The Perfect Time-Wasting List of 100 Hysterical Pictures | 22 Words

There are a lot of dramatic, horrible things happening around the world every single day. It is way too easy to spend five minutes on Twitter and spiral into despair. Every so often (like, at least once a day), you need a reprieve from the sadness. Sometimes, you just want to scroll mindlessly through a giant list of hilarious pictures that are guaranteed to make you laugh, or at least put a smile on your face.

Well, luckily for you, this is that list. There are a lot of funny pictures of the internet, but never before have these 100 belly-laugh-inducing images all been posted in the same place. These pictures, of cute animals being cute, human beings failing epically, or a combination of all of the above elements, will help you forget about all the political arguments, social strife, and horrible injustices in the world, if only for a few minutes. But let me tell you, it will be worth it.

Rollercoaster etiquette

Um, can we talk about how perfectly that hamster is posing for this pic? He knows all his best angles.

Little kid coughs

Not going to lie, this made me lose it laughing. I may have been two glasses of wine in when I found it, but still. Hilarious.

Cheese Biscuits

Cheese Biscuits sounds like the name of James Bond's trusty sidekick. She's a little rough around the edges, but she still gets stuff done.

Banana phone

It's impressive that this dog let this picture happen and didn't immediately chomp on that banana.

Zen chihuahua man

I don't know what it is, but pictures of dogs with human haircuts are so funny to me I can't even take it. We're just getting started...

Missed connection

It's official. Nothing looks sadder than a full-grown bear sitting alone at a picnic table.

Foaming facewash

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This is truly delightful! And now I want this stuff! I want my face to feel like a cloud!

Dog down

This can't be real, can it? That poor pup is trying to dog-paddle his way back onto the sidewalk and it doesn't look like it's working.

Tea towels

This really is a baffling moment in this painting. I guess there have been people selling cheap merch outside of events since the dawn of history.

Not ready

Huskies usually look very regal and graceful. Not this one, though. The next one is real and so funny...

Fish pic

the look on that poor girl's face. Made to take a picture with her recently deceased fish. This is too good.

Everything works out

See? Next time things are rough, just remember this picture. It will help you realize that everything will be OK.

Incorrect calculations

I know that's a pit of foam cubes, but it still looks like that little girl was probably in pain after this headfirst dive.

An impasta!

I am ashamed at how hard this made me laugh. (It was very very hard.)

Long on top

What dog groomer thought that this is the haircut they wanted for their dog? This is incredible. The baby in the next pic is priceless.

Nothing to talk about

But seriously, are these two related? Because I feel like I'm looking at two pictures of the same person, just like 25 years apart.


How embarrassing! This is why you don't stick your head in precarious places as a full-grown adult.

Snow dog

Are you sure this is a dog and not just three holes poked into the snow? I don't see a dog.

Bird in a hat

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Let me just tell you, it was worth it! I'm so glad all this work went into getting this picture because it is one of the best pictures ever taken.

Free stuff

What an odd color for a bar of soap, though! Still, I'd probably smell it first to make sure it was chocolate before taking a bite. The next one is for parents everywhere...


Babies aren't good for a lot. They're pretty useless. The one thing they can be for you is a plate for your dip.

Quick painting

What an odd pose for a portrait painting! Was he like, "I want people to remember that I was always about to sit down."

Lunch 11:35

from funny
Now, I am not a very religious person but this is something I can get behind. Lunch forever!


from funny
This horse wasn't about to miss the chance to be in a picture! I mean, look at that smile. It's one for the books.

Pretend flamingo

Have you ever seen something more adorable? This duck wants so badly to be like his tall friends. Just wait 'til you see the cats...

Villain cat

I don't entirely understand everything that's going on in this picture, but I do know that's one evil cat who definitely has an evil plan.

Ninja selfie

What? How? I don't get it, but one thing is certain: It was worth it. This is truly an amazing photo.

Eye test

This is so funny. As someone with terrible vision, I appreciate a large, bold text, but even this is pushing it.

Perfect crime

I mean, at this point, you're pretty much committed to making banana bread. It's a perfect crime!

Liquid cat

Cats are not normal animals. They are not of this world. The next one might be my favorite.

Traveling stapler

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This stapler was never supposed to leave the fourth floor. But now it's a world traveler! We can all achieve our dreams if we refuse to give in to labels.


Wow, this guy really painted himself into a corner, am I right? Eh? Eh?

Wrong number

You can't just text someone a picture of a pile of adorable puppies and then be like, "Whoops, not for you. Disregard." That's impossible.


from funny
This is an amazing photo and I'm sure this little girl won't mind one bit that her father decided to share it on the internet for millions to see.

The arrival

This is too perfect! The black cat has come! The next one will have you face-palming hard...

Augustus Gloop

This guy is like Augustus from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory only he's an adult on a child's playground instead of a child in adult's chocolate factory.

Relationship cycle

This is scary accurate. Here's to hoping you stay in the third stage for as long as possible.


Um, what? First of all, who has a baby lamb as a pet and second of all, can I be in this class? And can I have this lamb?

On second thought...

Why rip the original sign out when you can put up a funny second sign? The Grapevine Fire Marshal's office knows what's up.

Frozen Hispanic

This is a next-level parent joke, and I'm so glad it was shared with the world. Get ready to be baffled.


This had to be a joke, right? But also, if you're giving a barista your name, forget about them spelling it right. Just go as basic as possible.

Show your thinking

This kid is a genius. They also drew themselves frowning while thinking about this problem, so they're very honest about their feelings about math.


from funny
What happened! This is hilarious and terrible. I hope she doesn't get stopped while traveling because her head isn't the size of Jimmy Neutron's in real life.

Lab shoes

Sure, these look ridiculous, but they also look like the most uncomfortable thing you can do to your feet.


Cats usually look so suave and elegant, so I love when they look like straight-up idiots. The next one is sad...but also hilarious.

Squirrel fall

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Oh my goodness. This looks like something right out of a cartoon. That poor squirrel. So embarrassing.

Alpaca orgy

The expression on that dog's face is just priceless. It's a real "Jim from The Office" face.

Foam cat

Those things stick to you like crazy! How is that cat ever going to be the same again? This is hilarious.

Shout "Ding ding!"

This is so funny and also, I would never do this. I would ride this bus to the end of the earth before I would shout "Ding ding!" on a crowded bus.

Puke shrine

I don't know how they know this or why this shrine exists, but I'm not mad about it. The next one made me spit out my drink.


That is the worst, shiftiest-looking chameleon drawing. It's so funny because it's so incredibly bad.

Nipple rings

What a hell of a conversation they must have had on the car ride home, huh? File this under situations you never thought would happen in a million years.

Unfortunate events

This is just perfect. Everything about it. The original mistake. The apology email. The tweet from the professor. It's all amazing.

Falling cat

This looks otherworldly. Truly looks like an alien cat on the move.

Clown kid

Not only did he insist on dressing like a clown, but he apparently insisted on dressing like the creepiest clown in the world. Spooked yet? Just wait 'til the next one...

Denture dog

This is almost like the time my dog stole and ate my grandpa's hearing aid, only this is way more adorable and way less expensive.

Bumper sticker blues

Uh, yeah, anyone with any sort of vision whatsoever can see that this says, "I bone my dog." And you don't want that.

Frog friend

To you, he may be a tiny frog friend. To him, you are a giant frognapper.

Friend pics

The least you can do is return the favor and take a flattering picture of your friend. This is nonsense.

Free sample

What is this, a face mask for your doll? Why do they even make these? The next one is epic.

Perfect spot

I guess this should have come with a warning that you're in the splash zone when you stand there.

Spooky drone

What would you do if you saw this flying through the sky? I would probably just point at it and go, "Hey look, another sign of the apocalypse."

Creepy walk

This is like that terrifying scene in the extended Exorcist where Reagan backward crab-walks down the stairs, but like 10 times scarier.

Add pls

I mean, the friend should have known that manners matter. You should always say "please."

Egg sandwich

This is 10 levels of egregious. I can't even look at it anymore. The classics are coming!

Makeup face

This is insane! That looks like the evil guy in the painting from Ghostbusters 2. He's back!

Laptop troubles

Hm, this sucks. Even if you plug it in, cutting boards don't really do the work that laptops do.

Who dis?

Here's a tip: Before you send a creepy meme to an unknown number, maybe make sure it's not potentially your future boss.

Credit card picture

This is hilarious. Now, every time he uses it, he just has to be like, "I know, I know. Yes, that's me. No, I didn't mean to."

Snack bag

Wow. This is it. I have been traveling wrong my entire life, and it's time to change. I need a snack suitcase. Oh, there's still more!

Tiny rug

I am always tickled when the product you buy online is mysteriously a fraction of the size in real life that it is in the pictures.

Synonym rolls

Synonym rolls. Synonym rolls! SYNONYM rolls! What's a cinnamon for HAHAHAHAHAHA?

Hidden sandwich

If this is the kind of self-sabotage that happens when you smoke, then I am against it. This is so sad. I'm glad they at least eventually found their sandwich.

Working title

This is funny, but I wouldn't sweat it too much. I guarantee that once your professor gets to your essay in the giant pile of essays they have to grade, they will be thinking the same thing.

Gaping mouth

This looks like something out of a horror movie. And so does the next one...

Dog panorama

This either looks like a gremlin from a horror movie or a desert tumbleweed from a Western.

Pea'd the floor

Guys, sometimes moms have the best jokes. And even if they don't, they think they do, and that's just as funny.

Donut dog

Well, this is the cutest thing I have ever seen, and now I want a donut and a dog. Go figure.

The real Santa

Have you ever seen a happier dog in your life? I think not. Sometimes, you really should meet your heroes.

All by herself

This is perfect. She deserves all the credit! And that food looks delicious! Keep going! The laughs are still rolling in!

Stay fresh, Cheese Bags!

"Stay fresh, Cheese Bags!" is officially the best phrase in the English language. Should I get it tattooed on my body?

Pore strip

Oh my god, it's called milk chocolate and not only does it feel good on your skin, but it tastes great too!


Ah yes. Whenever I am stressed out, I too turn into a tense piece of Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

Sneaky cat

from funny
Did this cat actually purposely pose for this photo? It looks like it knows it was caught red-handed.

Gone girl

This pup knows exactly what she's doing, and she is super proud of herself. And you know what? She should be. The next picture is the roundest animal you've ever seen.


This round boy can't be real, can it? A bear that fat wouldn't make it in the wild for very long. But he is adorable.

Google docs

Hey hey. Just peering in on what you're doing from the corner of the screen. Don't mind me.


This purse looks exactly like Jabba the Hut, like, to the point where I think the character must be based on this bag.

"I am worried"

Look, professors get emails like this all the time. All students are perpetually worried. You're not special.

More Ross

This is more disturbing than any other picture in this list, and I am sorry it's in this list. We're in the home stretch!

Ski dogs

I swear these dogs look like the worst characters in an '80s ski movie. Their names are Brandt and Lance and they think they're better than you.


I'm just going to come out and say it: I love when inanimate objects look like they have faces! It's fun!

Absolute unit

This pup looks like mostly fluff, but that's OK. This floof monster still gets an A+.

Cool and collected

I feel like this is a metaphor for how we're all acting even though we are clearly in the midst of the apocalypse. We're way too calm about this.


I hope she doesn't fight with herself because pretty soon this pic will have no faces whatsoever. Laughing yet? There are five more to get you giggling!

Cheeto purse

This little girl is living the dream. She is my hero, and I want to be just like her when I grow up.


I love this so much. It warms my heart. These cats will never love each other, but it's nice to see two people try.

Cow bus

This is a recipe for disaster. Cows can't go downstairs! That cow will be on that bus forever!

Hair clip

I, too, thought this was a large, terrifying spider and nearly jumped out of my skin when I first saw this photo.


Wow, that cat looks comfy. Share with someone who needs a laugh!