The Mullet Is Apparently Coming Back As The Hairstyle of 2021 | 22 Words

Mullets have long been considered a total hair-don't, but it looks like they're set to be the hair trend of 2021, with some of our favorite celebs already sporting the love-hate do.

Although not everyone agrees with its rising popularity...

Fashion be tricky to keep up with.

It can seem as though, as soon as you buy into a trend, it immediately becomes uncool. Staying on top of trends is basically a full-time job.

But, for a while, there seemed to be one overarching truth.

Mullets were firmly in the uncool category - and it's there they seemed set to stay.

Mullets had a pretty bad rep.

And it's not hard to see why. Business in the front, party in the back is difficult to get on board with - and often looks, quite frankly, bizarre.

But it seems like all trends are, essentially, cyclical.

And the latest comeback? Why, it's possibly the most unexpected yet - the humble mullet. Even more surprising? We don't hate it.

The mullet was an '80s classic.

One of its biggest proponents was singer-songwriter and icon, Lionel Richie, who rocked the look for many years.

The trend spread further than just the music world.

It was also a popular trend among sportsmen - soccer players in particular. Brazilian legend, Maradona, was a huge proponent of mullets.

There are some shining examples of mullets throughout history.

One of the mullet's most undeniably iconic appearances was on the head of Ziggy Stardust/David Bowie.

Rockstar, Rod Stewart, also rocked the look.

But, as far as these looks go, they're all pretty dated. Since the '80s, we've not really seen much of the mullet - and some think that's a real shame.

And when we did see mullets?

They were always pretty much seen as a retro, throwback look. But, now, people are appreciating the short-in-the-front, long-in-the-back style in its own right.

Some have a pretty good idea what sparked the mullet renaissance.

Stranger Things, the Netflix sci-fi smash hit show is set in the '80s - and Billy, the heartthrob lifeguard, rocked a mullet and looked damn good doing it.

Now, one of Britain’s most sought-after barbers is saying the mullet will be the hairstyle to get this coming year.

And we have to agree they look pretty good.

Tony Copeland, the co-founder of the British Master Barbers Alliance, said:

"The modern mullet is only going to get ­bigger in 2021. We will see more men up and down the country walking around with this style. "Long hair will be big news in 2021, and hair products to give control to longer styles will explode next year." Although his comment has been met with mixed reviews...

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Although the hairdo has already started to make its comeback in the celebrity world...

Posting a picture of her choppy, blonde mullet earlier this year, Miley wrote: "New hair, new year, new music."

Cara Delevingne also rocked the style during Rihanna's Savage x Fenty fashion show.

And let's not forget to thank Netflix’s Tiger King... as we all know, Joe Exotic sports a bleached mullet.

Since the documentary aired, online searches for "how to cut a mullet" increased by 1124%!

David Bowie's hairstylist Suzi Ronson previously wrote about how the style started.

In The Moth: All These Wonders, published 2017, she wrote:

"[Bowie] walked over to show me a photo in a magazine. It was of a model for fashion designer Kansai Yamamoto with short, red, spiky hair. He said: ‘Can you do that?’ As I said yes I was thinking: ‘That’s a little weird – it’s a woman’s hairstyle. And how am I going to actually do it?'"

Will Paskin, the host of The History of the Mullet podcast, said that although it's making a comeback, the mullet is still rejected in society.

"The sentiment that the mullet is particularly classless, outmoded, hideous is still the dominant one," he said.

He added:

"Which is exactly what the subcultures who have embraced the mullet – electropunk kids, self-aware rednecks, fashionistas, queer people – like about it; the way it thumbs its nose at mainstream respectability." We are definitely ready for the retro do to hit the streets once again. Keep scrolling for more on the latest hair trends...