The Stir-Craziest Tweets From People In Quarantine

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Things have started to get a little crazy, to say the least. As we are all well aware, we’re currently in the midst of a global pandemic.

Some people have decided this is the perfect time to let their hair down and document their growing delirium, because why the hell not.

Keep scrolling for some of the most hilarious Twitter posts on the internet right now…

Empty shelves on the left, and hoarders to the right. Having to get creative with the toilet roll situation?  

Well, you’re in luck…

And it’s better than you could ever imagine.

We’ve hit that point in human history where the only way history books will be able to document the great pandemic of 2020 is through memes. I don’t know how I feel about that. Why’ll you dwell on that with me, keep scrolling for some of the best self-quarantine posts…

This guy has definitely lost it. I wonder if he’ll put them all back in for his next project. Now that I’d like to see.

Routine is everything.

Even if that means compromising your usual route.

It turns out instant ramen doesn’t last that long, especially when you eat it for all three meals. Who’d have thought?

Days are all a blur, the only form of time measurement is through the distribution of snacks.

Such high stakes…why would you risk it all?

I mean there are worse things than chicken alfredo…

Shrimp alfredo is definitely one of them.

Remember it’s the amateur businesses that suffer… It’s practically a civic duty!

Who needs an education anyway, am I right?

Who needs Disney Plus when the action is right here.

So just a constant hangover.

I wonder if stationary is in high demand too.

It’s nice when you get some appreciation from the top dogs.

Sure, she’s best friends with you now, but just wait until the rationing starts, then we’ll see.

I give it a day in quarantine.

Think I’ll hold it.

I mean it’s quite a task.

Anyone else feel slightly offended?

Or a social media ban maybe?

Things are starting to get a little too dark.

Me too Seth, me too.

Things have gotten dire.

If something did make sense, this wouldn’t be it. If this whole article has sent you a little loopy, why not keep scrolling for something wholeheartedly grounding amidst this chaos…