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Despite the COVID-19 vaccine slowly being rolled out across the world, we still need to be careful.

But now we can bring you some good news. The news that the Senate have just passed a HUGE $1.9 trillion COVID stimulus package..

We must not let all our hard work disappear.

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Following covid rules is still important as one doctor has highlighted...

Now, of course, the amazing news of the vaccine was brought to us a couple of weeks ago...

The vaccine that American multinational pharmaceutical corporation, Pfizer and German biotechnology company, BioNTech, had been working on for the last few months was finally ready.

The vaccine underwent its phase 3 study...

Which enrolled 44,000 people in the U.S and in 5 other countries.

And as for the results?

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Well, they were looking that good that some countries started distributing the COVID vaccine out to their citizens a few weeks ago.

And over in the United Kingdom...

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The first 800,000 doses of the vaccine have been administered to eager patients from all across the country.

Things are looking up...

And if this vaccine is as effective as its researchers and developers have insisted, we could be looking at a normal reality in a mere few months.

But that doesn't mean we can relax just yet.

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For now, we must keep up our efforts to slow the spread.

By following covid rules that are still in place, we can work with the vaccine rather than against it.

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That includes doing things like social distancing, washing our hands, and wearing face masks.

One doctor issued a bleak message for those don't.

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And it's received quite the reaction online.

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Professor Hugh Montgomery, who works in an intensive care unit in north London, spoke about his frustration at the lack of precaution from some people.

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Speaking to Radio 5Live, he said it is "horrifying" to see families being hit by Covid-19.

"I'm watching whole families getting wiped out here. It has to stop," the doctor said.

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"Emergency departments have seen a 'tsunami' of cases in the last week or two, the wards are flooded, everyone is working at maximum stretch, we've had to double up - or sometimes triple up - on consultant staff in. "The nursing staff have had to be very stretched, in some areas one nurse sees up to four patients - and the numbers are still rising."

Prof Montgomery, who is also a professor of intensive care medicine at University College London, went on to talk about the new coronavirus variant which has been identified in the UK.

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He explained that while patients are showing the same symptoms, it could be prevented by hand washing and social distancing: "It's making me actually very angry that people are blaming the virus."

"It's not the virus, it's people."

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"People are not washing their hands, they're not keeping a 2 meters distance, they're not wearing their masks. "I've seen delivery people come into this hospital these last two days with no masks on, as if there is nothing happening here. People are not doing what they should be doing."

Prof Montgomery explained that he believes many people don't care about following the rules in place because "selfishness gives people an excuse to carry on."

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"Anyone who is listening to this, who doesn't wear their masks and behaves like this..."

"They have blood on their hands, they are spreading this virus, then other people will spread it and people will die."

"They won't know they've killed people, but they have."

But the latest news?

Is that the US Senate have just passed a huge COVID relief bill.

It's a $1.9 trillion stimulus bill.

Yes, you read that right. Trillion! And it includes funding for stimulus checks, vaccine distribution, and school reopenings.

But what exactly does the bill mean?

Well, the so-called American Rescue Plan will allocate $350bn to state and local governments, and some $130bn to schools.

It will also provide $49bn for expanded Covid-19 testing and research, as well as $14bn for vaccine distribution.

And the $1,400 stimulus cheques will be quickly phased out for those with higher incomes - at $75,000 for a single person and for couples making more than $150,000.

So remember, stay safe, wash your hands, social distance, and wear a face mask!

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