The Queen left audiences in fits of laughter over the weekend after she decided to cut a cake with nothing other than a huge ceremonial sword.

Her Royal Highness appeared alongside the Dutchess of Cornwall and Duchess of Cambridge during an event for The Big Lunch initiative.


To celebrate the launch, the Queen was asked to cut a large cake... but instead of just using a bog-standard pastry knife, the ninety-five-year-old monarch decided to opt for a sword that was so heavy she had to hold it with both hands.

The video was shared online by journalist and royal editor, Omid Scoobie, where hundreds of amused comments poured in.

In the clip, an aide is heard saying there was a knife available for her to use...


But the Queen wasn't having any of it!

"I know there is!" Her Majesty snaps, which evokes laughter from the audience, as well as Camilla and Kate, "This is something that is more unusual."

After cutting a slice with the sword, she eventually switches to a standard knife just because it was much easier to control.

"That looks very good," you can hear her say, looking at the cake in front of her.

The Big Lunch, which has been running since 2009, is an annual get-together event that helps communities get to know each other better and this particular moment is probably up there with one of the best the event has ever given us!