This Photo of Doug Jones’ Gay Son Staring Down Mike Pence Is the Greatest Moment of 2018

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It’s only a few days into 2018, and already we have been gifted the greatest photograph of the year, the decade, and possibly even the best photo in the entire history of man.

Doug Jones recently participated in a swearing-in ceremony for his new position as the Democratic Senator of Alabama. Vice President Mike Pence did the swearing-in (but not really — Mike Pence is a Christian, so he never swears), and Jones’ wife and son stood by faithfully (but not as faithfully as Mike Pence — Mike Pence is chock full of faith).

A photo was snapped during the ceremony, and it instantly became the best photo ever taken for one reason and one reason only. Doug Jones’ son is staring a hole right into Mike Pence because Doug Jones’ son, Carson, is gay, and Mike Pence is the most powerful hater of gay people in the nation.

Doug Jones pulled off a historic victory in December’s special election for the Alabama Senate seat when he beat Roy Moore, who was close to winning because he was a Republican and many people in Alabama did not give a flying frick that Roy Moore is a confirmed child molester. But enough did, and so Doug Jones is the first Democrat elected to an Alabama Senate seat in decades. Cool.

You might recognize Mike Pence from his role as the Vice President of the United States and the second worst person in command. Mike Pence is an avowed bigot who’s made it his mission to spread his homophobia like a disease. He’s been accused of supporting “conversion therapy,” an outdated and discredited way to attempt to change someone’s sexual orientation. Let’s just say that when it comes to gay people, Mike Pence is not a fan.

Mike Pence is living in another decade, an old-fashioned reality, and it’s not one that any of us are keen on revisiting. Especially Carson Jones, the son of Doug Jones and an out-and-proud gay man. Carson Jones confirmed he is gay in an interview with The Advocate in December, shortly after his father won the Alabama election. But the truly extraordinary thing about Carson Jones is that he’s a zookeeper. That’s right. He’s an actual real-life zookeeper who takes care of animals. He cannot get any cooler than that. Anyway…

Perhaps the most telling hashtag in his caption is “#nocaptionneeded.” His obvious glare at Mike Pence is glorious and beautiful and fierce in all the right ways. In fact, let’s take a closer look…

Those hot pink laser beams were there the whole time — we simply enhanced the image so you can better see them. Carson Jones staring down Mike Pence until his homophobic soul shrivels up into a tiny, wrinkled ball is the most badass, perfect thing that’s happened in 2018 so far (and maybe in our entire lives), and the Internet agrees…

Next time you see Mike Pence squint, it won’t be because he’s trying to find his conscience in the vast darkness that it is his soul. It’ll be because the intensity of the light from Carson Jones’ stare is actually shaving away that soul away slowly and painfully and with great precision.

Find you someone who will destroy bigots from the inside out with just one look. Those are the people worth having in your life. Those are the people who make the best, most supportive partners.

You know what, people? Let’s all be Carson Jones in 2018. Make this the year of burning a straight hole through the toxic people in your life (and in your government).

Vote for politicians who see minorities as people. Reject misogynists and homophobes and racists and all other intolerant bigots. Call out the family members who have backward views. Cut out friends who refuse to learn and progress. 2018 is the year the voices of bigots get zapped into nothingness. I can feel it.

Republican and child molester Roy Moore is still wallowing and waving his hands in the background while Doug Jones takes his rightful place in the U.S. Senate. That’s what I’m talking about. No matter how big a stink bad people like Roy Moore and Mike Pence make in 2018, our voices — and our icy glares — are more powerful, and we will end them.