Tattoos and 'Grandma' Style Embroidery Have Combined For The Newest Trend | 22 Words

Are you a 30-something millennial and feel like you could probably live your best life if you’re styled like a ‘grandma’? Then the latest embroidery tattoo trend is for you. And not just you, it’s for me too. I am low-key trying to be more like the fabulous Iris Afpel and my grandma in one person, so I am seriously considering getting an embroidered tattoo.

Embroidery is an art form that has been used by crafters for centuries and it’s also one of the worlds most beloved crafts. It’s mostly seen as an art form associated with ‘grandmas’. But, it’s being used by high-end fashion designers as well. It’s beautiful and now tattoo artists are combining embroidery with their centuries-old needle art form and tattooing their contemporary take of embroidery art.

The tattoos legit look like they’ve been sewn onto skin with designs having a 3-D appearance. They're incredible, and personally, I’m considering getting one too. I’m all about the grandma-art-history-high-end look.

Take a look for yourself.  You may be convinced to get one too.

Embroidery has been around forever.

Most people are probably more familiar with embroidery than they know.

It dates all the way back to Greek mythology.

According to Wikipedia, Ancient Greek mythology has credited the goddess Athena with passing down the art of embroidery along with weaving.

The art of embroidery has been found all over the world.

Works in China have been dated to the 5th-3rd century BC and from a garment in Sweden dating 300-700 AD.

Some of the stitches of the earliest embroidery are chain stitch, buttonhole or blanket stitch, running stitch, satin stitch, cross stitch.

Those stitches remain the fundamental techniques of hand embroidery today, according to Wikipedia.

Embroidery is actually a widely used technique, not just something grandmas do.

Surprising, I know, but it’s true.

Embroidery is also a specialized field in fashion and home goods.

It’s widely used and for the most part, always on trend.

Embroidery design involves decorating, handbags, home goods, and other accessories.

I have a few items with embroidered designs.

Recently, the high fashion industry has also dived into embroidery.

Gucci comes to mind as a label that uses embroidery on their clothing quite often. Many wedding dresses also have intricate embroidered designs.

As trends go, embroidery design has filtered through to the tattoo industry.

Two art forms collided for something extraordinary.

The tattoos are incredibly unique and beautiful while still honoring the historical tradition.

I am here for this style of tattoo design!

The tattoos look just like the real thing.

Many of these designs are quite unbelievable.

Like this one that's a take on folk art.

I really love the colors on this tattoo.

This tattoo includes the embroidery hoop.

It's a very meta take of both art forms.

This tattoo looks like it should be a part of a very intricately designed gown.

Imagine if someone tattoos this entire design on their body to make it look like their wearing an embroidered outfit.

I have one tattoo that I got almost twenty years ago. I haven't gotten another because I'm afraid of the pain. But these embroidery design tattoos are making me feel like I can handle getting another one.

These next tattoos are some of my favorites.

This is a really awesome piece.

It's almost like patchwork tatted on her skin.

Flower designs are used frequently in embroidery.

Also, for tattoos.

This incredible piece was done by LA-based tattoo artist, Anna Tat.

Anna Tat is a Fine Artist, and all of her work is beautiful. You have to check it out.

This incredible tattoo by Eva Krbdk is amazing.

Her work is incredible, cool, and worth checking out.

Some people took a more sarcastic approach with their embroidery tattoo.

I think these are meant to look like it was stitched by their grandma.

These next few tattoos are done by Duda Lozano Tattoo.

His Instagram page shows his work and he's done a lot of embroidery tattoos that also resemble patches.

I love this Pulp Fiction embroidery tattoo by Duda Lozano.

He seems to have a great sense of humor and his work is fun.

He says Goofy is his favorite Disney character so naturally, he designed an embroidery tattoo of him.

This is such a fun one!

And for The Simpsons fans, this is an awesome Homer and Duff Beer tattoo.

Duda Lozano is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

His work has become highly recognizable among the tattoo artist community.

What's interesting is that they also seem to have a 3-D effect.

Other tattoo artists' work include the more traditional stitch style of embroidery, the cross stitch.

This is a really cool one.

Another lovely flower embroidery tattoo.

Tattoos are the new accessory, especially when it's a beautiful flower design like this one.

I love this one by the Painted Lady Tattoos.

Painted Lady has some really cool work.

This is a very meta take on the embroidery tattoo.

This person is the embroidery.

I hope you took notes on which tattoo artist will be designing your embroidery tattoo.

I think I have one in mind. Now if only I'll be brave enough to get another tattoo.