The Optical Illusion in This Photo of a Hugging Couple Will Drive You Insane | 22 Words

The latest optical illusion to take the internet by storm is one of the most confusing yet...

Warning: it will really hurt your brain.

Optical illusions can really make you feel strange.

There's something about the way that they can disrupt our sense of reality that makes us feel incredibly uncomfortable.

And they're always popular online.

While a lot of internet content seems to be a little problematic, controversial, or divisive, it's nice to be able to all agree on something.

Just to sit back and enjoy something weird.

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Like this bizarre picture in which at least one of the girls appears to have no legs.

Or what about this infamous image?

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This picture was originally shared on Instagram, and people went wild, questioning whether it showed some super greasy legs - or some expertly placed white paint.

For some reason, the feeling of confusion is strangely pleasant.

Perhaps it feels nice to give up control and admit that the world is just weird and crazy.

Although that isn't always the case.

Sometimes, a particular optical illusion will come along that just sends the internet crazy - and not in a good way.

One such picture, taken at a beach, has gone viral this week.

And it's had everyone scratching their heads in confusion.

It looked just like an average photo...

Or so the internet would have us believe. Reddit users soon realized that this was far from an ordinary shot.

It was quickly revealed that all was most definitely not as it seemed.

And the post has since racked up hundreds of comments from frustrated users.

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Take a glance at the viral image below.

Notice anything?

If you don't see anything strange right away, look again.

More specifically, pay close attention to the couple's legs.

The perplexing image may have caused several questions to pop into your mind...

Which legs belong to who? Do they both even have legs? What the hell is going on?!

Well, don't worry...

One clever Reddit user by the name of ladypine has revealed the secret to the illusion.

It apparently all lies in the color of the man's shorts.

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"Okay this makes sense," she explained. "The guy is wearing shorts that are black and white. The girl is wearing a black dress, which gives the illusion that the black part of the shorts goes higher than the white part, but it's just her dress making it look that way."

So, there you have it!

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