. Thank you so much, knife, for telling me what the purpose of a knife is. Really, thanks so much.

Rhetorical Questions

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There's almost nothing funnier than when someone responds to a rhetorical question. Classic smartass move.

You're Getting a Quote!

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You might not want a quote under your senior portrait, but guess what?! You're getting one. High school is ruthless.

Graffiti Cover-Up

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This is what happens when you try to cover up graffiti with a different paint color. It just gets noticed.

Hungry Machine

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I bet one day it won't be terrifying for a vending machine to speak back to us, but until that day, I'll be keeping my dimes and quarters, thank you very much.