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When The Sinner hit screens in 2017, it compelled audiences all over, with its deliciously dark twists and turns, cleverly executed unpredictability, and all-out gripping performances.

Well, now the third series is back, and chaos is just the beginning for this critically acclaimed crime-drama.

Netflix has finally announced the release date for the latest series, and it comes at the best time to binge-watch it all...


The Sinner is USA network's darkly addictive crime series.

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Praised for its complete unpredictability, compelling nature, and a knack for having us all on the edge of our seats, the fictional crime drama centers on the premise of investigating what drives normal people to commit brutal and disturbing crimes. All in all, it's a show that focuses on the why, rather than the who, because we find out who the "who" is within minutes of tuning in.

The drama began as a limited series.

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The show aired in a limited capacity on USA Network before moving over to Netflix worldwide. But, due to its profound success, the network renewed it for a second and third season.

There have been 3 eight-episode seasons...

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And the first 2, which have separate storylines, have proved pretty popular with fans.

Season 1 kicked off with a disturbing scene.

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We were plunged right into the deep end when we watched Cora Tannetti (played by Jessica Biel) who is at the beach with her husband and young son, brutally stab a man named Frankie Belmont, to death, unprovoked.

But, Cora has no memory of what she did...

Leaving it up to Detective Harry Ambrose (Bill Pullman) to uncover the reasoning behind why a seemingly ordinary woman would fatally stab a man she didn't know to death.

Cora confesses to the murder straight away and pleads guilty to second-degree murder to avoid trial...

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But Detective Ambrose chooses not to close the case and calls for a competency evaluation to determine whether Cora was mentally stable at the time she committed the heinous offense.

As viewers, we were in for some pretty intense twists and turns.

Turns out Cora did know the guy she stabbed, admitting that she had a one night stand with him in 2012. But, Frankie's father insisted his son was in California in the summer of 2012 and there was no way he could have met Cora. As we moved to the halfway point in the series, things were ramped up a notch when Cora’s husband Mason and a man called JD - who Cora actually had the one night stand with  - were arrested and questioned.

Soon, Cora's memory starts coming back, proving that this was much more than the classic "who done it."

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And with it comes a whole host of disturbing new details, and little by little we learn that Cora isn’t just a murderer but a victim of emotional, psychological, and sexual trauma.

By the finale, viewers were left rattled by the events.

In the explosive conclusion, we learned that Cora’s sister Phoebe did die the night she went out with Cora and her friends, but from a drug overdose at the hands of Frankie, the guy Cora murdered. Oh and all that memory loss? That was Frankie’s dad, who, in a bid to protect his son, drugged Cora repeatedly, intravenously, so she wouldn’t remember that Frankie accidentally killed her sister and buried her in the woods.

The season wrapped up with Cora having her sentence reduced due to her mental state.

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She was then transferred from prison to a psychiatric facility to receive help.

Just as we'd started to recover from season 1, season 2 dropped.

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And this time it was set to be even more disturbing.

Season 2 also focused on a murder, but this time, it was committed by a child.

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The season starts off with parents who have been murdered by their eleven-year-old son named Julian with no apparent motive.

But of course, there was a mind-bending story behind the crime.

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Detective Ambrose realizes there is nothing ordinary about the boy. Firstly, he was born in a cult named Mosswood, secondly, those people he killed? Yeah, they weren't his parents like we all thought.

They had actually taken Julian...

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Vera, who we find out is his mom, is part of the cult and is very sketchy, to say the least. But we soon realize that even she isn't his birth mom, and it's, in fact, a woman named Marin, who had enlisted the help of her friends Bess and Adam (who Julian ended up murdering) to get her son back to her. Yep, pretty complicated.

Fans will be delighted to hear that season 3 has been given the green light for Netflix.

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Netflix has just confirmed that series 3 of the crime drama has now been given a release date...

The new series once again follows Detective Ambrose and his pursuit of understanding the "why" behind the crime.

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The latest story revolves around a fatal car accident and the disturbing case behind it.

The crash pulls Detective Ambrose into "the most dangerous and disturbing case of his career."

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Matt Bomer stars as Jamie, "an upstanding Dorchester resident and expectant father who looks to Ambrose for support in the wake of an accident," Chris Messina stars as Nick Haas, Jamie's college friend, and Jessica Hecht plays Sonya, a painter who gets involved in the case when the car accident occurs on her property.

Jessica Biel, who starred in the first season, is an executive producer on the series.

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And this time around it's even more of a bloodbath.

USA Network has previously confirmed Derek Simonds will also return as the showrunner for the third season.

It's set to be the most shocking series yet...

Last year, Matt took to Instagram to share his joy at joining the cast.

He told his followers: "Words can't really explain the excitement I feel getting to be a part of a show that I'm such a fan of, not to mention working with this incredible cast. Also: it's really nice to be coming home to @USA_Network - can't wait!"

Fans have been counting down for when the season airs on Netflix...

And luckily, we now finally have an official release date...

Yup, that's right...

Netflix has just announced the eight-part show will make a return on Friday 19th June, just in time to binge-watch over the weekend.

For a quick recap, check out the trailer below:

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